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30 Best Places to Visit in Sukabumi

Sukabumi is one of the cities in West Java Province with various kinds of attractive natural and modern tourist attractions. From lakes, waterfalls, rice fields, culinary to mountains, you can find everything here!

1. Suspension Bridge

The first tourist spot in Sukabumi that you must visit is the Suspension Bridge. This hits attraction is perfect for hunting Instagrammable photo spots because of its beautiful natural scenery.

2. Curug Sawer

Want to travel to fantastic and beautiful natural tourist locations but not far from Bandung? Just go to Sukabumi! You can visit Curug Sawer, which is refreshing and impressive. This tourist spot in Sukabumi is suitable for family tours or children's tours.

3. Santasea Waterpark

Are you looking for a waterpark with an exciting theme and super fun rides? SantaSea Sukabumi is the right choice! Here, you will explore a world full of infinite wonders! SantaSea Water Sukabumi is a vehicle to play water thematically with the first natural hot springs in Indonesia. What is rarely known, this water park is also the first Sukabumi waterpark. This tourist attraction is also suitable for family tours or children's tours.

4. Lake Batu Bacan

This hits tourist destination is fascinating to visit because of its green lake water. This happens because the green rocks are exposed to the reflection of the sun. No doubt, this lake is known as the green lake. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and hunt for Instagrammable photo spots.

5. Ciptagelar Village

Want to take a walk while studying history? You can go to Ciptagelar Village. This tourist spot in Sukabumi is a traditional village that still preserves traditional houses. What is famous about this hit tourist attraction is a formal event, such as the Seren Taun ceremony or the tradition of handing over the product to the barn. Kampung Ciptagelar is also a cheap tourist spot because the entry ticket is around IDR 5,000 per person, making it suitable for family tours or children's tours.

6. Cave Buniayu

Sukabumi still has many hits that are rarely known, one of which is Buniayu Cave. This tourist destination has three caves, but you can only enter two of the three caves open to the public. Some stalactites and stalagmites beautify the cave. Buniayu Cave is also a cheap tourist spot because the entry ticket is around IDR 5,000 per person, making it suitable for family tours or children's tours.

7. Cicaladi Beach

The next tourist spot in Sukabumi that you must visit is Cicaladi Beach. This tourist attraction which is famous for its cliffs, is directly adjacent to the high seas. Cicaladi Beach offers views of the green savanna, the famous bolot reef, and the roar of the waves hitting the walls.

8. Cliff Panenjoan

This famous tourist attraction offers stunning natural views from above. The Panenjoan Cliff is located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level, so it is suitable for hunting for Instagrammable photo spots. The right time to visit tourist attractions in Sukabumi is in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset view.

9. Curug Cikaso

Curug Cikaso is one of the most charming waterfalls in Surade sub-district, Sukabumi, and by residents, this waterfall is known as Curug Luhur. The uniqueness of Curug Cikaso is that it has three waterfalls that flow side by side. The three adjoining waterfalls are called Curug Aseupan, Curug Meong, and Curug Aki. The beautiful natural panorama, not to mention the beautiful atmosphere, makes this tourist spot in Sukabumi one of the places you must visit.

10. Bukit Karang Para

The next Instagrammable tourist spot in Sukabumi is Karang Para Hill. The hill, which has ​​12 hectares, has many photo spots, such as a heart bridge. Karang Para Hill is also a cheap tourist spot because the entrance ticket is around IDR 2,000 per person, making it suitable for family tours or children's tours.

11. Cimarinjung waterfall

Even though its location is rarely known, this tourist spot in Sukabumi is a favorite of travelers hunting for Instagrammable photo spots. Here, this waterfall will spoil you with panoramic views of the river and the surrounding forest.

12. Amanda Ratu Beach

Not only waterfalls, but Sukabumi also has other hits tourist destinations such as Amanda Ratu Beach. This beach has a small island in the middle of its waters and has complete facilities. Amanda Ratu Beach is also a cheap tourist spot because the entry ticket is around IDR 5,000 per person, making it suitable for family tours or children's tours.

13. Purple Uduk Rice

The famous culinary tour in Sukabumi is purple uduk rice. As the name suggests, this uduk rice is purple, obtained from natural dyes in the form of beets or purple sweet potatoes. This rice is served with other side dishes such as chicken, tempeh, tofu, eggs, chili sauce, and fresh vegetables.

14. Chicken oxtail porridge

The following famous culinary in Sukabumi is Oxtail Chicken Porridge. One of the famous and legendary chicken porridge in Sukabumi is Bubur Ayam Bunut. This chicken porridge is centered on Jalan Siliwangi and has several branches in Sukabumi.

