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30+ Places to Visit in Hongkong

Hong Kong is a country known for its business center and skyscrapers. Hong Kong is a country that is still part of China but has a different government system from China. With an area of ​​only about 1,106 square kilometers, this country still has a magical attraction in the eyes of world tourists.

For those of you who want to go on vacation with your family, Hong Kong tourism is a suitable tourist destination for you to spend with your family because there are many tourist attractions in Hong Kong that are friendly for families and children.

The number of tourist attractions in Hong Kong makes this country never empty of local and foreign visitors. Vacations with family are indeed the most appropriate when visiting Hong Kong Disneyland. Here, you can take as many photos as you want and watch a variety of exciting attractions from adorable Disney characters.

You also really have to visit several other tourist attractions in Hong Kong, such as Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, Madame Tussauds, Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, Temple Street Night Market, Wong Tai Sin Temple, and many more.

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If you want to go on a trip to the beach, Hong Kong also has beach attractions that are no less interesting than other tourist attractions in this country. Repulse Bay, South Bay Beach, Kwun Yam Wan, Clearwater Bay, and several other beaches can be your reference for a vacation on the Hong Kong beach.

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  • Victoria Peak

The first tourist spot in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak. A hill located in the western part of Hong Kong Island. The highest area in Hong Kong offers beautiful views from the top of a mountain, approximately 525 meters above sea level. You can see views of Victoria harbor during the day and a panoramic view of the harbor at night, which is decorated with city lights.

  • Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor is a tourist attraction in the Kowloon District that offers views of the harbor surrounded by skyscrapers. The view is even more beautiful at night because the harbor is even more impressive with the sparkling colorful lights.

  • Ocean Park

The next tourist spot in Hong Kong that you must visit is Ocean Park. Here, you can enjoy the fun of riding a roller coaster, finding tropical fish, waterfront and summit, cable car, and Ocean Express cable car. This amusement park suitable for children's tourism has also been open since 1977!

  • Dragon's Back

The next tourist spot in Hong Kong is Dragon's Back. Here, you can hike to enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong, namely Shek O, Tai Long Wan, Stanley, Tai Tam, and the South China Sea.

  • Monopoly Dreams

This Hong Kong tour is suitable for those who want to reminisce about playing monopoly. You'll find holograms and 4DX technology designed for this classic game. You can play various attractions, such as the Fortune Board, or look for treasure at Mr. Monopoly.

  • Ngong Ping Ropeway 360

This tourist attraction on Lantau Island has a giant Buddha statue located on a hill. If you want to come here, you can take the MTR (Mass Transit Railway), get off at Tsing Yi, and change the line to Tung Chung. To reach Ngong Ping, you will take a cable car with a length of up to 5 meters for 25 minutes. Lantau Island will give you a broad view of Hong Kong City. There are also many others in Ngong Ping, such as New Pai Lau and the Tian Tan Buddha area.

  • Hong Kong Disneyland

No vacation to Hong Kong is complete without going to Disneyland. There are six Disneyland parks around the world, one of which is on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. This Hong Kong tour is suitable for family tours because it features many fun recreational rides.

  • Tsim Sha Tsui

A famous shopping place in Hong Kong and a must-visit is Tsim Sha Tsui. Here, you can shop for goods, especially renowned fashion brands, you know! This tourist spot is located just south of Kowloon District.

  • Symphony of Lights

Are you looking for other family attractions? Come on, try visiting the Symphony of Lights. Take your little ones to see the light show which is held every 8 pm. The light and laser show was enlivened by the 40 skyscrapers located in Victoria Harbor. You can enjoy these hits tourist spots in the back area of ​​the Hong Kong Cultural Center.

  • Hong Kong Science Museum

The largest science museum in Hong Kong is in eastern Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon District. This museum has 500 rides, which are a combination of 17 gallery themes spread over four floors. Nearly 80 percent of the museum's props are interactive vehicles, such as robotics, virtual reality, and various vehicles.

