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30 Best Places to Visit in Kupang

Kupang is one of the cities in NTT that has unlimited natural beauty. From beaches to waterfalls, everything is here! In addition, there are also some modern tourist attractions such as water parks and museums here.

1. Monkey (Kera) Island

If you like natural attractions that are beautiful, beautiful, and peaceful, Kera Island could be your perfect destination in Kupang! Only inhabited by around 100 families, this island offers beautiful and clean sea views and refreshing clear skies. You can relax while interacting with local residents. But, bring your own food and drinks, yes, because there are no stalls here.

2. Tesbatan Waterfall

Consisting of three levels, this waterfall in the middle of the forest has often become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kupang. Apart from its freshness and beauty, the route is also quite challenging, making it suitable for adventurous people.

3. Love Hill

Hearing the name of this place, you might already be able to guess what the place looks like. Yup, Bukit Cinta is a natural tourist spot that is famous for its romantic atmosphere. No wonder this tourist attraction in Kupang is famous among couples. You can relax in the gazebo or rocky area to enjoy the scenic beauty and take photos.

4. Pasir Panjang Beach

One more tourist spot that lives up to its name: Pasir Panjang Beach. The white sand on this beach is really long. No wonder this place is suitable for group activities who like crowds. You can take a leisurely walk, sunbathe, or even take pictures in cool photo spots.

5. Nunsui Beach / Batu Nona Beach

Want to take a trip to a unique beach? Just go to Batu Nona Beach! According to the story, in the past, there was a lady who committed suicide by jumping off a cliff here because of a broken heart. Although no longer found, suddenly formed rocks on the edge of this beach that looks like a lady. Even so, the stone has indeed changed its shape now because of the continuous erosion of seawater. As a successor, a statue that has a shape similar to the previous stone has been built.

6. Namosain Beach

Unlike the beaches that generally show off the beauty of the sea and stretch of sand, the main attraction is the savanna. Savanna on the coast? Yup, you can definitely imagine its uniqueness and beauty! So, don't forget to bring a camera, OK!

7. Ecowisata Mangrove Kupang

When traveling in a city that is said to be quite hot, you certainly need to visit fantastic and beautiful tourist attractions. One of them is Ecowisata Mangrove Kupang! Here, you can take a leisurely walk on the wooden bridge while enjoying the cool air and beautiful scenery. It is perfect for relaxing and unwinding!

8. Oenesu Waterfall

Oenesu Waterfall is one of the most hidden destinations. In fact, if you arrive early, this place is likely to be less crowded and is a great place to take photos. Here, the four waterfall levels are all pretty and refreshing!

9. Oesapa Beach

Oesapa Beach is one of the busier beaches because it is more famous. Her beauty is not much different from other beaches in Kupang. However, this beach has been wholly facilitated, including chairs on the beach and restaurants around the beach.

10. Monkey Cave Recreation Park

Not only Ubud (Bali), Kupang also has a tourist spot in the form of a monkey cave. Here, you can observe or interact directly with tame monkeys. Unfortunately, the number of monkeys here has decreased compared to the previous 300 from four groups. Therefore, always keep clean, obey the rules, and don't hurt or disturb the animals here, OK!

11. Lasiana Beach

One of Kupang's trademarks is Lasiana Beach. The coral reefs here are still beautiful and well maintained with clear seawater and clean white sand. If you like traveling on beautiful and still beautiful beaches, this beach is a perfect choice!

12. Pantai Kelapa Tinggi

If you want to relax and unwind, Kelapa Tinggi Beach can be your next destination. This beach is still not crowded with visitors because it is hidden. Although, of course, the facilities here are not as good as the more popular beaches, you can enjoy a peaceful and pleasant moment here. Especially with the beautiful view and clean beach area!

13. Crystal Cave

If you only look from the outside, you might not be interested in exploring it. Indeed it seems like just an ordinary cave mouth with a bush around it. However, inside, the scene was completely different. There is a pool of water that is still clear and beautiful, like a crystal. You can certainly refresh your eyes and capture this moment with as many photos as you like.

