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30 Best Places to Visit in Tangerang

Tangerang, located in Banten Province, has many modern tourist attractions, almost all of which are very suitable for family tourism. There are water parks, theme parks, selfie tours to beautiful natural attractions. Because of its location, which is also not far from Jakarta, it is not uncommon for Tangerang to be a short weekend getaway destination for Jakarta residents and its surroundings.

1. Ocean Park Water Adventure

This waterpark is well known among residents and tourists. Since 2006, this water park has become a favorite tourist destination for children and families. Classic rides here, such as high slides to relaxing flow pools, are ready to provide unforgettable moments for all family members!

2. Telaga Biru Cisoka

Cisoka Blue Lake, also known as Cigaru Blue Lake, is a beautiful natural tourist destination and worth visiting. As the name implies, you will find a beautiful blue lake here. This place used to be a sand excavation, which then ceased to operate. The water in the lake that you can see right now is rainwater. However, the blue lake is not the only one you will encounter because there are two lakes. One other lake has water that is green in color because of its different acidity. Make sure you bring a camera to capture this beautiful sight, huh!

3. Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park

As the name implies, this place is home to more than 500 crocodiles. Visitors can see these animals directly in safety because a barrier has been built between the crocodile and the visitor. Apart from that, there is one more thing that will catch your eye: the large crocodile statue right before you enter this area.

4. Floating Castle Froggy Edutography

When you first arrive, you will immediately be amazed by the exterior architecture that resembles a princess castle but 'floats'. Because the lower part is made of transparent glass, this building does look like it is floating. Not only the outside, but you will also be amazed by the inside. This place has several areas for taking pictures and an interactive and fun children's learning area.

5. Bekelir Village

You may have often heard of the phenomenon of colorful villages in various cities in Indonesia. Bekelir village is one of them. This tourist spot in Tangerang is actually an ordinary village where residents live. However, this village's walls and roof have been painted so that it looks colorful and beautiful. Apart from taking pictures here, you can also interact directly with residents.

6. Tanjung Pasir Beach

If you want to enjoy sightseeing in a place far from the city center's noise, you can go to Tanjung Pasir Beach. Besides the beautiful beach views, you and your family can also do various activities here, such as playing water and sand, fishing, renting a boat to explore, or seeing the sunset.

7. Museum of Toys

As the name implies, this museum has a collection of various toys. However, the toys referred to here are not ordinary toys, but designer toys created by artists. The artists working on these toys are local and international. For those of you who have a hobby of collecting rare and cool toys, this place is a must-visit tourist attraction in Tangerang!

8. Benteng Heritage Museum

Benteng Heritage Museum is the perfect destination for those looking for historical and cultural attractions in Tangerang. This museum exhibits a collection of historical items, especially those of Chinese ethnicity. Its architecture and design also use ancient Chinese styles.

9. Batavia Splash Water Adventure

Want to play in a waterpark that is unique and different? Just go to Batavia Splash Water Adventure! This place carries the theme of the ancient Batavia City. Apart from the decoration and architecture, the rides here also take on names inspired by the city of Batavia, such as Kampung Pitung and Benteng VOC. Besides that, there are also other fun rides, such as flying fox and long cliffs for those who need something more challenging.

10. Scientia Square Park

Located in the city center, this place is one of the most popular children's tourist destinations. Various artificial facilities can hone children's abilities by learning while playing here. Call it the wall climbing area, The Metamorphosis of Butterfly area to see these beautiful creatures, inline skates, and much more!

11. Situ Cihuni

Located in Cihuni Village, this lake offers a lovely view with a stretch of grass and trees around it. Apart from seeing the sights, this place is also an excellent location for cycling. There is also a restaurant in the shape of a bamboo hut that serves traditional food here.

12. Pasar Lama Tangerang

Hunting for local culinary at night has often become a favorite activity for culinary tourists. In Tangerang, you can go directly to the Old Market to try this activity. The market, which is open from 04.00 PM, is full of delicious local food vendors at affordable prices. Some of the foods that you should try while here are crab porridge and chicken satay.

13. Water World Citra Raya

Water World Citra Raya is a fun, modern, and suitable waterpark for all family members. There are high slides that are both challenging and fun. There is also a Sand Pool area for playing sand like on the beach. There's also the Cheerful Palace for fun outdoor activities, like climbing and playing in the ball pool.

14. Situ Bulakan

This lake is one of the favorite family tourist destinations in Tangerang. This is certainly not without reason. Apart from the beauty of the scenery, this place offers various game facilities suitable for families. Call it the flying fox, fishing pond, and water bike that you can rent at affordable prices.

