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30 Best Places to Visit in Pasuruan

Pasuruan is one of the cities in East Java Province, which has various kinds of attractive natural and modern tourist attractions. From lakes, waterfalls, rice fields, culinary to mountains, you can find everything here! Pasuruan City is also close to Surabaya and Malang.

1. Lekok Beach

The first tourist spot in Pasuruan that you must visit is Lekok Beach. The attraction of this hits tourist attraction is stunning brownish white sand. Here, you can enjoy the roar of the waves or hunt for a variety of fresh fish at a low ticket price of around IDR 7,500.

2. Gumandar Waterfall

The next tourist spot in Pasuruan that you must visit is Gumandar Waterfall. What is rarely known, this waterfall has no river flow. Water that falls from above is absorbed back into the ground and will come out around residential areas.

3. Grandpa Bodo Waterfall

This waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Arjuno to offer a green view of the mountains. This tourist spot in Pasuruan has a height of up to 40 meters, and the water comes from the Kaligesik River.

4. Pelunggul Beach

This beach, which is famous for its white sand, is a must-visit tourist spot in Pasuruan. Here, you can also enjoy mangrove or mangrove tourism which has an area of ​​144 hectares. With a cheap entrance ticket, you can explore Penunggul Beach as much as you want.

5. Putuk Truno Waterfall

This waterfall, which is famous for the legend of love stories in the era of the Majapahit Kingdom, is suitable for nature lovers. Even though it has a beautiful natural charm, this waterfall has an interesting historical story related to lovers who are not blessed by Prince Joko Taruno and Putri Sri Gading Lestari.

6. Alap-Alap Waterfall

Not far from Kakek Bodo Waterfall, you can go to Alap-Alap Waterfall. This hits tourist attraction has a height of about 40 meters and has three levels. To get here, you need trekking with quite a challenging terrain.

7. Blandongan Beach

For those of you who are looking for a romantic atmosphere, you can come to Blandongan Beach. This tourist spot in Pasuruan is a suitable destination to enjoy a romantic atmosphere at sunset. Don't forget to hunt for Instagrammable photo spots!

8. Waterfall Sumber Nyonya

The next tourist spot in Pasuruan that you must visit is the Sumber Nyonya Waterfall. About 15 meters high, this waterfall has three levels. The first level is about 15 meters high, the second 7 meters, and the third 15 meters. This hits tourist destination is also very suitable for Instagrammable photos.

9. Purwodadi Botanical Garden

Purwodadi Botanical Garden is a plant conservation center under the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). The atmosphere is lovely, making this place suitable as a release of fatigue. Because of its beauty, this place is often used as a pre-wedding photo spot because it is instagrammable. In addition, you can also visit the Coban Baung waterfall tourist spot, which is no less charming. Purwodadi Botanical Garden is perfect for children and family tours.

10. Lake Ranu Grati

This hits tourist spot is the only lake in the lowlands of East Java. Ranu Grati is a natural lake formed by the volcanic activity of a volcano. Its shape, which resembles a funnel with a deep lake bottom and contains mineral sediments, is proof of Ranu Grati as a volcanic lake.

You can do many tourist activities at this Pasuruan tourist spot. Starting from pedaling water rickshaws, water bikes, and getting around by boat while watching the panoramic view of natural beauty, to fishing or just sitting back on the edge of the lake. Ranu Grati Lake

suitable for family tours or children's tours.

11. Food Junction Grand Pakuwon

Not far from Pasuruan, you can also explore tourist attractions in Surabaya. For a complete culinary tour, you can go to Grand Pakuwon Food Junction. There are many local and international food vendors here. You will never run out of choices about where to eat. Besides that, you can also eat while accompanied by a beautiful lake view.

12. Keputih Bamboo Forest

For those looking for an Instagrammable spot, Keputih Bamboo Forest can be your choice! Previously, this place was a garbage dump. However, now, it has been renovated and repaired to become a natural tourist spot with a variety of beautiful photo spots, especially for romantic nuances.

13. Surabaya Zoo

This tourist spot in Surabaya is famous among tourists. As one of the oldest zoos in Indonesia, this place certainly has its impression as a tourist favorite zoo.

14. Atlantis Land Surabaya

Still in the same area as Kenpark Surabaya, Atlantis Land is one of the must-visit family and children's tourism spots! This hits tourist spot is a water playground for all ages that have cool rides and attractive designs and architecture.

15. Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque

This mosque is one of the must-visit religious tourism destinations in Surabaya. Apart from being a place of worship, this mosque is unique because of its design that mixes Arabic and Chinese styles. Non-Muslims can still visit, but make sure you follow the applicable regulations and wear modest and closed clothes.

