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30 Best Places to Visit in Samarinda

30 Best Places to Visit in Samarinda

Samarinda is one of the modern cities in East Kalimantan, which has various interesting natural and contemporary tourist attractions. From lakes to waterfalls to mountains, you can find everything here! The city of Bontang, which is not too far from Samarinda, is also worth a visit!

1. Saung Center Samarinda

Tourist attractions in Samarinda that must be visited are Sentra Saung Samarinda. The Ikat Tenun Sarong or the famous Samarinda Sarong is a traditional handicraft still preserved in Samarinda. Sentra Saung Samarinda is located in two sub-districts, namely Kampung Baqa and Kelurahan Kampung Masjid. The distinctive feature of this sarong is its geometric motif.

2. Islamic Center Mosque

The next tourist attraction in Samarinda is the Islamic Center Mosque. For those of you who want to enjoy religious, historical, and architectural tourism, the Islamic Center Mosque is suitable to be included in your tour plans. Some facts are rarely known from this place, namely that the Islamic Center Mosque was a former site for cutting wood which later turned into a religious tourism destination. Here, you can enjoy the mosque's architecture which has seven prominent minarets. The towers are soaring high, and at night they give off a romantic and instagramable impression because of the yellow lights.

3. Wet Rice Island

One of the famous tourist destinations in Samarinda is Beras Basah Island. Here, This island will present you with views of the island's edge surrounded by white sand and waves.

4. Tanah Merah Waterfall

Located in Tanah Merah Village, this famous tourist attraction is no stranger to travelers. This waterfall offers cool air with the sound of gurgling water, which makes the atmosphere even calmer.

5. Mahakam River

If you want to get around by boat or see ships going back and forth in Samarinda, you can visit the Mahakam River. The river, which has a length of 920 kilometers, divides three cities in East Kalimantan, which have become popular tourist destinations in Samarinda. When visiting here, don't forget to spend the afternoon enjoying Samarinda's specialties.

6. Valley Green Recreation Park

Samarinda has the Lembah Hijau Recreation Park for those of you looking for family attractions or children's tours. This park is suitable for those of you who want to camp, swim and fish.

7. Kumala Island

Like Lembah Hijau Recreation Park, there is Kumala Island which is also suitable for family tours or children's tours. Located in the middle of the Mahakam River, this island will spoil you with various facilities that must be visited, such as the giant aquarium, which houses the orcaella brevirostris fish.

8. Weaving Village

Want to buy cheap Samarinda handicraft products? You can take the time to come to Kampung Tenun. The typical Samarinda woven fabric has the famous plaid motif. You can also explore this village by making handicrafts directly, which still uses traditional tools.

9. Pampang Cultural Village

Pampang Cultural Village is a must-visit cultural tourism destination. You can learn about the history and culture of Dayak customs. What is famous about this hit tourist spot is the Dayak traditional house which has a distinctive carving and is not owned by other tribes.

10. Unmul Botanical Garden

Located about 10 kilometers from the center of Samarinda City, Unmul Botanical Garden is a suitable place for family tours or children's tours. This tourist spot is an educational forest belonging to Mulawarman University, but it is open to the general public. Visitors rarely know that there is a large lake that you can walk around by renting a water bike.

11. Lake Permai Batu Besaung

This tourist spot in Samarinda is a green area commonly used by travelers for camping. In this lake, you can soak and soak in the shallow water reservoir.

12. Pinang Seribu Waterfall

You can visit the Thousand Pinang Waterfall for those of you who want to find cheap tourist attractions in Samarinda. This waterfall has a unique shape because there are steps such as stairs and can be climbed. This place is also suitable for family tours or children's tours because the water is not too heavy.

13. Jungle Water World

Tourist attractions in Bontang, North Samarinda, have various types of pools that can stimulate your adrenaline. Complete facilities ranging from playgrounds to outbound places will make your tour fun.

14. Tjiu's Palace

This tourist attraction in the Sambutan area is one of the must-visit destinations. This family tourist spot offers various exciting rides, such as swimming pools, water bikes, and mini trains.

15. Mahakam Tour Ship

If you are satisfied traveling on land or mountains, you can also tour the Mahakam River! Not swimming, but taking a tourist boat that will trace along with Samarinda City from the riverbank. You will see various instagramable places, such as the Mahakam bridge, Big Mall, and Mahkota II bridge.

16. The Library of East Kalimantan Province

Located on Jalan Ir. H. Juanda, Air Hitam, this regional library's collection is quite complete. You can take your children to the interestingly designed Children's Collection Service Room, complete with colorful chairs and a playground. Besides teaching children to love books, you can also introduce procedures for visiting and borrowing books at the library.