15. Priangan bread

Priangan bread has become a culinary legend in Sukabumi. This bread has been around since 1943 and is still around today. This bread is made from milk, flour, and butter and can only last a day. Priangan Bread's variants, such as Horn Bread, brown bread, raisin bread, pineapple bread, cheese bread, brown banana bread, and milk sugar bread.

16. Bandros Atta

Bandros is one of West Java's specialties made from rice flour, grated coconut, suji leaves, and coconut milk. This cake is molded using a pukis mold that is cooked on a charcoal stove. In Sukabumi, there is a famous Bandros dining place, namely Bandros Atta.

17. Surabi Durian

Surabi is a traditional Indonesian culinary found in several regions. Sukabumi also has surabi with its taste. Here, surabi is made with a mixture of durian with a pungent taste. One of the places to eat Surabi is in a shop on Jalan Sudirman, Sukabumi.

18. Geco

Another must-try culinary in Sukabumi is geco. Geco stands for bean sprouts and bean sprouts. This culinary contains bean sprouts, bean sprouts, ketupat, small potato pieces, yellow noodles, boiled egg pieces, vinegar, sweet soy sauce, and chili sauce.

19. Mochi

Mochi is both a culinary and a typical souvenir from Sukabumi, which is quite famous. Sukabumi is indeed renowned for its mochi cake production. One of the most famous places to eat mochi is Mochi Kaswari Lantern. Here, various mochi variants with chocolate filling, cheese, sesame beans, and many more.

20. Gingerbread

Another typical Sukabumi souvenir is ginger cake. This cake is made from a mixture of flour, grated ginger, and sugar. This culinary has a delicious sweet and warm taste. Sukabumi Gingerbread Cake has been around since the colonial era and still exists today.

21. Bukit Karang Numpang

This famous hill in Indonesia has a unique name taken because of the presence of coral on the mountain, which is considered only "hitchhiking." This tourist spot in Sukabumi is often used as a camping location because the hills are clean.

22. Mount Sabak

Are you looking for a tourist spot full of adrenaline? You can climb Sabak Hill. Climbers favor this tourist spot in Sukabumi because of the challenging trails. Arriving at the hill, Mount Sabak will present you with a beautiful and instagrammable view because pine forests and Mount Gede surround Sabak Hill.

23. Geopark Ciletuh

Want to enjoy various types of natural attractions in one location? The Ciletuh Geopark is the answer. That said, this tourist destination in Sukabumi is a sea that has been lifted, so the formed landscape is unique, shaped like a hoof. Known as the oldest rock garden on the island of Java, you can find various natural attractions from waterfalls to beaches.

24. Cibeureum waterfall

Nicknamed "The City of 1001 Waterfalls", Cibeureum Waterfall presents many waterfalls whose beauty is enchanting because of the Blue Lake Lake. Even though it is a waterfall tour, you are encouraged to wear thick clothes to be firm with the cold there. You also need to bring enough supplies to accompany your trip to the location.

25. Lake Situ Gunung

There is also Situ Gunung Lake, located in the area of ​​Mount Gede Pangrango, 15 km from Sukabumi City. The atmosphere of the lake is still very natural, so it is suitable as a location to unwind. The lake, which is surrounded by pine forests, is still relatively quiet, so you will only hear the sound of birds and the wind.

26. Mount Gede Pangrango

For you nature lovers, Mount Gede Pangrango is undoubtedly not a strange place. This mountain, which enters the three districts, namely Bogor, Cianjur, and Sukabumi, is often the target of climbers because of its natural beauty. To climb this 2,750 mpdl mountain, you can go through several routes, namely the Gunung Putri route in Cipanas, the Salabintana route in Sukabumi, and the Cibodas Line.

27. Kawah Ratu Sukabumi

The next tourist spot that you must visit is the Queen Sukabumi Crater. The crater, located at an altitude of 1,437 mpdl, is still in the active category. Even so, the cavity is still safe for tourists to visit. You only need to go to the Mount Salak area to see this crater.

28. Cisolok Hot Spring

Want to relax? You can visit the Cisolok Hot Springs in the Pelabuhan Ratu Beach area. Its existence which is not in the mountains makes this hot spring unique. The water produced does not contain sulfur because it comes from water that passes through its crust.

29. Mist Cottage

Are you bored with the atmosphere of a hotel? You can visit Pondok Halimun Sukabumi. Located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, this area has cool air, making it suitable as a camping location. The owner divides this area into several parts: the Javanese Eagle Camping Ground, the Cipelang Camping Ground, and the Pondok Halimun Camping Ground.

30. Lake Lido Recreation Park

The last hit tourist destination that you must visit is Lake Lido. Located on Jalan Raya Sukabumi, Wates Jaya Village, this tourist attraction is suitable as a family tourist destination or children's tour. You can do many activities, from fishing, playing rafting, flying fox, to having lunch on a boat.