16.The Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument

This monument, which is located in the Tanjung Perak area, was built to commemorate the services of the Indonesian Navy, who died in the battle in Surabaya. In total, this monument has a height of up to 60 meters more. You can visit to see its splendor firsthand.

17. Dr. Health Museum. Adhyatma

As the name suggests, this museum displays various items and descriptions related to the world of health. There are multiple exhibitions of health innovation items, but there are also exhibits of several magical things associated with health, such as witchcraft.

18. Korean garden

No, this is not a garden inspired by Korean dramas, but a garden of friendship with South Korea. This park is also often called the Indonesia-Korea Friendship Park. The design was done by the South Korean side, while the Indonesian side handled the construction and land. In addition to a beautiful and refreshing garden suitable for relaxing jogging, there is also an inscription in the middle of the park with inscriptions in Indonesian and Korean on each side.

19. Apsari Park

One of the main attractions of this place is Governor Suryo, the first governor of East Java, which is in the middle of the park. However, apart from the statue, this place is also famous for its extensive collection of types of flowers. There is also an area for art exhibitions here. So, while jogging or taking a leisurely walk, you can see the beautiful and unique scenery here.

20. Kampung Bulak

You may be familiar with Jodipan Colorful Village in Malang. Well, in Surabaya, there is Kampung Bulak. Like the one in Malang, this village has also been painted its walls and roof to make it colorful. From a distance, you can already see its beauty. However, you can enter the village and explore it as well as take photos.

21. Toko Oen

For culinary tours, especially about dessert, you can go to the legendary Toko Oen. This ice cream shop has been around for hundreds of years, and its deliciousness never changes. There are various classic ice cream menus, such as banana splits, which you can order here. The interior and exterior design of this place is still very traditional.

22. Tourism Village Pujon Kidul

This tourist village has many eating places that offer delicious local culinary delights. Besides that, there are also excellent and beautiful photo spots in this area. Because it is located in the highlands, it is also calm here.

23. Kusuma Waterpark

Kusuma Waterpark is located in the Batu area, so you can visit it at the same time while traveling in this area. There are various rides for children that are fun and safe. Besides that, there are also places to eat and outbound facilities, you know!

24. Balekambang Beach

Balekambang Beach is one of the famous natural tourist sites among domestic and international tourists. This is because the scenery and location are often said to be similar to beaches in Bali. You can take a leisurely walk around the beach while refreshing yourself with the splash of seawater from the waves that come.

25. Mount Bromo

Bromo is one of the famous mountains in Indonesia. Geographically, this mountain is not entirely located in Malang, but many tourists choose to travel to this mountain from the City of Surabaya or Malang. Many tour packages provide complete facilities from the city center to the foot of the hill, so you don't have to bother anymore. Once there, you can enjoy the cool, refreshing air while taking photos against an extraordinary backdrop or on horseback (with a guide's direction, of course).

26. Jatim Park 1, 2, and 3

In terms of child and family tourism destinations, Jatim Park 1, 2, and 3 must be included in the list of tourist attractions in Malang that you must visit! Jatim Park 1 contains fun rides for all family members. Jatim Park 2 also has rides for games, but it is added to the Batu Secret Zoo, Animal Museum, and a giant tree-shaped hotel, the Pohon Inn. Meanwhile, Jatim Park 3, the newest one, carries the theme of the dinosaur era and is perfect for those who want to take pictures with the replication of this ancient creature.

27. Kampung Biru Arema

Following in the footsteps of the success of Kampung Jodipan, now also comes Kampung Biru Arema, just across from Kampung Jodipan. As the name implies, this village has its walls and roof painted all blue. Even so, there are still other colorful paintings on the walls. You will also find many logos of the football club from Malang, Arema. Don't forget to bring your camera to this Instagrammable place!

28. Museum of Transport

Located in the Batu area, this museum, as the name suggests, is a museum that exhibits various types of transportation from around the world, especially classic cars. This place is one of the favorite Instagrammable spots for tourists because of the interior design and the excellent and luxurious-looking car exhibitions.

29. Wonosari Tea Plantation

Located around Malang City, this place is often used as a picnic area for a short weekend getaway. Like a beautiful tea garden, this place offers cool air accompanied by lush views. Apart from that, there are also camping areas, outbound areas, hot tubs, and more.

30. Pura Luhur Giri Arjuno

This temple is a temple and also a place of worship for Hindus. The architecture is majestic and beautiful. The location is also strategic because apple plantations and cool air surround it. Even though you are not going to worship, you can still visit as long as you wear clothes that are polite and closed, yes.