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Explore the most popular things to do in Balikpapan


30 Best Places to Visit in Balikpapan

Balikpapan is one of the modern cities in East Kalimantan, which has various interesting natural and contemporary tourist attractions. From lakes to waterfalls to mountains, you can find everything here!

1. Bekapai Park

Bekapai Park is a tourist spot in Balikpapan which is also an icon of community pride. This hits tourist destination is an abstract bronze monument that spits out a fountain from inside. Those of you who want instagramable photos come at night because there is a fountain equipped with lights.

2. Lamaru Beach

One of the famous beaches in Balikpapan is Lamaru Beach. This beach has waves that are not too big, so it is perfect for family tourism. Cypress trees also surround this beach, and many offer rental boats for ducks, banana boats, and so on.

3. Lake Cermin Lamaru

The next tourist spot in Balikpapan that must be visited is Lake Cermin Lamaru. This lake offers clear water with the surrounding trees. This tourist destination is a suitable Instagram spot for you.

4. Melawai Beach

This famous beach is often a gathering place for young people. Rocks and concrete walls border Melawai Beach. This boundary separates the water and city life, dotted with office buildings, hotels, cafes, banks, and sports arenas. The best time to come to this beach is in the afternoon to see the panoramic sunset. Besides being instagramable, you can also go on a culinary tour in cafes near the beach.

5. Serumpun Beach

This tourist spot in Balikpapan offers the beauty of the trees that grow around the coast. For those of you who like camping, Serumpun Beach can be an exciting spot.

6. Manggar Segarasari Beach

Want to find family tourism spots in Balikpapan? You can go to Manggar Segarasari Beach. This beach has small waves making it suitable for swimming, jet skiing, or banana boating. For those of you who come with friends, you can play volleyball on this beach.

7. Bangkirai Hill

Bangkirai Hill is a must-visit destination because it has been a forest conservation place since 1988. This tourist spot in Kutai Kartanegara Regency has around 2,800 flora and fauna as well as trees. There is also a canopy bridge here, a bridge that connects five bangkirai trees with a height of 30 meters.

8. Hill Stone Wall

This tourist destination that travelers rarely know is karst rock, 150 meters long and 125 meters high. Hill Stone Wall will present you with a beautiful and fantastic forest view on the hill. For you instagramable photo lovers, don't miss the moment the sun sets on Bukit Batu Dinding.

9. Kampung Over Water

Kampung Atas Air, covering an area of ​​6.7 hectares, is located above sea level, precisely on Jalan Sepaku, Baru Tengah Village, Margasari Village, West Balikpapan District. In this village, visitors can see the mangroves or the town's beauty from the concrete bridge behind the town, swim, or walk around the city while watching the sunset.

10. Banua Patra Beach

Banua Patra Beach is located in the city center near Gelora Patra, precisely on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Prapatan Village, Balikpapan City District. The beach has piles of natural stones around the beach, which serve to resist abrasion. This famous tourist spot is easy to reach and facilities such as hotels and restaurants around the coast.

11. Kemala Beach

Talking about holidays, indeed beach attractions are always an option in an area. This tourist spot in Balikpapan is one of the famous beaches. If you want to come, this beach is located in the center of Balikpapan City, namely Jalan Sudirman. The right time to see the beauty of this tourist spot is in the afternoon. Why? You can see the view of the sunset while hearing the soothing sound of the waves. Several food stalls sell various typical Balikpapan culinary delights that you must try.

12. Barnacle Crocodile Farm

Do you want to try unusual tourist attractions in Balikpapan? Maybe this one tourist attraction is suitable for you who are adrenaline enthusiasts. Who doesn't know this wild reptile animal? You can visit the crocodile farm located at Jalan Mulawarman No. 66, Teritip Village, Balikpapan. This captivity, which has been around for 15 years, has attracted a lot of interest from domestic and foreign tourists. With an area of ​​about 5 hectares, visitors can see 1400 crocodiles of various kinds. Besides crocodiles, in this captivity, you can also see the Lampung Elephants.

13. Balikpapan Botanical Gardens

If you are staying around the city and trying to find green space, you can come here. Located on Jl. Soekarno-Hatta, KM 15, Kelurahan Karang Joang, Balikpapan, there is no entrance ticket or free to enter here. Fun tourism, incredibly accessible. Who doesn't want to, right? Here, you can find various exciting things to explore, you know! There is a conservation of woody plants that has multiple collections of medicinal plants to herbarium collections. Want to see beautiful orchids? There are orchid houses that grow up to 200 types of orchids.

14. Sun Bear Conservation

If previously there were tourist attractions in Balikpapan that could see crocodiles, now there are more exciting places to see animals. Including endangered animals, Sun Bears here are protected by the government in a conservation area. For those of you who want to see it, this place is on Jl.Soekarno Hatta no. 23, Karang Joang, Balikpapan. Apart from taking a closer look, visitors can also learn more about this cute animal. The tourist area is made following the original habitat of Sun Bears, namely in tropical forests. This place is suitable for children's tours or family tours.

15. Sepinggan Beach

One more tourist spot in Balikpapan if you want to find a fantastic beach to visit. The fun thing is, this beach location is not far from Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan Airport, which is about 4 km. This beach is easily accessible because it is still in the central area of ​​Balikpapan city. On this beach, you can see that there are pavilions that can function as a resting place. Enjoy the beach atmosphere until the afternoon when the sun sets to see the beautiful sky. You can walk along a wooden bridge and take instagramable photos on this beach.

