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Explore the most popular things to do in West Java


30 Best Places to Visit in West Java

Cities in West Java are often the main destinations for short weekend getaway. This province has many natural and modern tourist attractions, including museums and water parks suitable for family tourism. In addition, several West Java areas are also famous for their cool air, which is perfect for tourists who often have to face the scorching heat in big cities. Some of the most famous cities for tourist attractions are Bogor, Bandung, and Bekasi.

1. Taman Safari Bogor

Bogor Safari Park is arguably one of the most famous zoos in all of Java. This is because some of the animals here are allowed to roam freely without any cages at all. Therefore, you have to drive a car to explore it, huh. And make sure you feed only from the car. To ensure all visitors' safety, when driving in a carnivorous area, you are prohibited from lowering the car window.

2. The Jungle Water Adventure

In the Bogor area, you can find The Jungle Water Adventure water park! There are many rides for all family members, ranging from child-friendly, calming, to adrenaline-pumping ones. After or before swimming, you can also visit other areas that don't involve a water pool, such as The Jungle 4D Cinema or Bird Park.

3. Fairy Garden Lembang

For instagramable tourist locations, especially for your little ones, you can go to Fairy Garden in Lembang. As the name suggests, you will feel like you have entered a fairy tale when you arrive here. Many replica buildings resemble princess castles. You and your little one can take a walk while taking pictures until you are satisfied at this outdoor location.

4. Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya

As the name suggests, this crocodile park in Bekasi accommodates approximately 500 crocodiles. The safety of this place, both for these animals and visitors, is entirely safe, so you don't have to worry. Apart from seeing these animals, you can also relax in the gazebo or invite your little one to play in the games area.

5. Trans Snow World Juanda Bekasi

Playing snow wars now doesn't need to go far abroad. At Trans Snow World, you can play indoor snow with complete facilities. Apart from just making snow dolls or snow fighting, you can also ski here and ride a chairlift. For 2 hours (1 session), you can enjoy the day without the hassle with the remaining duration reminder watch.

6. Little Venice

Just as the name suggests, Litte Venice is a replica of the City of Venice, Italy. The buildings here are made to follow the architecture of famous buildings in Venice. There is also a popular gondola here, you know! Apart from traveling, of course, this place can be an interesting Instagramable spot!

7. Go! Wet Waterpark

For a complete and fun water park in Bekasi, you can go to Go! Wet Waterpark. This place presents a variety of rides that are fun for all ages. For those of you who want to relax, you can swim at Go! Lazy. Or, get your adrenaline pumping on the spiral Go! Fast. There are also 5D rides here, you know!

8. Taman Rusa Kemang Pratama

As the name suggests, the main attraction of this place is the lovely tame spotted deer. You and your children can interact directly by feeding these animals. Apart from deer, there are also other animals, such as turkeys.

9. Kawah Putih

One of the tourist objects in West Java, a favorite of tourists, is Kawa Putih. Located in Ciwidey, this crater was originally formed due to the eruption of Mount Patuha. The water has a greenish-white color, which makes it unique. Many family tourists go here to see this beautiful sight and take photos.

10. JungleLand Adventure Theme Park

JungleLand Adventure Theme Park in Bogor is a complete package for family tours and children's tours. This place has lots of rides for all family members. In total, there are 37 rides that you can try here. Choose whichever you want to try, whether it's fun and thrilling or more relaxing. Order tickets at!

11. Curug Parigi

Apart from being a refreshing natural tourist spot with beautiful views, this waterfall is also one of Bekasi's must-visit Instagramable spots. This waterfall has a fairly heavy flow, although not too high. You can easily stand nearby to really see its beauty and enjoy its freshness. For cool photos, head over to this place near sunset.

12. Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Located some distance from the city center, 20 km from Bandung to be exact, this mountain is a natural tourist site that you shouldn't miss! Often associated with the legend of Sangkuriang, this mountain does have a shape that resembles an overturned boat. Suppose you are a lover of nature tourism and an adventurer. In that case, this mountain must be included in your list of tourist attractions that you will visit!