14. Inpres Market

Want to shop for local goods, especially fresh groceries? Just go to the Inpres Market and shop like a local here!

15. Oetune Beach

The main attraction of this beach is the nearby desert which is unique and beautiful. You will feel like you are not walking on the beach because of this uniqueness. All while surrounded by beautiful and unforgettable views of the blue sea!

16. Tedis Beach

Because of its beauty and easy access, Tedis Beach is one of the favorite beach destinations for young people who want to hang out together. Whether it's just to get together and chat or take a walk and take pictures. No wonder there are many snack vendors around the beach.

17. Kolbano Beach

To reach this beach, you have to drive about 3-4 hours from the center of Kupang City. It may not be a short trip, but it will all be worth it once you get here! Instead of sand, the beach is filled with fine pebbles, giving it a unique and different view. Besides that, the color of the seawater here is not clear blue, but milky blue, you know! Interesting right?

18. Neam Beach

Located about 3 hours drive from the city center, this beach is not the easiest to reach. You even need to go through winding roads and forests to get here. But that's why this beach is still hidden and not crowded with visitors. You can enjoy the panorama without interruption!

19. Mount Fatule'u

Hobby for relaxing hikes? Just go to Mount Fatule'u! Guided by a local guide, you can enjoy a relaxing hike while accompanied by the lush scenery around you that is second to none! This place is also still classified as hidden, you know!

20. Koepan beach

For those of you who want to enjoy the freshness of the sea by swimming, this beach is definitely for you! The waves on this beach are very calm, so it is perfect for swimming on the beach. Because it has been facilitated with places to eat around it, you don't have to worry about food and drinks after swimming! Apart from that, also enjoy the unique view of the old port pillars that the Portuguese built in 1645.

21. Museum Negeri Kupang

You will definitely like the Kupang State Museum for those of you who like historical and educational attractions! Here, you can learn more about the diverse and exciting history and culture of East Nusa Tenggara.

22. Tablolong Beach

To get to Tablolong Beach, you have to travel about 1.5 to 2 hours from the city center. The road that you will pass is paved, so you don't have to worry about a challenging journey. Once you arrive, you can enjoy a beach that is still beautiful and clean and beautiful. Then, you can also try snorkeling activities to explore its underwater beauty.

23. Subasuka Waterpark

Want to have a trip to family attractions that are fun and refreshing at the same time? You can go to Subasuka Waterpark! There is a wide choice of rides here for you and your little one. Carrying the concept of nature, your tour here will definitely be even more refreshing!

24. Taman Nostalgia

Nostalgia Park is a park in the city square that has often become a weekend tourist destination for local Kupang residents. This park is equipped with adequate facilities, such as chairs, children's play areas, running tracks or roads, and the Archipelago Peace Gong monument.

25. Manikin Beach

If you want to enjoy the sunset view on a beautiful beach, you can go straight to Manikin Beach! In addition, when the seawater recedes, you can also see directly beautiful coral and beach coral reefs. No wonder this beach is one of the most popular in Kupang!

26. Semau Island

Located west of Kupang Island, Semau Island is one exotic island destination that you shouldn't miss! This natural tourist spot is truly an all-in-one package! There is a green landscape as far as the eye can see and a view of the blue sea on the side.

27. Kupang Waterpark

Being the first waterpark in Kupang, you can't miss this tourist spot when you want to hang out with your little one! There are 22 fun rides that both adults and children can enjoy. In addition, there are also ATV rental facilities, you know!

28. Batu Kepala Beach

Batu Kepala Beach offers not only beautiful sea views, but also strategic photo spots. These photo spots are also suitable for watching the sunset, which is when the beach is the most crowded.

29. Ketapang Satu Beach

Ketapang Satu Beach is directly opposite Kupang Bay and has the most beautiful view at sunset. Apart from being one of the favorite saplings of photographers, this place is also perfect for relaxing with loved ones.

30. Oehala Waterfall

To reach this natural tourist spot in West Timor, you have to drive around 2.5 hours. However, the freshness and the scenic beauty are definitely worth it! The water here flows directly from Mount Mutis, so you must be able to imagine its freshness, right?