17. Big Mall

This most significant mall in Samarinda offers a unique shopping experience. Located right on the Mahakam Riverbank, you can take your little ones to take pictures with the Mahakam Bridge as the background. Besides, there are several (paid) playgrounds that can make children have fun. You can accompany him to watch your favorite movies at the cinema or shop for various children's needs.

18.Mahakam Lantern Garden

Another point of interest on the banks of the Mahakam River, the area is bustling to be visited when the sun goes down. The various shapes and colors of the lanterns produce interesting bursts of light when night falls. You can enjoy Samarinda's different atmosphere at night when visiting Mahakam Lampion Garden. In addition to unique and instagramable decorative lights, there are also exciting rides to spend time with family.

19. Waterpark Kingdom Animalia

Every child will love to play with water, so take him on vacation to the Animalia Kingdom Waterpark at CitraLand City Samarinda. There are all kinds of exciting and fun rides, such as slides and water buckets.

20. Cat Rice and Ibu Maskota's Cake

Nasi Kuning and Kue Ibu Maskota are culinary businesses that sell yellow rice and traditional Samarinda cakes. One of the famous cakes is the mascota talam. The talam cake in this place is sold in large pieces that are enough to be enjoyed with the family.

21. Nasi Kucing Acil Kintul Mangkurat

This simple shop located on Jalan Lambung Mangkurat II, Sungai Pinang District is never empty of visitors. The menu sold at this shop is yellow rice with habang seasoning or a typical Banjar red spice with various side dishes such as haruan fish. It is mandatory to come here for those of you who are hunting for culinary tours in Samarinda.

22. Soto Banjar Jalan Veteran Samarinda

This soup depot sells Banjar culinary specialties. This Soto Banjar depot was originally called Pusaka Indah, but people know it better with Soto Veteran. The sold soup consists of shredded native chicken, eggs, glass noodles, cakes, and fresh, slightly thick gravy.

23. Haji Ijay Grilled Fish Restaurant

This food stall specializes in selling culinary menus of grilled freshwater fish and sea fish. Do not miss the grilled chicken menu and also the corn empal.

24. Banjar Fried Chicken Stalls

This stall which is famous for its distinctive fried chicken menu, is always crowded with travelers. Apart from fried chicken, the favorite menu of visitors to this shop is sambal goreng Hati. Eating at this stall is like eating home-cooked food, according to one visitor's assessment.

25. Banana Gapit

Wandering to Samarinda, it's incomplete if you haven't tasted the city's typical sweet culinary snack called Banana Gapit. The banana gapit at the Voorfo Coffee Shop is one of the most popular. Gapit bananas are roasted bananas covered with a thick sauce made of brown sugar and coconut milk.

26. Fish Soup at Akmal Restaurant

Fish Soup is one of Samarinda's culinary delights that are sought after by tourists. The fish is served with a spicy and sour sauce. The menu prices offered at Akmal Restaurant range from IDR 30,000.

27. Kutai National Park

Not far from Samarinda, there is the Kutai National Park which is a must-visit. This tourist spot in Bontang spans ​​around 200,000 hectares and is even included in two areas, namely Bontang and Kutai Kartanegara.

In this Bontang tourist attraction, you can find the typical Bornean orangutan population, such as probosci's monkeys, and see various kinds of plants that you rarely encounter every day.

28. Bontang Mangrove Park

Looking for a quiet tourist spot in Bontang for a vacation? You can visit Bontang Mangrove Park or better known as BMP. This hits tourist destination in Bontang is part of the Kutai National Park. You can walk along the 1.3 km long path while gazing at the beauty of the mangrove garden. Those of you who want to enjoy the view with a vast viewing distance, go up to the tower of view, which is 20 meters high, and you will be immediately greeted with an expanse of the Makassar Strait.

29. Segajah Beach

Those of you who want to enjoy the view with a vast viewing distance, go up to the tower of view, which is 20 meters high, and you will be immediately greeted with an expanse of the Makassar Strait. Don't forget to take photos, because this place is instagramable!

30. Samboja Pine Forest

One of the tourist destinations in Bontang that must be visited is the Samboja Pine Forest, which is in the Kutai Kartanegara district. The towering rows of pine trees make this dramatic pine forest scene much sought after by people. This tourist spot in Bontang is in a mountainous area, so the air is still fresh, and nature is incredible. This place is perfect for those who want to find fresh air after daily exposure to polluted air while working in the city.