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Explore the most popular things to do in Jember


30 Best Places to Visit in Jember

Jember is one of the districts in East Java Province, which has various kinds of attractive natural and modern tourist attractions. From lakes, waterfalls, rice fields, culinary to mountains, you can find everything here! Jember Regency is also close to Banyuwangi and Malang.

1. Puncak Rembangan

The first tourist spot in Jember that you must visit is Puncak Rembangan. This hits tourist destination offers cool air and views of green plantations. What is rarely known there is also a waterfall near Puncak Rembangan that you can visit.

2. Manggisan Waterfall

The next tourist spot in Jember that you must visit is Manggisan Waterfall. The beauty of this hit tourist attraction is not known to many travelers. During the trip here, your eyes will be spoiled by an instagrammable natural panorama.

3. Bay of Love

Are you looking for a romantic spot in Jember? You can go to Love Bay which offers a beautiful view. Uniquely, this bay is shaped like a heart. The best time to visit Love Bay is to enjoy its famous natural beauty when the weather is clear.

4. Papuma Beach

Papuma Beach is a tourist spot in Jember that must be visited. The name papuma stands for Pasir Putih Malikan. As the name implies, this beach has charming white sand, enhanced with clear seawater and a stretch of blue sky that seems limitless.

5. Payangan Beach

One of the most instagrammable beaches in Jember that you must visit is Payangan Beach. The location of this beach is indeed very close to the bay of love. There's nothing wrong with dropping by here, enjoying a paradise on earth in the form of a beach surrounded by beautiful green hills.

6. Nusa Barong Island

This almost uninhabited island offers crystal clear seawater with a combination of dark blue and light green. To go to Nusa Barong Island, you are indeed required to cross the sea by boat. Arriving on the island, you will not stop being amazed by those here.

7. Cheng Hoo Mosque

If you are looking for tourist attractions in Jember besides the beach, you can stop by and enjoy the splendor of the historic Cheng Hoo Mosque. This mosque has a unique architectural design and a bright red color that is different from other mosques.

8. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

This waterfall is arguably one of the most famous in all of Indonesia. With a height of about 50 to 70 when measured from above the valley, its splendor is second to none. Lush trees surround this area, making the view even more spectacular. Because it is located between two districts, namely Malang and Lumajang, you can depart from Malang and Lumajang to reach this place.

9. Mount Bromo

In Indonesia, you could say that Mount Bromo is one of the favorites of tourists and domestic residents. You can climb to the top for those of you who like climbing and enjoy the beautiful view from above. However, if you don't feel hiking, you can rent a jeep to go to the area around the mountain. There, you can ride a horse or just take pictures with a beautiful background that is second to none. Wear a jacket when it comes here because it's pretty cold.

10. Ijen Crater

Not far from Jember, you can visit Ijen Crater. This tourist spot in Banyuwangi is one of the most popular destinations for domestic and foreign tourists. You see, at a low price, you can enjoy the natural scenery that Mount Ijen serves.

The natural panorama that you can see is the phenomenon of blue fire or blue fire in Ijen Crater. This phenomenon is located in a crater lake which is very acidic and is at a depth of about 200 meters.

11. Funworld Sun East Mall Genteng

This tourist spot in Banyuwangi provides a complete and exciting recreational and family entertainment arena, a safe and comfortable atmosphere, and friendly and professional service for all ages. To complete your excitement, you can buy the balance of the Funworld Fun card at a low price at! This tourist spot is also suitable for family tours or children's tours.

12. Tabuhan Island

Tabuhan Island is also one of the famous tourist attractions in Banyuwangi. The island is located approximately 20 kilometers from the city of Banyuwangi. You can come there by boarding a rented boat to cross to Tabuhan Island. On this island, which covers ​​about five square kilometers, you can enjoy beautiful beaches with white sand and offshore coral reefs.

13. Bangsring Underwater

After going to Tabuhan Island, you can go to Bangsring Beach and explore the beautiful underwater Banyuwangi in Bangsring Underwater, a marine biota conservation area. Hits tourist spot was built by fishermen concerned about the damaged coral reefs due to the use of bombs and potassium. Eight cages contain various kinds of marine animals, such as sergeant major, lionfish, Nemo, turtle, and tamed sharks.

14. Green Bay

The city of Banyuwangi seems to have no end to saving millions of magnificent tourist charms. One of the natural beauty that you can see directly in this city is Green Bay, a tourist spot in Banyuwangi on a beach with green seawater.

Interestingly, the green seawater is on the shore, which then gets to the center of the color, turning bright blue. Coupled with white sand, you can quickly get Instagrammable photos here.

