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30 Best Places to Visit in The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, geographically, is an island that includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. On this big island, you can easily travel to these three countries. Some of the tourist attractions in the United Kingdom that are most popular with tourists are in big cities, such as London and Edinburgh. Both of them have the most historical sights as well as family tours. In addition, there are also several famous cities and areas, such as Glasgow (Scotland), Liverpool (England), Snowdonia (Wales), and others.

1. Buckingham Palace

Talking about the City of London icon, you certainly can't pass Buckingham Palace. This royal residence since 1837 has stunning architecture and space, making it one of the UK's must-see tourist attractions! Although not one hundred percent of the building area is open to the public, most of it is allowed for tourist visits. Apart from taking photos on the outside and inside, of course, you shouldn't miss the famous changing of the guard.

2. Edinburgh Castle

This castle is one of the main destinations for those of you who like historical tourism. Built in the 12th century on Proof of Castle Rock by King David I, the castle still stands today. Apart from its evident and striking location, one of its main attractions is its architecture and historical value.

3. Holyrood Palace

This place used to be the residence of kings and queens. Now, this place still stands firmly and is used as the location for royal ceremonial events. Apart from the outside and inside architecture, this place also houses famous art collections, such as the works of Gabriel Metsu, Johannes Vermeer, and Gerrit Dou. Located directly opposite Edinburgh Castle and built under King David I's reign, you can also visit this place after a trip to Edinburgh Castle.

4. SEA LIFE London

SEA LIFE London, as the name suggests, is home to 400 species of marine animals. Some that you will meet and see first hand are sharks, green turtles, and stingrays. In addition, there is a special area to explore this place more interactively, namely the Shark Walk. This area is a tunnel with a roof and transparent glass walls. You can walk around this area accompanied by sharks and other marine animals swimming on your left and right!

5. Camera Obscura & World of Illusions

For selfie and instagramable tours in Edinburgh, you can go directly to Camera Obscura & World of Illusions! This place contains various illusory photographic spots that will not only catch your eye when you arrive but are also suitable as a location for cool photo spots. In addition, you can also go to the Rooftop Terrace to see a 360-degree view of Edinburgh city.

6. The Beatles Story

Are you a lover of The Beatles' music? If so, you must visit The Beatles Story in Liverpool! It is the largest permanent exhibition globally that is wholly dedicated to telling the story of The Beatles' life and musical career. The city of Liverpool itself is the hometown of the four Beatles members. So, don't be surprised if The Beatles Story is located in that city.

7. St. Paul's Cathedral

In the City of London, the building of St. Paul's Cathedral is not to be missed if you want to see grand and historic architecture. The interior and exterior are both eye-catching. Inside, there is also a collection of various amazing works of art. Besides that, make sure you also walk around to the top floor, because there, you can see the city view from a height.

8. St. Giles' Cathedral

This gothic-style cathedral in Edinburgh is one of the historical and iconic tourist attractions. No longer functioning as a worship place, this place is now one of the most popular tourist locations for tourists. Of course, the grand and unique architecture (there are four brown pillars dedicated to Saint Giles), the free music performances taking place here, and the gift shops.

9. The British Museum

For those looking for a complete and educational tourist location, you shouldn't miss The British Museum in London. This museum exhibits a wide collection of historical items and works of art, and high cultural value items. However, the interior design is still modern and instagramable.

10. London Eye

The London Eye is one of the main icons of the City of London that is beautiful to look at and allows you to see the City of London from the best point of view. By riding this giant Ferris wheel, you will be invited to "get around" and see the city view from a second to none height.

11. Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Located at The Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, this event incorporates musical performances, dances, and other demonstrations by British Armed Forces bands, Commonwealth and other international military bands. This festive event, which usually involves fireworks, takes place only once a year, you know! So, make sure you visit when this event is held, so you don't miss this golden opportunity.

12. Museum of Childhood

For unique and cheap children's tours, you can visit the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh. As the name suggests, this museum will take you back to your childhood and introduce it to your little one. There are various collections of toys from time to time, ranging from old school to modern ones.

13. The Writers' Museum

Do you like to write or often read the classics of famous Scottish writers? If so, you must visit The Writers' Museum in Edinburgh. This museum houses a collection of various objects that have been used by famous authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Burns. The objects on display include personal items, written works, and portraits or paintings of the author.

14. Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is often referred to as the most famous area or road in Edinburgh. This is probably because it connects Edinburgh Castle and the equally renowned Holyrood Palace. When visitors cross from one location to another via this road, they can also stop by other places, including the dining spots on this road, to enjoy local culinary delights.

