Starts from USD 2.51USD 2.48
  • Batu Night Spectacular offers rides and shows for all ages, including Drop n Twist, Flying Chair, Magic Horn, Rodeo, Gravitron, Merry Go Round, and Mini Train.
  • Enjoy the Night Market while you're there.
  • Bring your little ones to enjoy fun rides, such as Merry Go Round and Mini Train.
  • Suitable for: Family Vacationer and Group Traveler.


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Batu Night Spectacular
Starts from USD 2.51
USD 2.48 

General Information Batu Night Spectacular

Information Summary Batu Night Spectacular


Ticket Price

Start from IDR 35,000


Rumah Hantu, Witch Castle, Kursi Terbang, Magic Horn, Rodeo, Gravitron, Merry Go Round, and Mini Train

Operating Hours

15.00-23.00 local time


Jalan Hayam Wuruk Nomor 1, Oro-Oro Ombo, Kecamatan Batu, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur 65316

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Things to do in Malang

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Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) Malang

Batu Night Spectacular or BNS is a tourist location that combines the concepts of shopping, entertainment, sports, and games. This Malang tourism is suitable for all ages. The best time to visit Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) is at night. Because you can see the decorations and sparkling lights at night. What's more, its location on a plateau allows you to be able to see the city lights of Batu City from above. What are the rides and ticket prices for the Batu Night Spectacular? Find detailed information below!

Batu Night Spectacular Malang Ticket Prices 

For those of you who are wondering how much the Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) ticket price is, don't worry. BNS (Batu Night Spectacular) tickets are still affordable. You only need to prepare a pocket starting from IDR 35,000. With the Batu Night Spectacular entrance ticket, you can enter and enjoy some of the existing rides. However, if you want to enjoy all the available rides, you can buy Batu Night Spectacular tickets with the 'one way' package. Check out the following BNS Malang ticket price details!

  • Batu Night Spectacular Weekday Ticket: IDR 35,000
  • Batu Night Spectacular Weekend Ticket: IDR 40,000
  • Weekday Pass Batu Night Spectacular Ticket: IDR 110,000
  • Weekend Canal Night Spectacular Batu Tickets: IDR 120,000

*Prices are subject to change at any time, check the package catalog on this page for more updated prices.

PromoTicket Batu Night Spectacular Malang

Let's have a budget vacation to BNS Malang! For those of you who are looking for Batu Night Spectacular promo tickets, you can get them easily, you know. Now, you can enjoy cheap Batu Night Spectacular ticket prices with promo at Also get cheap Batu Night Spectacular 2024 ticket prices through the Lowest Price Guarantee. With a BNS Malang entrance ticket, you can enjoy all the rides! What are you waiting for, buy Batu Night Spectacular tickets now, only at!

Batu Night Spectacular Rides

Arriving at BNS Malang, you really have to try all the Batu Night Spectacular rides! Besides the Taman Lampion Batu Night Spectacular, there are also fountains, 4D cinema, trampolines, and much more. Check out the full details of the Batu Night Spectacular rides below!

  • Haunted house

Batu Night Spectacular Haunted House is the right ride for you who like to test your guts. There are various kinds of ghosts from various countries you know.

  • Spectacular Show

At BNS Malang there is a spectacular show showing colorful fountain shows that will amaze anyone. There is also a laser show on a 50 meter glass screen.

  • Merry Go Round

For those of you who are visiting BNS Malang and bringing your little ones, Merry Go Round can be the vehicle of choice. Merry Go Round BNS Malang is a carousel complete with sparkling lights.

  • 3D Cinema

One of the Batu Night Spectacular rides is a 4D cinema. Here visitors can feel the sensation of a 4D movie adventure.

  • Family Karaoke

Have a hidden talent as a singer? Or do you like singing? You can really get into this Batu Night Spectacular vehicle!

  • Air Bike

For those of you who want to boost your adrenaline, try one of the Batu Night Spectacular rides! You can ride a bicycle suspended in the air with a capacity of two passengers

  • Trick Art Gallery

Do you love photos? Just come to the Trick Art Gallery. At Batu Night Spectacular, you can take pictures and enjoy works of 3D art.

Facilities Batu Night Spectacular (BNS)

With a BNS Malang entrance ticket, you can not only enjoy the rides but also the public facilities provided. The following are Batu Night Spectacular facilities, such as:

  • Souvenir shop
  • Prayer room
  • Toilet
  • Foodcourt
  • Parking
  • First aid clinic

Access to Batu Night Spectacular

For those of you who want to visit BNS Malang, you can use various transportation options. Like:


  • Private vehicle

If you are coming from Lippo Plaza Batu, you only need to head towards Jalan Oro-oro Ombo. Stay on Jalan Oro-oro Ombo for about 5-15 minutes, you will arrive at Batu Night Spectacular (BNS).

  • Train

For you residents from out of town, you can get off at Malang Kotabaru Station. From the station, you can walk about 600 meters to the bus stop near PT. Pottery Karya Sakti and waiting for the angkot with code AL to Landungsari Terminal for transit. From the Landungsari Terminal, you can continue to take the angkot with code BJL that goes to BNS Malang.

Promo Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular Eid Ticket Promo 2024 

The 2024 Eid is just around the corner. Eid holiday with family is incomplete if you don't visit Batu Night Spectacular. For those of you who want a vacation but are confused about where to go, let's go to Batu Night Spectacular! Invite your friends, family, and loved ones to buy Batu Night Spectacular Eid promo tickets through Also, use the THR promo so that your Eid holiday and school holiday tickets to Batu Night Spectacular are more economical. Hurry up and check the promo code now!

FAQ Batu Night Spectacular (BNS)

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