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Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya
Starts from USD 18.80
USD 12.10 

General Information Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya

Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya Ticket Prices

As the largest city in East Java as well as the capital city, Surabaya is an area frequently visited by out-of-towners. There are many kinds of Surabaya tours, such as historical places to shopping tours in magnificent and complete shopping centers. So, t-mates can visit one of the shopping centers that are often visited during holidays in Surabaya, namely Royal Plaza. Here, you can not only shop but also enjoy all kinds of fun by stopping by at Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya. How much is the entry ticket price? Check the price below!

Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya

Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya is a playground located in the Royal Plaza Surabaya shopping center. In it you can find all kinds of fun games to spend quality time with friends or family. This Surabaya tour is suitable for all ages because you can find a variety of games, ranging from relaxed to fun and competitive.

To play here, t-mates need to have a game card called Funcard. The card must then be filled with a balance to try out the exciting games here. Don;t worry, you can top up the balance at because there are many attractive promos. In addition, you also don't need to stand in line to top up your balance when you arrive at the location. More practical, right?  

Ticket Prices for Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya 

Are you curious about the ticket prices for Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya and the promos? If you buy tickets to enter Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya by topping up the balance at, there is a special price, you can get! For a balance of IDR 300,000.00, t-mates only need to pay IDR 199,000.00. Pretty affordable, right? So, t-mates can be more satisfied playing the various games here.

*Prices can change at any time, check the package catalog on this page for the most updated prices.

Facilities at Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya 

With affordable Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya ticket prices, you will get very complete supporting facilities because it is located inside the malls in Surabaya. So, t-mates automatically also get access to mall facilities, such as:

  • A large parking area;
  • Shopping area;
  • Food court;
  • Toilets, as well as various facilities in other malls.

Location of Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya 

Do you want to try to come to Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya? Just top up at and come to the 3rd floor of Royal Plaza Surabaya Mall on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Wonokromo, Surabaya, East Java. You only need a few minutes from Wonokromo Station which make this Surabaya destination really suitable to be your last stop before returning to your hometown if you are on a vacation at Surabaya.

How to Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya

Have you bought an entrance ticket to Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya with a top-up balance, but don't know how to get there? Stay cool! You can use conventional transportation services such as motorcycles or cars. You can also order online transportation which are more practical. 

Operational Hours of Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya

For those of you who want to play at the Surabaya playground, you can come every day from 10.00 to 22.00 WIB. There is one thing to note. Because it is located inside the Royal Plaza, the operating hours of Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya may change according to the mall's operating hours.

Ready to Play at Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya?

Well, that's all the sundries of this game ride in Surabaya. How, feels interested to play here, right? What are you waiting for? Top up your Funcard balance immediately at and get an attractive Funworld Royal Plaza Surabaya promo that will make your vacation can be more efficient!