15. Hyde Park

One of the most famous outdoor parks in London is Hyde Park. Apart from offering a lush view, this place is also a frequent location for protests, debates, and artist performances. Apart from relaxing or taking a walk in the park, you can also take a paddleboat to explore Serpentine Lake.

16. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is the largest outdoor park in London. This park is located a bit high to give you a view of the city from the best spot. You and your family can have a picnic or take a leisurely walk while enjoying the beautiful scenery here.

17. Calton Hill

This hill is one of Edinburgh's spots that provides access to the best views of the location. No wonder so many tourists visit here to enjoy city views and take pictures. This hill has also often been used as material for painting, you know!

18. The Elephant House

The Edinburgh cafe has become famous for its delicious food and drinks and because it is often the place where famous writers were inspired, such as J.K Rowling and Ian Rankin. The two well-known writers often drink coffee at this cafe while looking for inspiration for their books.

19. Thames Cruise

The longest river in England has often become one of the top tourist destinations in London. To explore it casually and optimally, you can order a cruise package whose duration is usually around 30 minutes. It's a bit fun fact, this river water flows to the North Sea, you know!

20. Madame Tussauds London

At Madame Tussauds London, you can meet and take photos with replicas of your favorite idols! This place, like other branches of Madame Tussauds around the world, contains wax figures of famous people. Starting from well-known celebrities, royal families to influential former presidents.

21. Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park is the largest national park in all of Wales. This mountainous area offers beautiful natural scenery and a fresh atmosphere. The highest mountains in England and Wales and the largest natural lake in Wales are right here. There are many choices of hiking trails, from beginners to experienced, here. In addition, because local residents also inhabit this area, you can also visit existing villages and mingle with local residents.

22. Big Ben

When it comes to traveling to iconic places in London, you certainly can't miss Big Ben. This giant clock is one of the most recognizable London icons in the world. Apart from being a mandatory photo spot when traveling in the British capital, another attraction is the clock's chiming sound every hour. There is also a smaller chime sound every 15 minutes.

23. Abbey Road

When visiting London, of course, you shouldn't miss Abbey Road. If you only glanced at it, this is indeed just a road with a zebra crossing. However, this place has its own value because The Beatles took their photo here and made it the front cover of their album, which is also titled 'Abbey Road'.

24. Tower of London

This historic tower has stood for about 1,000 years. Even so, to this day, the Tower of London still stands firm and has even become one of the favorite tourist destinations. This tower mostly attracts the attention of historical tourism lovers. Inside, there is a collection of various valuable historical items, such as the Crown Jewels.

25. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Where's the Potterhead voice? There is a place that really should be on your bucket list: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London! At this tourist location, you will feel like you are really entering Hogwarts and exploring it. This place allows you to see the famous Harry Potter film's filming process. In addition to filming locations, such as The Great Hall, Forbidden Forrest, and Diagon Alley, there are also collections of costumes and props for the characters.

26. Platform 9 ¾

Access from the Muggle world to the magical world of Harry Potter? Of course, from Platform 9 ¾! At King's Cross Station (an actual station in London that is still operating), you'll find Platform 9 ¾, complete with a basket of items typical of Hogwarts magicians half through the wall. Also, bring your Harry Potter collection items to complete your property and pose when taking pictures, yes!

27. British Film Institute

Are you a cinema lover? If so, you must visit BFI or the British Film Institute while traveling in London! You can learn more about the world of cinema because there is an extensive library containing a collection of books about cinema. Apart from that, this institution also plays films every day. The genre of films varies, from blockbuster films to classics and was released decades ago.

28. Royal Yacht Britannia

This yacht is one of the most famous tourist attractions associated with the kingdom. Over the years, the Queen has used this yacht to welcome her important guests, such as heads of state from different parts of the world. However, now, the yacht is "retired" and is well kept in Leith, Edinburgh's port area. Visitors can hop aboard this luxury ship that is no longer in operation and explore its rooms while learning about its history as well.

29. National Museum of Scotland

This national museum in Edinburgh is one of the most comprehensive and large museums in Scotland. This place holds many exhibits, ranging from a collection of various historical items to those related to science and technology. Because it is a combination of many museums, it's no wonder the collection is complete with different decorations and themes.

30. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Having been opened in 1670, this park is the second oldest in all of the United Kingdom. This 70-hectare park holds 13,200 different plant species. So, of course, you won't run out of areas or plants to explore here in a day! Some of the main areas you shouldn't miss are the largest palm house in Britain, a terraced moorland garden, and a tropical house filled with exotic orchids.