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Explore the most popular things to do in Denpasar


30 Best Places to Visit in Denpasar

Denpasar is one of the cities in the Province and the Island of Bali, which has various interesting tourist attractions. Starting from beautiful beaches to museums and historical temples. Denpasar is suitable as a tourist destination for those of you who like taking photos, historical tours, and of course, beaches.

1. Bajra Sandhi Renon

Bajra Sandhi Renon is a monument built to commemorate the struggle of the Balinese people for Indonesian independence. This monument is magnificent with a typical Balinese architectural style. In fact, many tourists think this monument is a place of worship.

2. Serangan Island

This tourist spot in Denpasar is one of the favorites of tourists. Besides enjoying the beauty of the island, you can also swim with sharks here. Of course, all this is safe and with the supervision of professional staff. If you don't feel like swimming, you can also try feeding the sharks.

3. Sanur Beach

This beach is probably one of the most famous in Denpasar and Bali. Apart from its beauty and being one of the best spots to watch the sunrise, the waves here are also suitable for surfing. The area around the beach is complete.

4. Bali Orchid Garden

For those of you who like beautiful flowers, you shouldn't miss the Bali Orchid Garden! As the name implies, this place is a garden of orchids with a complete and fantastic collection. There are open and closed areas, all of which you can explore with your guide. This place is instagramable too!

5. Taman Werdhi Budaya Art Center

This park, as the name implies, is a cultural park with a strong Balinese culture. You must visit here to see its splendor firsthand for those of you who like this type of tourist spot! The entrance ticket is still free. However, suppose there are cultural performances (usually in the middle of the year). In that case, you need to pay for an entrance ticket. These shows are guaranteed to make your visit even more memorable!

6. Kertalangu Cultural Village

This village is a recreational park that is still thick with local Balinese culture and has complete facilities and accommodation. You can eat Balinese culinary in the available dining places, take pictures in the beautiful open area, try games, and shop for souvenirs.

7. Sindhu Beach

Sindhu Beach is one of Denpasar's beaches that is not well known by tourists, so it is arguably quieter. Visitors usually spend time here sunbathing, enjoying the sea view, and also watching the sunset.

8. Lumintang Park

This park is an open garden where visitors can cycle, jog together, play badminton, try local snacks, and so on. On weekends and certain holidays, the fountain in the middle of the garden lights up with colorful lights, making it even more attractive.

9. Bali Denpasar Museum

This museum was built in 1910 and was originally a statue. After adding to the extensive collection of ethnographic heritage, this building finally became a museum and opened to the public in 1932.

10. Upside Down World Bali

Want to travel to unique selfie tourist attractions? Just go to Upside Down World Bali! This place, as the name implies, presents various indoor photo spots that are inverted. The result of your photo will make you look like you are standing on the ceiling. The photo spots also vary, from the theme of the kitchen, bathroom, terrace, to the dining room.

11. Gunung Catur

Mount Catur is one of the highest ancient mountains in Denpasar and Bali. For those of you who want to hike and like outdoor adventure tourism, this is a place you shouldn't miss! The hiking trails are not that difficult, and the view at the top is well worth the trip!

12. Interactive Art Museum Bali (IAMBali)

IAMBali is a selfie tourist spot that must be visited when you travel to Denpasar. There are many photo spots, both indoor and outdoor, for the whole family. Whether you want to take photos on a family theme, fun, or romantic, you can find them all here!

13. Pura Blanjong

Pura Blanjong is one of the best historical tourist destinations in Bali. In it, you can find the Ganesha statue, the Blanjong inscription (a legacy of Raja Sri Kesari Warmadewa), a temple, and others. According to the story, this temple was founded to commemorate a ship that was stranded in Sanur. Although it is only a story, "Blanjong" itself is a combination of the words "Belahan" (fraction) and also "Ngenjung" (fishing boat).

14. Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is located a bit far from the city center, but your trip will be worth it once you arrive! This temple is famous for its unique location, which is on a rock. This rock is formed naturally due to the waves crashing for decades. Tourists are not allowed to enter the sacred temple area. However, visitors can take a walk in the outside area as well as take pictures.

