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30 Best Places to Visit in Cirebon

Cirebon is one of the cities in West Java Province, which has various interesting natural and modern tourist attractions. From lakes, waterfalls, rice fields, culinary to mountains, you can find everything here!

1. Setu Sedong

For those of you who like natural scenery, you can visit Setu Sedong. This tourist spot in Cirebon offers a panoramic view of Mount Ciremai by looking at the back of the reservoir. The right time to come to this hit tourist destination is in the afternoon to enjoy the moment the sunsets.

2. Cirebon Waterland

This tourist spot in Cirebon is a water vehicle suitable for family tourism and children's tourism. Not only playing water and enjoying all the fun rides, but you can also see the sea view.

3. Mussels Lake

If you want a tourist spot that is full of tranquility, you can come to Telaga Remis. This tourist spot in Kuningan Regency offers the beauty of its green water. Apart from the fantastic atmosphere, many shady trees also add to the exotic hits of this tourist spot.

4. Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon

The next tourist attraction that you must visit is the Kasepuhan Palace in Cirebon. This hits tourist destination is the main building of the Cirebon Sultanate and is still the royal family's residence. When you enter the palace, you will find royal buildings with their respective functions.

5. Kanoman Palace Cirebon

Not far from the Kasepuhan Cirebon Palace, there is the Kanoman Cirebon Palace which is a must-visit. Here, you will find relics from Sunan Gunung Jati, such as two trains named Paksi Naga Liman and Jempana. Then, there is also the Jinem Bansal who is a pavilion for receiving guests.

6. Taman Sari Gua Sunyaragi

The following tourist destination that you must visit is Taman Sari Gua Sunyaragi. This cave is above ground level, which looks like an ancient stone building. For those of you who are hunting for Instagrammable photo spots, it is perfect to come here!

7. The Beach of Kejaraan

This tourist spot in Cirebon is always crowded with travelers on weekends or national holidays. The waves are calm, and also the view of the sunset is very instagrammable.

8. Tomb of Sunan Gunung Jati

Another famous tourist destination in Cirebon is the Sunan Gunung Jati Tomb. This tomb is in a burial complex situated on an area of ​​five hectares and is divided into two. The main complex is where the tomb of Sunan Gunung Jati is located, namely on Mount Sembung, which contains about 500 graves. When visiting the Sunan Gunung Jati Tomb complex, each visitor must take off their footwear, fill in the guest book, and are expected to make a voluntary contribution to the caretaker who maintains this burial complex.

9. Batu Lawang

Batu Lawang is a tourist attraction consisting of cliffs and rocks that look like gates or doors. You can go to the rock peaks for those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere from a height.

10. Attorney's Square

This hits tourist destination is not only used for a place to relax. But it is also a gathering place for well-known communities in Cirebon, one of which is the automotive club. You can also go on a culinary tour in the square because there are many food vendors.

11. Keraton Kacirebonan

This building has a very wide open pavilion supported by wooden pillars. The king usually uses Keraton Kacirebonan to welcome guests. Several tables and chairs looked neatly arranged opposite each other. Photographs of previous palace members are also attached to the building walls so you can quickly identify who they are. Inside the palace, there are many collections of historical objects, ranging from ancient gamelan, masks, batik collections, old coins, and paper to the sultan's sword collection.

12. Red Mosque

The Red Mosque is a famous tourist spot in Cirebon. The appearance of this mosque is unique because of the dominating red brick color. Interestingly, there is no Arabic calligraphy that adorns this mosque, except for the writing of the creed above the small door, to be precise, in front of the mosque's imam. On the other hand, porcelain plates with various motifs decorate the walls, making this mosque look even more unique.

13. The Goddess of Compassion Temple

Apart from the mosque, another tourist attraction that you must visit is the Vihara Dewi Welas Asih. This hundreds-year-old temple has a Balinese Hindu feel combined with Chinese architecture, such as carvings on the temple pillars and dragon ornaments on the central part of the roof.

14. Kampung Batik Trusmi

One of the unique cultural properties of Cirebon that travelers rarely know is batik. Not only Yogyakarta and Solo, but Cirebon is also one of the batik centers in Indonesia. Along the way, you will see houses selling batik and offering batik experiences in Trusmi Batik Village. Do not hesitate to enter every home because the batik offered has a motif and color that is not marketable because the homeowner makes it.

15. BAT Building

The following famous tourist spot in Cirebon is the BAT (British American Tabacco) Building. Exploring the beauty of this old building will be a fun tourist activity. Although now the BAT Building is no longer used for producing cigarettes, the beauty and grandeur of the classic building architecture make this building a favorite Instagrammable photo spot for young people.

