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30 Best Places to Visit in Solo

Solo, or what you may know more often as Surakarta, is a city in Central Java, which is rich in historical tourist attractions. Solo has many museums, temples, and royal palaces have collections of historical items with unique vintage architecture. In addition, there are also some open parks if you want to enjoy the fresh air with your family.

1. Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta

Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta is the official palace of Kasunanan Surakarta, which was founded in 1744. Still, with its distinctive royal architecture and culture, this place is one of Solo's best historical and cultural tourism destinations. Even so, make sure you comply with all applicable regulations because the Keraton environment is very much guarded.

2. Jumog Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the hidden tourist attractions in Solo. Although it may not be as grand or as high as other famous waterfalls, the view is beautiful. Located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, the air around this waterfall area is cool and refreshing.

3. The Mangkunegaran Palace

This palace is the official palace of the Mangkunegaran Praja Duchy and is still the rulers' residence. If you like historical and cultural attractions, this place is a must-visit! Some areas that can be visited are Ndalem Ageng, Pendopo Ageng, and Keputren or Balewarni.

4. Telaga Madirda

In addition to clear and refreshing lake water, you can also enjoy views of the hills and surrounding trees that are no less beautiful. Local residents usually make this place their main tourist destination on weekends with family.

5. The Heritage Palace

If you want to visit modern tourist attractions that are fun, instagramable, and suitable for family travel, The Heritage Palace can be your main tourist destination! This place is a transportation museum with unique collections and exhibits. Ranging from antique car collections to 3D museums.

6. Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu

Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu is a waterfall located about 37 km from the city center. Cliffs surround this high, beautiful, and refreshing waterfall with green trees that make the atmosphere even shadier.

7. Pura Mangkunegaran

Having been around since 1757, this building is another historical tourist spot in Solo that you shouldn't miss. Its architecture, which combines Javanese and European styles alone, will catch your attention once it arrives. In addition, there are many collections of interesting art objects in it.

8. Cetho Temple

With an altitude of 1,496 meters above sea level, this temple is one of the highest in Indonesia. There are many interesting historical and cultural values ​​in this temple with Hindu and Nusantara architectural style. The open natural scenery is also beautiful and instagramable.

9. Taman Hutan Rakyat

Taman Hutan Rakyat or Tahura in Solo is a must-visit outdoor recreation area. Because there is an extensive collection of complete flora and fauna, it's no wonder that this place is an educational tourist spot for children. The natural atmosphere here is refreshing and cool, making it perfect for relaxing together.

10. Strawberry Garden Karanganyar

For fun children's tours that can be done with your family, you can go directly to the Karanganyar Strawberry Garden. Here, of course, you can pick ripe strawberries to eat immediately or take home. With an area of ​​2,000 square meters, you and your children can enjoy this activity freely.

11. Danar Hadi Batik Museum

As the name implies, this museum holds various beautiful, colorful, and unique batik collections. From classic to contemporary, you can see everything here. In addition to seeing the finished batik collection, you can also see first hand the process of making it, you know!

12. De Tjolomadoe

De Tjolomadoe used to be a sugar factory building, but now it has turned into a tourist spot. Visitors can take pictures until they are satisfied because the interior is indeed instagramable. Apart from that, there are also some interesting exhibitions and areas, such as the giant sugar cane machine, the Besali Café, and so on.

13. Radya Pustaka Museum

This museum has various collections of relics from the era of the Mataram Sultanate. Starting from statues, musical instruments to kris and many more. In addition, there is also a collection of several important objects related to the history of Solo City itself. For example, porcelain that was given by Napoleon Bonaparte to Susuhunan Pakubuwono V first.

14. Agro-tourism of Sondokoro Karanganyar

Agro-tourism Sondokoro Karanganyar is one of the best family recreational tourist spots in Solo. There are many facilities and games for all ages, for example, flying fox, swimming pool, and fish therapy.