16. Margomulyo Mangrove Forest

The island of Borneo is known as the lungs of the world because of its abundant forest and natural ecosystems. One of the tourist attractions in Balikpapan has plants that function as seawater intrusion, namely, mangroves. This nature tourism is located on Jl. AMD Gg. 4, Margo Mulyo, Balikpapan. Having a land area of ​​up to 16 hectares, you will see a collection of mangrove plants surrounding this place. Since it was built in 2002, this tourist spot in Balikpapan has functioned as a conservation to develop habitat for flora and fauna. Because of the beautiful atmosphere here, some tourists also take instagramable photos around the mangrove forest.

17. Caribbean Island Water Park

Want to have fun playing with the water and the adrenaline rush? Well, this family tourist spot in Balikpapan means the answer! Located in a residential area, Perumahan Balikpapan Regency Kol. Syarifuddin Yoes II, you can have fun swimming and playing water with your family. Apart from swimming, visitors can enjoy various exciting and tense water rides to try with their family. Caribbean Castle, Spillet Bucket, Dry Pool, Monkey Slide are some of the rides here. Spend your vacation time with your family. Swimming here is fun!

18. Aquaboom Waterpark

One more place to play water in Balikpapan is fun for holidays with family, namely Aquaboom Waterpark Balikpapan. Uniquely, this water park is located on the seventh floor of a mall, namely the Pentacity Mall. There are ten rides that you can try, ranging from extreme to child-friendly. If you like the adrenaline rush, you can try Hurricane Slider, Race Buster, and ThunderBolt. For kids, you can try the Bucket Boom and Mushroom Fountain rides. Guaranteed, one family loves to play here!

19. Manggar Reservoir

Another interesting tourist spot for families located in North Balikpapan. This reservoir has undergone several developments in 1985, 1991 and 2006. With an area of ​​up to 500 hectares, this reservoir functions as a water supply for the PDAM. You can find instagramable spots for photos in this Manggar Reservoir. There is a long wooden bridge that is often passed by the surrounding community. From here, you can take pictures of beautiful green reservoir views. Moreover. If the sun is setting in the afternoon.

20. Trans Studio Mini Balikpapan

For those of you who travel with family, especially with your little ones, Trans Studio Mini Balikpapan can be the right choice! There are lots of fun games and rides that your little ones will surely love. The games are also suitable for all ages and are affordable. In addition, because it is in a mall, you don't have to worry about weather or parking problems.

21. Mantaw Coffee Shop

When you go to this place to eat, it feels like you want all the food to be swallowed. You want any culinary, at Kedai Kopi Mantaw, everything is available. The location is next to Depot Miki. There are culinary menus such as yellow rice, lontong Banjar, porridge, and many other menu choices. The difference, this place to eat with other shops is that you can taste the delicious canton mantaw. Mantaw is like fried bread, only more challenging.

22. Chicken Porridge Samarinda

From the looks alone, you can tell that the Samarinda Chicken Porridge looks different from the porridge you've ever eaten. The filling is porridge, shredded chicken, liver gizzard, sliced ​​boiled egg, tomato slices, and what makes this porridge different is the excellent broth.

23. Dahor Heritage

Dahor Heritage cannot separate this tourist attraction in Balikpapan from the history of Balikpapan as the City of Oil. In the 1920s, oil refinery workers in Balikpapan often ended their day relaxing and resting in an official housing complex. The complex, which still stands firmly, has been transformed into a cultural heritage called Dahor Heritage.

24. Vegetable Garden

Hearing the name Vegetable Garden Inpres Market, don't think you're going to shop for vegetables just yet. In this market, which was inaugurated in 1983, you can find snacks, jewelry, bags, and knick-knacks with typical Dayak motifs at low prices. Due to the variety of products, the Vegetable Garden Inpres Market is a shopping destination in Balikpapan that is perfect for finding souvenirs for friends and relatives.

25. Somber River

On the Somber River banks, Balikpapan, it is hard to believe that a 150-hectare Mangrove Center was built alone by a man named Agus Bei. Although residents underestimated it, hundreds of tourists now come to this tourist spot in Balikpapan every month to go along the river on a kelotok boat and cool off in the forest he has built. If you plan to stop by, don't forget to pay attention to the variety of flora and fauna of the probosci's monkey!

26. Ruko Bandar

For your culinary tourism fans, especially seafood culinary, you must stop by this next tourist destination in Balikpapan. Not only does it offer a variety of delicious culinary choices, but Ruko Bandar also gives you a culinary experience with a magnificent and romantic coastal panorama.

27. Cendrawasih Depot

Located on Mount Malang, this place to eat situated on the edge of the highway is always packed with visitors. The Cendrawasih depot is always an option when lunch arrives. The Soto Banjar and Red Bean Ice are the mainstays of this place to eat. The one most frequently hunted by consumers is Pia Cendrawasih. With various choices of fillings such as green beans, black spices, cheese, and so on. Guaranteed to buy not just one.

28. Nam Min's coffee

Nam Min Pandan Sari Coffee Shop has a classic interior like a Chinatown coffee shop. Here are usually in demand by consumers who have become old customers. This shop is famous for serving their bread. You can enjoy various bread dishes here accompanied by a cup of warm coffee. Their signature toast is toast with homemade sarikaya jam as well.

29. Warung Soto Banjar Kuin Abdhu

Soto Banjar Kuin Abdhu is a famous Balikpapan culinary delicacy. Providing popular culinary delights, Soto Banjar Kuin Abdhu is famous for using free-range Chicken and duck eggs according to the original Soto Banjar. You can choose to use rice or ketupat to eat with the soto. Another dish that is worth a try here, its delicious Chicken Satay. It is also delicious to eat together with Soto Banjar.

30. Kampung Pinisi

If in Malang you can visit the Jodipan area, which has been transformed into a colorful village, in Balikpapan, there is also a similar village, namely Pinisi village. Decorated with bright and contrasting colors in the city center, this tourist spot in the city of Balikpapan will never fail to give you an artistic Instagrammable view.