  • Museum Madame Tussaud

Not far from Victoria Peak, you can also visit the Madame Tussaud Museum. This hits tourist spot features world-famous figures immortalized in the form of statues. You can take photos with models in the museum, such as David Beckham, Queen Elizabeth, and others.

  • Sky 100

Not only Victoria Peak, which offers views of Hong Kong from a height. You can also go to Sky 100 to enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong with a 360-degree view. This instagramable tourist spot is open every day, except Sundays.

  • Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is the next must-visit tourist spot in Hong Kong. Here, you will find five Buddhist temples that have 12,800 statues in various postures. To reach the top, you have to climb 430 steps and have the opportunity to go to the highest floor of the pagoda.

  • Tian Tan Buddha Statue

Another hit tourist spot in Hong Kong is the Tian Tan Buddha statue known as the Big Buddha Statue. This bronze statue is 34 meters high and weighs up to 250 tons. To reach this statue, you must first climb 268 stairs. Arriving at the hill, you will also see six other small bronze statues around the Big Buddha statue.

  • Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is an instagramable tourist spot located in the Kowloon District. The tower is about 44 meters high and has a red brick pattern. If you want to come here, the best moment is at night because the light from this tower is unique.

  • Avenue of Stars

Tourist attractions in the Kowloon District that must be visited next are the Avenue of Stars. Here, there are several statues and handprints of famous figures in Hong Kong, one of Bruce Lee. Also, some handprints that you can find, namely Jet Lee and Jackie Chen. This pedestrian-friendly area is one of the cheapest tourist attractions in Hong Kong because there is no entry fee.

  • Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the newest temples in Hong Kong. This tourist spot in Kowloon District was built in 1920 to honor the god Tao Wong Tai Sin, who is considered the god of good luck. Some of the exciting parts of this temple are the Hall of Three Saints and the Good Wish Garden.

  • Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor is a tourist attraction in the Kowloon District with views of the harbor surrounded by skyscrapers. The scenery is even more beautiful when you come at night because this port is even more impressive with sparkling colorful lights.

  • Kowloon Walled City Park

Want to travel and take photos in the Qing Dynasty instagramable spots? Kowloon Walled City Park is the place! This tourist destination in Kowloon District is designed in the Qing Dynasty style and is divided into eight areas. Each area has its uniqueness, such as the Chess Garden with four giant chess boards.

  • 1881 Heritage

Still, with historical tours, you can go to 1881 Heritage, a historical tourist spot used to function as the Marine Police Headquarters Complex. One of the attractions in 1881 Heritage that must be visited is the Time Ball Tower, which guides sailors in Victoria Harbor. Apart from that, you will also find shops selling world brand fashion products.

  • Long Ke Beach

Long Ke Beach is a tourist spot in Sai Kung District that travelers rarely know about. The beauty of this beach is not in doubt. You see, you will be presented with a beach view with calm waves and clean sand, making it suitable for family tours. Not only that, you can camp on this beach, you know!

  • Tsuen Wan Park

Hong Kong is a country where skyscrapers surround most of the land. However, it turns out that there are still city parks that you can visit Tsuen Wan Park. This large city park has various game facilities, such as a jogging area, bicycles, and a play area for pet dogs.

  • Golden Beach

Golden Beach is the largest beach in the Tuen Mun District. This beach is unique compared to other beaches in Hong Kong because there is a volleyball court. The Hong Kong national volleyball team has also trained on this beach. You can again shop here because the rows of stalls, hotels, and shopping centers are located close to the beach.

  • Tai Tong Organic Park

Tourist destinations in Hong Kong that you must visit are also the Tai Tong Organic Park. This little-known tourist spot is located in the Yuen Long District. Tai Tong Organic Park has various facilities, such as grasslands, a koi fish pond, a mini zoo, and an exhibition of butterfly collections, making it suitable for children's tours. The thing is, here, children can learn about organic farming and grow their vegetables.