15. The Breeze

The Breeze is a modern entertainment center in the city center. In this open area, you can take a leisurely walk while exploring the restaurants here. There are many choices of restaurants with a choice of varied types of cuisine as well. Of course, all of this is accompanied by cool scenery and photo spots. In the middle of the area, there is also a stage where live music is often held.

16. Boen Hay Bio Temple

For religious tourism in Tangerang, you can go to the Boen Hay Bio Temple. The place of worship, which is still operating, has been around for more than three centuries. Apart from being a place of worship, its architecture and historical value are also its main attractions. If you are going to visit without worship, please obey the rules and restrictions set, yes.

17. Amsterdam Waterpark

This water park is called 'Amsterdam' because it takes the concept of the country's capital city of the windmills. Apart from the decoration and architecture, this place is also known for its fun rides suitable for all families. This ride includes a bucket that will spill over so full, pouring maximum freshness onto the visitors!

18. Taman Prestasi

The park, located in Tangerang Square, is an open public space where you can play and exercise together. With complete public facilities and a large area, all visitors can carry out their activities individually or together comfortably.

19. Tebing Koja

Koja Cliff, or what is sometimes called Gozilla Cage, is a natural tourist spot that has been formed very naturally. There is a collection of cliffs with a stretch of river and rice fields surrounding it. For those who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery while taking pictures in a naturally beautiful place, this place can be your main destination!

20. World of Wonder Theme Park

This outdoor playground, as the name implies, presents rides that will amaze you. There are cool rides that are fun and even tense, such as Haunted Houses, Jungle Exploration, Pirate Ship, and many more!

21. AEON Mall

Aeon Mall is one of the newest malls in the Tangerang area. Apart from being a well-equipped shopping center and restaurant, one of the main unique attractions of this place is the garden of lights that light up brightly at night. The large garden outside is equipped with colorful lights and decorated to give a beautiful impression at night.

Inside, you can find playgrounds Playtopia BSD and Amazone Aeon Mall BSD, salons Haircode Aeon BSD and Shortcut barbershop BSD.

22. Pulau Cangkir Kronjo

This small island can be easily accessed by foot via a bridge. Even though it is small, this beautiful island still offers stunning mangrove panoramas and a refreshing atmosphere. This island is given the name "cup" because this 4.5-hectare island is shaped like a cup, for your information.

23. Upside Down World Alam Sutera

Looking for unique photo attractions? Just go to Upside Down World Alam Sutera. As the name suggests, this place features various 'upside-down' photo spots. Relax, the room is not completely reversed, but it has been designed so that your photo will look as if you are standing upside down, on the roof, and not on the floor, for example. Each room has also been beautifully designed, resembling a kitchen, bedroom, dining room, etc.

24. Taman Portrait

If you are looking for an instagramable tourist spot but also with fresh air and in an open location, you can go straight to Portrait Park. There are various cool photo spots, such as beautiful bridges and pavilions or artistic statues. With a strategic location so that it is easily accessible, it's no wonder that this place is a favorite of tourists and residents.

25. Flavor Bliss

In the Alam Sutera area, there is one suitable location for culinary tours, namely Flavor Bliss. As the name implies, there are many different places to eat here, presenting local and international dishes, which will make you feel a unique taste of the delicacy. It is also spacious with a large parking area, and adequate pedestrian paths with beautiful decorations for pre and post dining walks.

26. Situ Rawa Cipondoh

Situ Rawa Cipondoh is one of Tangerang's lakes that you can make your main destination for tours with your family. There are land and water plants on the edge of the lake, so this place is also a swamp. You can still easily explore it because the facilities are complete. In addition, you can also eat local cuisine in the vicinity, which the main ingredient is freshwater fish.

27. Little Jungle Playground

As the name suggests, this place is a children's playground that offers various rides and complete activity facilities. Starting from the treehouse, flying fox, to the fun trampoline.

28. Taman Bambu

This garden, as the name implies, puts forward the concept of bamboo material. Various facilities and facilities here use bamboo-based materials, such as bridges, houses and buildings, and park benches. Of course, there are many interesting spots to take pictures here. The pedestrian path is also adequate for those of you who want to explore this place comfortably.

29. Tanah Tingal

Tanah Tingal, located in the Ciputat area, is a fun tourist destination for all family members because it provides an outbound location. There are a variety of fun outdoor activities for groups. There are also wall climbing and lake facilities here. Trees and grass also surround the area so it will give a fresh atmosphere.

30. Taman Kota 1 BSD

Even though it is a modern and metropolitan city with offices and malls everywhere, you can still take a walk to the green open spaces here. One of them is Taman Kota 1 BSD (also Taman Kota 2 and 3 BSD not far from here). This park is still filled with tall trees and also complete facilities for playing or relaxing with family. You can gather with loved ones while enjoying the coolness here.