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30 Best Places to Visit in China

Various tourist destination locations in China are known for their natural beauty, especially beautiful islands and beaches. However, there are also a number of historical locations that you can visit here. Here are 30 of the best tourist destinations in China that we recommend!

  • The Bund

If you are interested in seeing Shanghai's city from the coldest point with its skyscrapers, you can come to The Bund. The best time to go here is at night, where you will see the buildings light up in the beautiful Shanghai sky. The Bund will also be very crowded with other tourists because it is indeed one of Shanghai's most favorite tourist attractions. You can also take a boat that will take you across the Huang Pu River. Undoubtedly, you will be fascinated by the lights of the Shanghai buildings that decorate the night and are undoubtedly instagramable.

  • Nanjing Road

If it's a shopping paradise in Shanghai, you can go to Nanjing Road. Because on this 5.5 km long road, you can shop until you are satisfied. You can start from The Bund on the east end to the west end, which ends at Jing'an Temple and West Yan'an street. Along this road, you will find many modern malls, cinemas, and also international hotels. Besides, many of the products sold here are well-known brands to shops that sell traditional goods at low prices. You will love to be here and spend up to hours with those of you who like shopping. You can also buy souvenirs for friends and family at home here. In some shops, you can bid on the price of the item you want to buy. Happy shopping!

  • Old City

Old City in Shanghai, also known as “Nanshi” in Chinese, is an area where you can feel a nostalgic atmosphere by looking at typical Chinese architecture. In Old City, you can try a variety of unique culinary delights. Many food vendors are selling in Old City, such as dumplings. You can then visit Yu Garden, a famous classic garden whose location is close to Shanghai Old Street and suitable for family tours.

  • People’s Square

People's Square is the downtown building of the Shanghai city government. The location is on the north of Nanjing Road. This little-known park is deserted by tourists, perhaps also because of its proximity to The Bund. A stroll around People's Square can be enjoyable because you will also find lots of cheap eateries, street food vendors, parks, and museums. Relax while enjoying this beautiful garden atmosphere. You can also get acquainted with the local people who are there.

  • Tianzifang

If you are looking for a tourist destination in Shanghai with the charm of artistic streets, you can come to Tianzifang. The place has traditional Chinese architecture with beautifully designed bars, cafes, shops, galleries, and boutiques. Tianzifang is a small place in Shanghai. However, this place has become one of the favorite tourist attractions in Shanghai. Here there are many local products such as bars, art galleries, and French-style eateries. You can shop for some cute little handicrafts or enjoy a cup of a drink in an open-air cafe.

  • Zhujiajiao

Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center for a moment? Easy, you can come to Zhujiajiao, which is located only one hour from Shanghai. Located on the outskirts of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is a tourist spot in the form of a water town with more than 1,700 years of existence. There, you can find beautiful bridges, small rivers, and shady trees on the banks of the river, as well as traditional houses of residents. This place will undoubtedly provide an unforgettable experience and is suitable for children's tours. The best way to explore this place is by taking a rowing boat while enjoying the area's scenic beauty.

  • Shanghai Disneyland

There is nothing wrong with visiting a theme park as a tourist destination, especially if it is Disneyland. This famous tourist destination has a large selection of exciting rides that you can play with friends, spouse, or family. There is not only a theme park at Shanghai Disneyland, but there are also two hotels and the Disney Town entertainment area. This is the newest Disney park in the world to date. Some of the theme rides here include Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventure Isle, and Treasure Cove.

  • Yu Garden

For those of you who want a cultural tour, let's try visiting Yu Garden. This tourist destination in downtown Shanghai is an old complex and historical park with ​​about 20,000 square meters. This famous garden has a stunning architectural style, surrounded by many trees, and covered in beautiful flowers. Not only that, you can enjoy culinary tours by tasting roadside food.

  • Jin Mao Tower

Jin Mao Tower is a skyscraper that has become a hot tourist spot in Shanghai. This tourist attraction in Pudong District has a height of up to 420 meters. This building combines Chinese culture and contemporary modern architectural styles, making it suitable for instagramable spots. You can see a panoramic view of Shanghai, the Bund river, and other buildings from a height.

  • Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple has two Buddha statues that are reclined and sitting. This tourist spot on Jiangning Road, Shanghai, is unique because the two Buddha statues are carved from pure white jade. Each temple building in this complex has rooms and stories about Buddhist teachings.

  • Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is the largest square in the world, which is the symbol of Beijing City.

Located just outside the southern entrance to the ancient palaces of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the area covers ​​up to 440,000 square meters. No wonder this place has been named the largest square or square in the world, huh? Here, you can take photos of some cool places, you know. On the north side, there is the Forbidden City gate, on the west side there is the Great Hall of the Chinese People, on the south side you can see Mao Zedong Mausoleum, and on the east side, there is the National Museum of China. It suits you here because there are many Instagramable photo spots for those of you who like taking photos.

  • Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven or heavenly temple is a temple that must be visited when you visit China. Beijing's tourist spot was built in 1420, which serves as a place of worship to the gods. At that time, the kings who lived during the Ming and Qing Dynasties always worshiped this temple. Even though it is hundreds of years old, the architecture inside and outside the temple is still preserved, making it suitable for family tours.

