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30 Best Places to Visit in Victoria 2023

Various tourist destination locations in Victoria are known for their natural beauty, especially beautiful islands and beaches. However, there are also a number of historical locations that you can visit here. Here are 30 of the best tourist destinations in Victoria that we recommend!

1. Royal Botanic Gardens

It feels incomplete for those of you who like nature tourism if you don't stop by the Royal Botanic Gardens first. Here, you will find at least 50,000 plants of 8,500 species available in this botanical garden. Not only is it a place for various types of plants, but you can also find a lake with calm water accompanied by beautiful lush trees. You were the perfect place to serve as a family vacation spot.

2. Luna Park

Who is not interested in traveling to recreational rides? The next must-visit tourist spot in Melbourne is Luna Park. This playground that is never empty of visitors has fun rides, you know! It would help if you tried several exciting rides, namely the Island Top Drop, Pharaohs Curse, and The Great Scenic Railway. Luna Park is also suitable for family tourist destinations.

3. Yarra Valley

Located in Melbourne's eastern city, the Yarra Valley is known as a winery, which is a must-visit tourist destination. Here, you can take an agro-tourism tour of the vineyard or taste the packed wines. Not only that, but the Yarra Valley also has another attraction, namely riding a hot air balloon managed by Global Ballooning Australia. From the top of the hot air balloon, you can enjoy views of the green hills typical of the Yarra Valley.

4. Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

This tourist spot in Melbourne is home to more than 10,000 animals. Here, you can see an enormous saltwater crocodile. The animal that is a favorite of visitors at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is penguins. You will be invited to walk in an alley where the sides and tops are sea animals enjoying swimming. Visiting the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium will provide a real experience of seeing marine animals up close.

5. Queen Victoria Market

If you like shopping, then don't forget to visit Queen Victoria Market. This traditional market is on Elizabeth Street, which is located in the center of Melbourne City. Goods sold in this market, such as groceries, clothing, jewelry, and Melbourne, souvenirs that you can make souvenirs at low prices.

6. Paul’s Cathedral

Holidays do not always have to visit fun entertainment places. Now and then, you can know spiritual tourism. One of Melbourne's tourist attractions that is suitable for spiritual tourism is Paul's Cathedral, a church with gothic architecture and has been around since 1835.

This church has the highest spire in the world. You can tour here and take a walk around the church as long as there is no worship. Not only that, there is a Cathedral Shop that offers various spiritual souvenirs at low prices.

7. Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is a tourist spot in Melbourne, which is a bay in Port Phillip Bay. Here, you will find yacht clubs, boutiques, cafes, and cinemas around the coast. One thing that makes this beach attractive is wooden houses, which are beach houses with colorful patterns.

8. National Gallery of Victoria

The largest and oldest museum in Australia is a tourist spot in Melbourne, which has been built since 1861. Located in St. Kilda Road, Southbank, this museum is divided into two different buildings. The first is NGV International, which displays international art objects and the Victorian Heritage Register. The second is the Ian Potter Center, which is devoted to displaying old Australian art objects.

9. Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Garden

Suppose you want to get new experiences while on vacation in Melbourne, you must go to Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Garden. This hits tourist spot is a giant labyrinth around which is overgrown with roses and lavender. You have to prepare yourself to find a fast way out to get out of the maze. Around the park, there are also shops selling flower seeds in this park.

10. Dandenong Ranges

The Dandenong Ranges mountain range is located east of Melbourne City. This famous mountain range is classified as low because the top of the mountain is 633 meters above sea level. Favorite and Instagrammable spots in these mountains are hills and valleys. The reason is, you can find trees that are classified as rare.

11. Geelong Waterfront

Geelong Waterfront is a tourist spot in Geelong City, Victoria. This hits tourist attraction is suitable for relaxing on the beach. You can also go on a culinary tour at several places to eat on this beach.

12. Narana Aboriginal Culture Centre

The next tourist spot in Geelong that must be visited is the Narana Aboriginal Culture Center. This well-known tourist attraction in the center of Aboriginal education and tourism in Australia. Narana is also equipped with various facilities, including cafes and places to eat at Aboriginal performance venues.