15. Triwindu Antique Market

If you like unique antiques, you can immediately shop at Triwindu Antique Market. From ancient paintings, old money, old spare parts, to batik fabrics, you can find everything here! Of course, these items are used goods, huh! Besides that, you can also bargain here.

16. Sekipan Campground

As the name implies, Bumi Perkemahan Sekipan is a camping area. Besides that, this place also offers many other interesting and fun facilities, such as a water park, Halloween Village, and Rumah Papua. The outdoor atmosphere is also refreshing.

17. Edupark Intan Pari

This open park is one of the educational tourist destinations that you shouldn't miss in Solo. Apart from the refreshing swimming pool and garden facilities, one of the main attractions is a Boeing 737-300 plane and a Bolco helicopter. You can see both of them up close and take photos there.

18. Kauman Batik Village

If you like batik or want to find batik souvenirs, you can go straight to Kauman Batik Village! The beautiful batiks sold here are all handmade, so it's no wonder the price is higher. However, its beauty and uniqueness are undoubtedly worth it!

19. Amanah Agro-tourism

Agrowisata Amanah is one of the fun family recreational tourist destinations in Solo. There are many facilities and games for the whole family, such as swimming pools, outbound facilities, and a strawberry garden. There are also complete and adequate lodging and dining places here.

20. Sukuh Temple

This Hindu temple is a historic temple that was first discovered in 1815. One of its uniqueness is its different shape, namely the trapezoid.

21. Colo Dam

The main function of this dam is actually an agricultural irrigation channel. Still, it is also a popular tourist spot among local residents and tourists. One of the peculiarities is the concrete squares that are equally spaced apart under the dam. You can take a stroll here while snacking on local snacks and enjoying the fresh air.

22. Balekambang Park

This park is one of the best open areas and public spaces in Solo. You can jog, take photos, see tame animals such as geese, deer, and chickens, or just gather and enjoy the fresh air together.

23. Fort Vastenburg

Maybe you can guess from the name that this place is a legacy from the Dutch colonial era. Having been around since 1779, this place was once the location for government control in the Surakarta Palace. Now, this place is one of the favorite historical tourist destinations in Solo.

24. Taman Sriwedari

Sriwedari Park is a park for various dazzling art performances. Therefore, this park is more commonly referred to as the People's Amusement Park (Taman Hiburan Rakyat), shortened to THR. The art performances you can see here are puppet shows, dances, music, etc.

25. Museum Manusia Purba Sangiran

As the name implies, this museum presents various collections, exhibitions, and information about ancient humans and pre-historical life. In fact, the collection at the museum, which is located at the foot of Mount Lawu, is one of the most comprehensive in the world. So, it's no wonder that this place is one of the most famous museums in Solo.

26. Galabo Solo

Want to enjoy delicious Solo food without having to move around? Just go to Galobo Solo! This place is one of the best culinary tourism centers in Solo. Many restaurants and eateries serve delicious local food here. Your options are truly limitless! And because it's only open in the late afternoon until late at night, this place is perfect for having a late-night snack or midnight snack.

27. Taman Cerdas

This park is not only an ordinary park but also an educational tourist attraction in Solo. There are a variety of games for children and facilities for adult visitors that are both educational and fun.

28. Monument 45 Banjarsari

The monument, which was built to commemorate the Four Days Attack (7-10 August 1949), is located in Monjari Park. Apart from visiting this historical monument, you can also take a leisurely walk in the open garden area.

29. Taru Jurug Zoo

This zoo is a natural tourist spot with flora and fauna and an educational tourist spot. You can see various animal species, such as giraffes, zebras, elephants, and many more. There are also many species of flora that you should not miss, such as spruce, pine, acacia, and others.

30. Ngarsopuro Night Market

This night market is one of the mandatory destinations for tourists in Solo. Besides the many shops selling local goods at affordable prices, this place is also a paradise for foodies!

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