15. Badung Market

At Badung Market, you can find various kinds of local handicrafts for souvenirs. From clothes to souvenirs, you can find everything here! Apart from that, there are also various local food vendors here. A few tips: you can bargain here, so prepare yourself first and practice your basic Indonesian, OK!

16. Museum Lukisan Sidik Jari

Although the name is "Painting Museum (Museum Lukisan)", this place presents a collection of paintings and various other works of art. Apart from looking at the art collections in the museum, which was open since 1995, you can also take courses. From painting lessons to dancing, and many more. Everything is, of course, related to Balinese culture and arts.

17. Pura Agung Jagatnatha

This temple was built as a place of worship for Hyang Widhi Wasa. Its position is also made facing Mount Agung. Until now, the temple is still used as a place of worship. If you wish to visit but do not worship, you still have to wear polite and covered clothes and obey the rules. For information, this place is open 24 hours.

18. Cemara Beach

Cemara Beach has white sand and clear blue seawater. You and your family can relax together on this refreshing beach. In the vicinity, there are already many luxury resorts to stay in.

19. Lapangan Puputan

This area is an open park that is often used by residents for jogging or sports together. In addition, there are also many local residents and tourists who gather and relax together here while enjoying the fresh air.

20. Le Mayeur Museum

As the name implies, this museum exhibits a collection of works of art by a Belgian painter named Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur. His paintings depict the unique Balinese culture and people.

21. Turtle Conservation And Education Center

For those of you looking for tourist attractions that are cool and educational, you can go to the Green Turtle and Turtle Conservation Center. Here, you and your children can see and interact directly with turtles and green turtles. Starting from the species that you commonly encounter to those that are already rare.

22. Big Garden Corner Sanur

This tourist spot is a unique recreational park suitable for family tourism. This open-air park has unique statues, a mini treehouse, a mini replica of Borobudur Temple, a relaxing area, colorful walking paths, and a restaurant and children's play area. Truly a complete package in one place!

23. Nungnung Waterfall

Bali is indeed famous for its natural charm, one of which is a fantastic waterfall. About 40 km from the center of Denpasar City, you will find Nungnung Waterfall. Apart from enjoying the scenery and its freshness, one of the favorite activities of visitors is trekking and swimming.

24. Pura Sakenan

Sakenan Temple is one of the magnificent temples in Bali and a must-visit. The architecture is splendid, and two large trees flank it (believed to be the guardian spirits of the temple). From a historical perspective, this temple was founded during the Majapahit kingdom using limestone mixed with red coral by Mpu Kuturan. This temple also still functions as a place of worship today.

25. Bali Wake Park

Bali Wake Park is one of the best wakeboarding locations in all of Bali. There is a large open area with adequate facilities and equipment to facilitate these activities. Apart from that, there is also a fun playground made of balloons that float on the water. These balloons have the shape of slides and other obstacles to make your time there even more fun.

26. Bali Mangrove Forest

This tourist attraction in Denpasar, as the name implies, is a mangrove forest that is still beautiful, beautiful, and refreshing. To explore this place more efficiently, you can walk along the existing bridge. At the end of the bridge, there is a shelter area to rest and enjoy the view.

27. Patung Catur Muka

This magnificent statue located in front of the Denpasar Mayor's office has its own uniqueness, which is a statue with four faces. Lord Brahma inspires the four faces that face the four cardinal directions. If you want to visit an iconic and interesting location, then of course you shouldn't miss this place.

28. Kumbasari Art Market

This market is one of the main destinations for tourists who want to shop for local goods. Apart from being a large area and the shops and goods available are also many, the price is also affordable.

29. Mertasari Beach

Mertasari Beach is one of the best beach destinations in Denpasar. With a vast stretch of white sand, you can take a leisurely walk or picnic together on the beach. There is also an area called Dream Island, which offers a variety of fun water games. You can also try canoeing or water bikes. Then, around the beach, there are spa and massage facilities too.

30. Statue of Titi Banda

This statue, located on the edge of town, is one of Denpasar's most iconic buildings. The statue of Titi Banda itself tells the story of the legend of Rama's journey when he was about to save Shinta from Rahwana. With detailed and neat carvings, you will be amazed to see this statue.