13. Geelong Art Gallery

Geelong Art Gallery is the right spot for you art lovers. This gallery has around 4,000 exciting works of art for you to explore. Several exciting collections that you can see, namely paintings, paper, decorative, and fine arts. Some of the most famous works of art include those of Eugene vin Guerard, Frederick McCubbin, and many more.

14. Old Paper Mills

The next tourist spot in Geelong is Old Paper Mills in Fyansford. This tourist attraction, which is famous for its history, has several magnificent historical heritage buildings. Here, you can visit art galleries, cafes, and other facilities.

15. National Wool Museum

Do you know the biggest wool museum in Australia? Yes, the place is in the National Wool Museum. This tourist spot in Geelong is one of the famous wool producers. In this museum, you can learn about wool and the tools used to weave yarn into cloth.

16. Boom Gallery

This popular tourist destination in Geelong is a gallery and contemporary design. This gallery offers a variety of works of art designed in a studio and creative space. Not only galleries and skill, but you can also taste several culinary delights in several places to eat.

17. Eastern Beach Reserve

Located on the edge of Geelong City, the Eastern Beach Reserve has an attractive nature reserve. Here, you can have a picnic, explore the playground, and enjoy the beautiful sea views.

18. Geelong Botanic Gardens

Geelong Botanic Gardens is a tourist park that has been in Geelong City for a long time since the 1800s. Inside, there are several old trees and heritage buildings from the past. In spring, you will find various flowers blooming, especially roses.

19. Sovereign Hill

This tourist spot in the City of Ballarat is the right spot for you to learn about gold mining history in Victoria. There are mining sets in the Sovereign Hill area that are still preserved during the gold rush era of the 1850s. You can also see residents in the 1850s who became new rich with 19th-century vintage clothes.

20. Flinders Street

This famous tourist attraction is a street with a variety of neat architecture. Along this road, you will find various arts, shops, cafes, and places to eat. Also, there are Flinders Street Station, Victoria Immigration Museum, Federation Square, and others around this area.

21. St. Kilda Beach

St. Beach Kilda is a beautiful beach located in Port Philip, Victoria. This beach, which is six kilometers from Melbourne, is attractive because there are rows of palm trees. Here, you can play beach volleyball or take a walk by the beach.

22. Melbourne Zoo

Are you looking for a tourist spot that is suitable for children? Let's try to go to the Melbourne Zoo. There are more than 350 species of animals from Australia and around the world. You will see tigers roaming around and monkeys moving from one tree to another. Several animals that you can see here, including koalas, kangaroos, wombats, and birds.

23. Federation Square

Federation Square is one of Melbourne's tourist attractions, which is often used as a meeting place. This hits tourist destination is a unique cultural area with a neat blend of creativity. There are museums, galleries, various places to eat, and multiple cafes. There are also different interesting photo spots and, of course, Instagramable.

24. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground is a stadium that was built in 1853. This stadium can accommodate an audience with a capacity of 100,000 people. Inevitably, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the largest stadium in Australia and the 8th largest in the world.

25. Yarra River

This river is about 242 kilometers long and flows through the center of Melbourne City. In ancient times, the Yarra River was used as a source of food and agriculture. However, now this hits tourist attraction is often used for festivals, such as the Moomba Festival, Melbourne Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, etc.

26. Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum can be a family tour that must be visited. This museum is a museum of natural history and culture with a variety of rooms, such as the Sidney Myer Amphitheater, The Age Theater, and the Discovery Center.

27. The Ian Potter Center

The Ian Potter Center houses the National Gallery for a collection of Australian art billed as the largest in the world. You can enter the exhibition collection for free, you know!

28. Australian Centre for The Moving Image

The Australian Center for The Moving Image exhibits an extensive collection of exhibits related to Australian screen-based art, including film, video, television, interactive installations, and computer animation.

29. State Library of Victoria

This public library in Melbourne's heart is not just an available space but also a must-visit tourist destination. This tourist attraction on Swanston Street is perfect for those of you who like to read. The State Library of Victoria provides various places to read or work at the long tables.

30. Shrine of Remembrance

For fans of historical tours, it's incomplete without visiting the Shrine of Remembrance. Melbourne's tourist destination is a monument to commemorate the services of heroes who fought in the First World War and the Second World War.