  • Forbidden City

Have you ever watched a film with the theme of the kingdom of ancient dynasties in China? You know, a tourist spot in Beijing that looks like a kingdom participating as the backdrop for the filming site. Is the Forbidden City or the Forbidden City is the empress's residence, concubines, king's children, and eunuchs. This hits tourist destination is said to be forbidden because it is said that only male eunuchs and sons of kings are allowed to enter the palace.

  • Tian An Men

This famous tourist spot is the last residence of China's first president, Mao Zedong. From a distance, you can see Mao's photo plastered clearly above the entrance to the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall. However, no one is allowed to enter the area and is guarded by an officer.

  • Bird Nest

Want to find instagramable photo spots? Maybe Bird Nest is a tourist destination in Beijing that you must visit. Birds Nest is a stadium that was built at the Olympics in 2008. This stadium has a unique design and has become one of the most famous tourist attractions in China in the world.

  • The Great Wall of China

Known by its Chinese name, Juyongguan, China's great wall that was erected as dividing the mountains in ancient times was a defensive wall to prevent attacks from the Mongols. In the making, it took nine years to make it sturdy until now.

  • Tiger Hill

Still a hit tourist destination in Beijing, you can visit Tiger Hill, which is similar to the Tower of Pisa in Italy because its shape is similar to several degrees. Inside Tiger Hill, there is King Helu's tomb, who is said to be buried along with 3,000 swords.

  • Summer Palace

Summer Place is a lake similar to West Lake in Hang Zhao. The lake is vast and calm, so it is suitable for you to relax. Summer Places were combined with palace architecture that is thick with oriental nuances and beautiful natural scenery.

  • Shidu Nature Park

Shidu Nature Park is located in the southwestern part of the Fangshan District and has ​​approximately 300 square kilometers. Beijing's tourist spot is in the Juma River valley, which used to have a high-speed flow. Shidu Nature Park is the only large-scale karst landform in North China and offers stunning natural views in addition to Beijing's skyscrapers.

  • Longqing Gorge

This tourist spot in Yanqing District is one of the hits tourist destinations for travelers. This area is famous for having panoramic views of canyons, mountains, and rivers. Here, you can enjoy the scenery on a cruise ship, even a cable car that can take you to the top of the mountain.

  • Hongya Cave (Hongyadong)

Do you like Japanese films? Have you ever watched the movie Spirited Away? Hongya Cave is a must-visit tourist destination in Chongqing City. Hongya Cave's appearance is similar to the film Spirited Away location and dates back more than 2,300 years. Here, you can witness Chinese culture, gaze at the beautiful river views, and taste delicious culinary delights.

  • Yangtze River

Are you looking for tourist destinations in Chongqing City? Try visiting the Yangtze River, which is the third-largest river in the world after the Nile in Africa and the Amazon in South America. The river, which has a length of approximately 6,380 kilometers, has a dam used as the largest hydroelectric power plant globally.

  • Jiefangbei Square

A vacation to Chongqing City without shopping? You can visit Jiefangbei Square, which is the busiest business district in western China. A must-visit tourist spot for shopping hobbyists has a variety of shopping centers selling branded goods. Apart from shopping, you can also taste a variety of culinary delights at Jiefangbei CBD.

  • Chongqing Zoo

Are you looking for children's tours in Chongqing City? You can visit the Chongqing Zoo. Here, you can see pandas, which are indeed their habitat in Chongqing. This zoo's area is 45 hectares, which is also used as a shelter and animal research.

  • Yuanduan

This tourist spot in Chongqing City has an attractive natural tourism concept that must be visited. You see, the exciting thing about this place is the existence of a bridge or pedestrian path in the shape of a horseshoe. The course hangs at the end of a cliff that has a height of over 2,350 feet.

  • Chongqing Museum

One of the tourist attractions in Chongqing that must be visited is the Chongqing Museum. The museum, which was established in 1955, has ​​approximately 5,500 square meters and has at least more than 40 complete exhibition areas. There are many antiques on display as depictions of the Ba-Shu cultural heritage. Several paintings can be seen from various dynasties.

  • Huguang Assembly Hall

Are you looking for a suitable family travel destination in Chongqing City? Maybe the Huguan Assembly Hall can be an alternative for your vacation with your family. This tourist spot is a traditional building used as a center for business, culture, and meetings in Chongqing. An exciting thing that travelers rarely know from this place is that there is a theater in it. The theater will present the Sihuan mask opera.

  • Ciqikou

Ciqikou is an old city that was built during the Qing and Ming Dynasties. This tourist spot in Chongqing is suitable for family tours because there is no entrance fee. Ciqikou has traditional characteristics and distinctive culture united with the mountains, rivers, and other buildings around it.

  • Tianjin Eye

If you've ever visited Singapore, you definitely won't miss the Singapore Flyer. Likewise, in Tianjin, which has the Tianjin Eye. This famous tourist attraction in Tianjin City was built in 2008 and is the only Ferris Wheel in the world that sits on a bridge. Tianjin Eye has a wheel diameter of about 120 meters, which passes through the Hai river.

  • Wudadao

Wudadao or better known as the Five Great Streets is an international architectural exposition in Tianjin consisting of around 2,000 villas. These buildings have a variety of western-style architecture and were built in the 1920s and 1930s. This family tourist spot is suitable for learning the history of the Tianjin City area.