  • Nam Sang Wai

Nam Sang Wai is a wet area north of Yuen Long District. This tourist spot, which is rarely known by travelers, is home to birds and ducks, making it a suitable place to enjoy the village's beauty. Here, you can go around Nam Sang Wai by cycling to the Shan Pui River bank.

  • Jordan Valley Park

This 6.3-hectare park is the largest and is a tourist destination in the Kwun Tong District. The uniqueness of this park is the remote control car circuit area that has international standards. Inevitably, this park is one of the most popular remote control car racing venues in Hong Kong.

  • Sham Shui Po

Hong Kong not only provides luxury shopping tours, you can also shop at cheaper places. One of them is in the Sham Shui Po District, famous for its cheap electronic goods. Apart from electronic goods, this area also sells clothes to Hong Kong specialties.

  • St. Andrew's Church

This Anglican Church, which was built in 1904, is similar to the Clock Tower, a historical relic from the colonial era so that it becomes a cultural heritage. The church building itself is filled with Gothic-style buildings from the Victorian era. Almost all parts of the building are still the same as the original structures built decades ago. Even the altar and windows still use glass from 1906. Apart from the main hall and altar, another attraction is the 2-story priestly dormitory built-in 1909. The hostel itself consists of two buildings, namely The Amah's quarter and Verger's Cottage.

  • The Star Ferry

The next attraction that you shouldn't miss is the Star Ferry, ferry service for passengers only. These ferry routes include the port of Victoria, then to Hong Kong Island, and Kowloon. This ferry company has been established since 1988. Ferry transportation is in great demand by the public because it is cheap transportation, especially for tourists. Meanwhile, the time needed to cross by ferry is approximately 15 minutes for each route.

  • Ngong Ping 360

This tourist attraction on Lantau Island has a large Buddha statue located on a hill. If you want to come here, you can take the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) to get off at Tsing Yi then change to Tung Chung. To reach Ngong Ping, you will take a cable car with a length of up to 5 meters for 25 minutes. Along the way, you will be presented with a comprehensive view of Lantau Island and Hong Kong City from a height. Many others can be found in Ngong Ping, such as New Pai Lau and the Tian Tan Buddha area.

  • Victoria Park

Located in the heart of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Park opened in 1957. The park is named after the Queen Victoria statue that was built majestically here. Victoria Park has an area of ​​19 hectares and is the largest park in all of Hong Kong. You can do many activities, from sports to just sitting back and eating snacks that are sold in the park. This park also provides a playground for your little one, making it suitable for family tours.

  • Nan Lian Garden

Situated in an area of ​​3.5 hectares, Nan Lian Garden was built in the Tang Dynasty style. This garden is adorned with stones with asymmetrical shapes and various rare plants. Different traditional wooden houses are the hallmark of Nan Lian Garden. There are also Instagramable spots for new photos, you know! You can go to the area around the bridge and wooden buildings, pose in the style of an Asian princess who wants to cross the bridge, or enjoy the garden from behind the window.

  • West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade

West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade is a public area in the southern part of West Kowloon, an area of ​​2 hectares. This place has a 700-meter extended wooden pedestrian area on the edge of the harbor. This harbor pedestrian is the longest in Hong Kong. The one-kilometer long dragon lantern reinforces the uniqueness of this park. This lantern is one of the most famous landmarks for Instagramable photo hunters. Besides, the wind chimes that are mounted on top of the dragon lanterns jingling in the wind will make you love it even more.

  • Choi Hung Estate

Satisfied with visiting nature and recreation, you can see the Choi Hung Estate. This location is suitable for those who like to do street photography or are looking for Instagramable photo spots. The Choi Hung Estate is the oldest residential area that was inaugurated in 1963. This building has a row of different colors that form a rainbow. No wonder this place is the target of photographers.