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30 Best Places to Visit in Banten 2023

Banten is a province of Indonesia which is located on the western tip of Java Island. You will find many cool tourist attractions in modern cities, such as theme parks, water parks, malls, and shopping centers. However, this province also offers many natural tourist attractions, especially beaches, because of its location at the end of Java Island.

1. Ujung Kulon National Park

The main purpose of Ujung Kulon National Park is as a rhino sanctuary. Besides being able to see these protected animals directly, you can also try trekking or camping here. The natural atmosphere is beautiful and cool, making this place a favorite among nature lovers.

2. Anyer Beach

This beach is arguably a favorite of local tourists. The name is taken from its location, which is in Anyer District, Serang Regency. Banten residents and also residents of Jakarta must be familiar with this beach. You can enjoy the beautiful sea view, swim near the beach, sit back, or even dive or try the watersport. This beach is also equipped with various places to eat seafood and lodging.

3. Sangiang Island

The island, which is located not far from Anyer Beach, is an area that has been managed by the private sector and made into an ideal tourist area. You can explore this island by cycling, hiking, fishing, camping, or even diving. This island also provides access to beautiful beaches with clear seawater and several cool photo spots.

4. World of Wonders Theme Park

As the name implies, this theme park presents various fun and amazing rides for the whole family. This open-air playground in Tangerang has cool rides, such as Pirate Ship, Lika Liku, Jungle Exploration, Haunted House, and many more!

5. Baduy Village

For authentic cultural tourism, you can go to Baduy Village. The Baduy tribe itself is an indigenous tribe in Banten that still firmly maintains its traditional values ​​and practices. The Inner Baduy are closed off from the outside world in general so that they cannot always be visited, while the Outer Baduy is more open to the public. You must book a tour package with a professional guide when visiting here. There are also some essential rules that you must obey when you come here, such as not consuming alcoholic beverages, not littering, not using toothpaste, and so on.

6. Ocean Park Water Adventure

Ocean Park is one of the favorite family tourist destinations in the Tangerang area. Since 2006, this place features a variety of classic rides, such as a fun and twisting high slide and a relaxing pool that flows slowly. Ocean Park has everything for every family member!

7. Ciputih Beach

If you are looking for a tourist location that is not crowded with visitors, which offers beautiful, simple, and suitable views for relaxation, you can go to Ciputih Beach. The sand and seawater are still clean and beautiful. There is a large, simple resort near the beach and which gives direct access to the beach. You can swim at the beach then continue swimming in the resort pool. This place is far from the city so you will not be disturbed by vehicle noise or crowds.

8. Carita Beach

Carita Beach is one of the most popular beaches among domestic tourists. This beach has white sand and clear seawater. The small waves also make it suitable as a tourist destination for children. You and your family can take a walk or sit back and relax while playing in the sand or swimming on the beach. The facilities around the coast are complete and modern.

9. Masjid Agung Banten

Not only is it a place of worship for Muslims, but this mosque is also a frequent destination for other non-Muslim tourists. Its main attraction is its splendor. With architecture and design that is a mixture of various cultures, such as Javanese, European and Chinese cultures, it's no wonder that this place seems grand and unique. In this complex, there is also a relic site of the Islamic kingdom that used to be in Banten. If you want to visit but don't worship, make sure you still wear polite and closed clothes and don't disturb those praying.

10. Negeri di Atas Awan, Mount Luhur, Citorek

As the name suggests, when you climb this one mountain and reach its peak, you can see a stretch of clouds as far as the eye can see. This will undoubtedly make you feel like you are floating above the clouds. For maximum views, it's best to climb in the morning. You can even see the sunrise, you know!

11. Sawarna Beach

Sawarna Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Banten, which is famous for its natural beauty. Located in Sawarna Village, this beach is popular with local and international tourists. Besides the beauty of the view, the waves on this beach are also suitable for surfing.

12. Taman Potret

When it comes to Instagrammable tourist attractions, of course, Taman Potret cannot be missed! As the name implies, this park in Tangerang presents a variety of cool photo spots. From artistic statues to beautiful bridges and pavilions. This park is also easily accessible from various areas because of its location in the city center.

13. Dano Swamp

For those looking for beautiful and fresh natural tourist locations, Rawa Dano can be your choice of destination. In this place, there are swamps, lakes, and forests. Of course, this place is ideal for some animals such as snakes, lizards, monkeys, eagles, and ferrets. You can explore this place by cycling or even renting a boat.

14. Nature Tourism Cikujang Gunung Kencana

This place is a selfie tourist spot that offers various photo spots with a beautiful natural backdrop. It doesn't stop there; this place is also equipped with multiple artificial properties to make your photos even better.