15. Benculuk Bureau

The Benculuk Bureau is one of the tourist attractions in Banyuwangi, full of trees, and has recently become increasingly popular with tourists. How not, here you can feel as if you are in the film The Lord of The Rings. Perhutani Banyuwangi used the vast and large tamarind trees here to become a catchment area. But in fact, these trees make this place very exotic to be used as a hunting ground for Instagrammable photo spots.

16. Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park is a tourist spot in Banyuwangi besides the beach in a vast savanna where you can also see much wildlife. This hits tourist spot is also known as Africa van Java. In this place, you can see about 26 types of mammals and 155 species of birds, some of which are endangered species.

17. Srijantung Park

Turning to tourist attractions in Banyuwangi, near the city, there is a famous park called Sritanjung. This park is also an icon of the famous Banyuwangi City. Here you can relax with friends or family while enjoying the afternoon. The place is immaculate, and lots of green plants make this place suitable for hunting Instagrammable photos.

18. Boom Beach

Well, here are tourist attractions in Banyuwangi which are famous for their beautiful scenery. Previously this beach was a port. Then now, this place is increasingly visited by local tourists to foreign tourists. Here you can get a silhouette photo facing the sunset at the end of the sea in the west. Not only that, but you can also pose on the swings available on the beach. Guaranteed, you can get Instagrammable photos.

19. Red Island

Not inferior to Bali, the city of Banyuwangi also has an extensive collection of famous beach tourism. There are even beaches that target many foreign tourists because of the waves that can be used for surfing. This tourist spot in Banyuwangi also offers other exciting activities besides surfing. Some of them are fishing, snorkeling, climbing hills, playing in the sand, and of course, Instagrammable photos.

20. Gudeg Lumintu

It's not only Yogyakarta that has warm. It turns out that Jember also has a unique warmth. Is Gudeg Lumintu, which is a legendary culinary since 1968 that you must try. This warm mix is ​​combined with the typical East Javanese pecel, which is sure to make you drool.

21. Rama Dumpling Noodles

Another legendary place to eat you must visit is Mie Pangsit Rama. Founded in 1969, these culinary delights are a favorite of noodle lovers. The chewy, savory texture of the noodles and abundant minced chicken is guaranteed to make you addicted.

22. Duck Mbeling

Bebek Mbeling can be the proper reference when looking for a family dining place with many menu choices. In addition to the duck, which is the mainstay of the menu, try ordering other culinary delights that are no less delicious, such as spicy yellow quail, anchovies, tempeh, and tofu, as well as various kinds of sauces.

23. Jember Gacon Noodles

For you spicy culinary lovers, you must stop by! Mie Gacoan has noodle preparations with several levels of spiciness. The difference is, the place to eat is very comfortable and unique because it is made to look like a garden complete with synthetic grass. So it feels like a picnic again.

24. Tjiliwoeng Grilled Bread

Tjiliwoeng Grilled Bread is suitable for those of you who want to relax while enjoying Jember's unique culinary offerings. This dining place offers various bread, such as green tea toast, cheese toast, Tunamayo, etc.

25. Soto Ayam Dahlok

Soto Ayam Dahlok is one of the legendary culinary tours in Jember. This soup is still hotly sought after even though it's been around for so long Located on Jalan Fatahilah, the place to eat Soto Ayam Dahlok is open from morning to night.

26. East Java depot

This place to eat offers the complete culinary specialties of Nasi Langgi. One portion of this culinary dish includes rice, meat to Balinese spices, fried tempeh chili sauce, salted egg, paste, fried potato chili, cucumber, and shredded beef.

27. Resto Legian

One of the famous restaurants in Jember is Resto Legian. This restaurant, which initially served seafood menu options, now offers other culinary delights such as cap cay, noodles, and the most special is the grilled ribs. This Legian restaurant is one of the most popular places to eat in Jember, with many variants of the culinary menu offered at low prices.

28. Jatim Park 1, 2, and 3

Not far from Jember, you can explore popular tourist spots in Malang. Jatim Park is one of the tourist attractions in Malang, which became the leading destination when you just arrived in Malang. Located in Batu City, this tourist park is divided into 3. Jatim Park 1 is suitable for children's tours or family tours because there are many rides for your little one. Jatim Park 2 is more significant with the addition of the Animal Museum, zoo, and a sizeable tree-shaped hotel. And most recently, Jatim Park 3 takes the theme of dinosaurs and ancient times, making it suitable for historical education and photographs.

29. Malang Square

To relax in the middle of the city, you can go to the outdoor public space, namely Malang Square. The area is vast with complete facilities, such as a pedestrian path for those who want to walk or jog casually and a children's play area. This place is also shady and suitable for instagrammable photos.

30. Museum of Transport

As the name implies, this museum exhibits various excellent transportation collections, especially classic cars that are still in great shape. Therefore, this place is often considered one of the best Instagrammable spots in Malang.