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  • Exploring various fairyland-like castles.
  • Take pictures in this instagramable place with beautiful gardens.
  • With only one entrance ticket to Fairy Garden Lembang Bandung, you can enjoy the fun rides and educational rides all day long.
  • Suitable for: Family vacationer, The Adventurer, and Group Traveler.


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Fairy Garden Lembang Bandung - Instant Pass
Starts from 
USD 3.99 

General Information Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Ticket Prices

Do you want to experience visiting a castle like in a fairy tale with a beautiful garden view? Fairy Garden Bandung is an attractive tourist destination located in Lembang. You can see amazing views from the castles like in a fairy tale. Visit this adorable tourist destination just by ordering the Fairy Garden Bandung entrance ticket at!

Fairy Garden by the Lodge

Have you ever ?wanted to visit a fairy tale landIf so, then you can make it happen by traveling to Fairy Garden Bandung. Fairy Garden is a unique tourist spot with typical fairy tale castles along with beautiful and beautiful gardens. 

This tourist destination is really suitable for you to visit with your family, especially if you have small children. These charming castles are also decorated with 6 different gardens, you know. Everything is customized according to the theme, such as Flower Fairy, Cooking Fairy, Forest Fairy and also Water Fairy. 

In this 2-hectare park, you can enjoy your vacation by relaxing and taking pictures with your family. Surely the results are Instagrammable , right! Comeon, go to Fairy Garden by The Lodge for your next vacation and order the entry ticket only at

Fairy Garden Ticket Prices

You don't need to worry, Fairy Garden ticket prices not expensive, really, especially if you buy them at, because there are many interesting promos that make it easy to pay! You only need to spend money starting from IDR 25,000.00 only! Fairy Garden ticket prices on are as follows:

  • Fairy Garden Entrance Ticket : IDR 25,000.00; (Weekday)
  • Fairy Garden Entrance Ticket : IDR 35,000.00; (Weekend)
  • Bundling Fairy Garden + The Lodge Maribaya + Lotus Admission Ticket + Meal Voucher 5K: IDR 45,000 (Weekday);
  • Fairy Garden Bundling + The Lodge Maribaya + Lotus Admission Ticket + Meal Voucher 5K: IDR 65,000 (Weekend).

*Prices are subject to change at any time, check the package catalog on this page for more updated prices.

Facilities at Fairy Garden

By buying a Fairy Garden Bandung entrance ticket at, you can already get access to this beautiful garden. There are various interesting spots at Fairy Garden Bandung, including Art Factory, Florania, Lola's Library, Wood Line, and Gopher Maze. It will certainly be very exciting if you visit with children or family. Well, other facilities provided to support your convenience are:

  • Ample parking;
  • Toilet;
  • Food trucks;
  • prayer room.

Location of Fairy Garden

You can visit this castle with a beautiful garden on Jalan Raya Maribaya Number 149/252, Babakan Gentong, Cibodas, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java Province.

How to Get to Fairy Garden

To get to Fairy Garden Bandung, you can use a private vehicle, yes. If you come from Bandung City Square, you only need to drive for 48 minutes or as far as 19 km. However, if you are from out of town, you can use the Pasteur Toll Road, exit there, and enter Jalan Setiabudi to go to Lembang. Finally, if you don't use a private vehicle, there are angkot and DAMRI buses that can take you to this tourist destination. 

Fairy Garden Operational Hours

You can visit Fairy Garden Bandung tourist attractions during their operating hours. Fairy Garden operates from 09.00 to 17.00 WIB every Monday to Sunday. You are free, youwant to visit weekdays or weekends.

Let's go to Fairy Garden Bandung!

Well, getting impatient to play around in tourist destinations like a fairy tale? What are you waiting for? You can visit Fairy Garden Bandung by ordering tickets at! Don't forget to bring extra money when you enter tourist attractions, because to play some rides, you will be charged an additional fee. Also make sure you are in good health and follow the health protocols that apply in this place! Have a good time!