16. Waterfall Princess

Located at the foot of Mount Ciremai, Kuningan has many beautiful waterfalls. One of them is the Putri Waterfall which is in the area of ​​the Palutungan Camping Ground. This waterfall has clear and freshwater. You can play with water and enjoy the torrent of water here, making it suitable for family tours or children's tours. If you are in Kuningan, use your vacation time to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

17. The Linggarjati Negotiation Building

This old Dutch colonial-style house is a witness to the diplomatic struggle of the nation's founders in defending independence from the Netherlands. This incident became known as the Linggarjati Agreement. I can also see several historical relics, such as the negotiating table, various black and white photos, and the manuscripts of the Linggarjati Agreement. All these historical relics are still well preserved for their authenticity.

18. Cibulan Baths

Playing water in the pool may sound ordinary, but how does it feel to swim with "sacred" fish? If you are curious, be sure to stop by at the Cibulan Bathing Pool. What is rarely known, the swimming pool here is filled with hundreds of divine fish that are considered sacred by the surrounding community. The people believe that the fish of the gods are the warriors of Prabu Siliwangi who were cursed for their insubordination.

19. Nasi Jamblang

A must-visit culinary spot in Cirebon is Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur, famous for a long time and is always busy with visitors. As the name implies, this culinary place that is always crowded provides the main dish, namely Jamblang rice. Jamblang rice is rice that is covered with teak leaves. There are various kinds of words for the side dishes, such as potato satay, fried beef brain, black squid, cakes, and others.

20. Sweet Klapa Restaurant

Furthermore, a place to eat in Cirebon that you must visit is the Klapa Manis Restaurant. The mainstay menu of this Klapa Manis Restaurant is tutug oncom rice, tuna grilled rice, plain timbel rice, pepes rice, and others.

21. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

For those of you who like seafood or processed seafood, you must visit this culinary place to eat in Cirebon. As the name implies, this jumbo seafood restaurant serves seafood dishes such as shrimp or crab in jumbo sizes.

22. Serabi Pulasaren

This place to eat in Cirebon serves a variety of pancakes. Starting from the salty taste to the sweet taste. There is an abundance of topping choices, such as jackfruit slices, sprinkles, chicken sausage slices, and cheese sprinkles.

23. Nasi Lengko

Still with the filling rice menu, in Cirebon, there is Nasi Lengko H Barno that you can taste. This Cirebon specialty is served with white rice, boiled bean sprouts, tempeh, and tofu doused with peanut sauce. Do not forget to have a sprinkling of chives and soy sauce.

24. M Toha porridge

Like feeling hungry in the middle of the night? Relax, in Cirebon, there is a place to eat porridge that is open 24 hours—selling a portion of chicken porridge with unlimited toppings. There is an additional soft-boiled egg for topping if you like. Besides chicken porridge, there is a sweet, sweet porridge that you can try, namely black sticky rice porridge with coconut milk which tastes delicious.

25. Trans Studio Mini Cirebon

This indoor tourist spot is perfect for a trip with the family! There are many games and rides suitable for all ages, from fun to educational. And because the location is indoor, you don't have to worry about weather problems.

26. Sate Bats

Sate Kalong is not made from bats or bats but sliced ​​buffalo meat. The placement of the word kalong in the name of satay means that this culinary is only active at night like a bat. The taste of the satay bats is sweet, like jerky, because of the added sugar solution to the spices. The caramel scent of sugar smells appetizing when baked.

27. Niren Lake

Telaga Nilem or Telaga Biru Cicerem is one of the newest tourist attractions in Cirebon. The water is so clear, the atmosphere is relaxed, and it is surrounded by shady trees, making it instagrammable. One of the attractions is the dozens of goldfish that you can take photos with.

28. Banyu Panas Palimanan

Still about water tourism, now we are heading to Jalan Raya Cirebon, West Palimanan Village. There is a hot spring that is believed to overcome fatigue. The place is so beautiful and soothing and suitable for family tours or children's tours.

29. Gronggong Hill

Enjoy the beautiful view of Cirebon from the top of Gronggong hill. This hill, located in Patapan, Beber, will give you a romantic feel, especially at dusk and instagrammable.

30. Plangon Monkey Forest

This 48-hectare forest area is one of the ancient tourist attractions. Besides being filled with monkeys or monkeys, you can visit the graves of Pangeran Panjunan and Pangeran Kejaksan.