15. Tanjung Lesung Beach

This beach on the western tip of Java Island is one of the most beautiful beaches in the must-visit area! The view is gorgeous, especially on a clear day. You can just sit or take a leisurely walk here or try various challenging watersport activities. Please note that during the rainy season, the waves on this beach are strong and high.

16. Umang Island

Not far from Tanjung Lesung, there is Umang Island. This tourist attraction in Banten is an island of 5 hectares managed by the private sector and is intended to be a tourist island. There are luxury lodgings, swimming pool facilities, karaoke rooms, sports facilities, water sports activities, and of course, access to beautiful beaches. For those who want to travel to a place that is not too crowded and gives a personal impression, this island can be your main destination!

17. Tanjung Pasir Beach

Located about an hour's drive from the city center, this beach offers beautiful views and fun activities. You and your loved ones can play water, fish, or just watch the beautiful sunset. Or, you can also rent a boat to explore the coastal area more freely.

18. Karang Bolong Beach

This beach gets its name from its location, which is a beach on a hollow reef. This reef is naturally hollow due to the waves' scouring and is now the main unique attraction of this beach. Even though this beach is not suitable for swimming because of the large number of corals near the beach, you can take a leisurely walk while taking pictures at the famous photo spots here.

19. Curug Putri Tahura, Pandeglang

This waterfall in Pandeglang is unique because there is a pool that flows under it like a river. Visitors can swim along this less deep 'river' (life jacket rental available). And of course, the swimming is not like in a typical swimming pool because the "river" is in the gap of a high cliff. It's like exploring the famous Grand Canyon but by swimming instead of walking.

20. Bagedur Beach

This beach is arguably a tourist spot that is rarely known among tourists. Even so, this tourist spot is quite famous among residents. The sand beaches are brown and dense so that even motorized vehicles can pass them. The natural scenery also provides a beautiful backdrop for taking pictures.

21. Boen Hay Bio Temple

This pagoda is one of the religious tourism spots in Tangerang that you shouldn't miss. Having been more than three centuries old, this pagoda still stands firmly to this day and still functions as a place of worship. For those who only want to visit and don't worship, you can still explore certain areas but have to obey the rules and restrictions.

22. Bekelir Village

Kampung Bekelir is the residence of ordinary Tangerang residents. However, this village's walls and roofs have been painted, making it look colorful. For those of you who want to explore the culture of residents and take pictures in the same place, you can take a walk here.

23. Rafting on the Ciberang River

This river is one of the best spots for rafting. The flow is fast enough to do rafting, and the surrounding scenery is beautiful and beautiful. For those who are adventurous and especially traveling with groups, you can make this activity your first choice!

24. Batavia Splash Water Adventure

This water park, as the name implies, takes the theme of the ancient Batavia City concept. The classic rides are also uniquely named, such as the VOC Fort, Sunda Kelapa, and Kampung Pitung. Besides swimming, children can also try other fun activities, such as flying fox and rock climbing.

25. Pasar Lama Tangerang

Want to hunt for local culinary tours in Tangerang? Just go to the Pasar Lama Tangerang! Open from 04.00 PM, the open space contains various local food sales, from snacks to main dishes. Some of the foods you will find are chicken satay, crab porridge, and chicken porridge.

26. Museum of Toys

Do you like artistic and unique toys? The Museum of Toys in Tangerang has a complete collection! The toys on display here are not ordinary toys, but designer toys created by local and international artists. Make sure you bring your camera here!

27. Pulau Dua

Pulau Dua or often called Bird Island, is located off the coast of Banten. This place is called Bird Island because, in certain seasons, the island is filled with various types of beautiful birds. This season usually is around April to August.

28. Water World Citra Raya

For those looking for a family travel destination that is fun and suitable for all ages, Water World Citra Raya can be your first choice! Apart from the fun and challenging slides, other themed areas are unique and perfect for your little one. For example, a sand pool where children can build a sandcastle, just like on a real beach. Or The Istana Ceria, where children can try fun physical activities, such as climbing and playing in a ball pool.

29. Benteng Heritage Museum

For historical and cultural tours, you can just go to the Benteng Heritage Museum in Tangerang. As the name suggests, this place holds various collections of historical items, including those from the colonial era. This place has Chinese-style architecture, and some collections in it are of Chinese ethnicities.

30. Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park

When you arrive here, you will be greeted by a giant crocodile statue in front of it. And as the name suggests, this park is home to 500 crocodiles. You can visit here to see these fantastic animals firsthand. No need to worry; a safe barrier has been provided between the animals and visitors here.