13. Taman Bunga Nusantara

Want to see colorful flowers blooming? You can go to Taman Bunga Nusantara in Bogor! This place exhibits an extensive collection of beautiful flowers. Everything has been arranged in an attractive design so that it will spoil the eyes even more. Apart from just sightseeing and taking a leisurely walk, there are several rides for children.

14. Highland Park Resort

This inn has its uniqueness because where you stay is not an ordinary resort, but an Indian house. It is suitable for those of you who want to visit Bogor in a different location. You will also not be bored during your stay because there are swimming pools and flying fox facilities. The air is nicely cold too.

15. Mekarsari Park

Mekarsari is undoubtedly no stranger to many Indonesians, especially those living in or around West Java. This park carries the theme of domestic fruit cultivation. Located in Bogor, with an area of ​​265 hectares, you can explore this hit tourist spot until you are satisfied with your family.

16. Trans Studio Bandung

Want to enjoy a moment of fun playing with your group? Just go to the indoor playground of Trans Studio Bandung. There are various exciting rides for everyone here, such as Dunia Lain The Ride, Si Bolang Adventure, and Kong Climb. And because it is located in the mall, you can continue to walk around the mall after playing. Book your tickets now on our To Do page!

17. Floating Market Lembang

Floating Market in Lembang is also a famous tourist spot. Here, there are various selling food on a floating boat. After enjoying local culinary delights with unique shopping, you can also go to other recreational areas. Call it Rabbit Park, Mini City, and Water Park.

18. Istana Bogor

Of the six palaces of the President of the Republic of Indonesia in Indonesia, the Bogor Palace is often one of the tourists' favorites. The architecture is magnificent; there is a collection of historical items in it and deer that roam the area outside the palace. Another advantage is that there is no entrance fee for traveling here.

19. Transera Waterpark

This water park provides two different zones (the only one in Bekasi!), Has an exotic decor and atmosphere, and interesting and unique water rides. Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, all kinds of rides are available for you!

20. Paris van Java

It's not complete if traveling in Bandung is not shopping. For that, first, stop by Paris van Java! This mall has many fashion, book, electronic shops, and other shops. However, there is also a cinema, a playground for your little ones, and a restaurant for dining.

21. Pura Agung Tirta Bhuana Bekasi

This temple is one of the Hindu temples in Bekasi. This religious tourism location has a unique Hindu architecture. You who are not Hindu can also visit, but wearing polite and closed clothes.

22. Bogor Botanical Gardens

As the name suggests, Bogor Botanical Gardens is a garden with beautiful and shady trees and other plants. This place is suitable as your main destination if you want to take a leisurely walk in an open area that is cool and has a beautiful view. You can also snack on local snacks while at the dining venue here!

23. Lake Elysium

If you want to take a leisurely walk in a shady and open public space, you can go to Lake Elysium in Cikarang. Residents often cycle at this location.

24. Rabbit Town Bandung

Rabbit Town Bandung is a selfie tourist spot where you can take pictures with various kinds of backgrounds. This background is not just a cloth with printed pictures but is actually a place that has been beautifully designed and colored and equipped with attractive properties for you to take pictures. This place is especially suitable for those of you who are traveling with a partner or group.

25. Dusun Bambu Lembang

At Dusun Bambu Lembang, you can find all kinds of recreation for all family members. There are restaurants and cafes for dining, children's rides, glamping areas, and also a beautiful flower garden. The breezy air always accompanies you while you are here.

26. Paragliding Hill Hanging Peak

Want to enjoy the beautiful view from a height while floating? Try the paragliding activity at Gantole Hill! For 10 minutes, you will be airborne safely while looking at the beautiful scenery below. Also, bring your cellphone camera to take pictures, OK!

27. Ranca Upas Ciwidey

For those of you who are adventurous and enjoy interacting with tame animals, you can go to Cai Ranca Upas Village. This outdoor tourist spot is famous because there are beautiful tame deer you can interact with by feeding. Besides interacting with them, you can also go to the hot springs. And for those of you who like camping, you can go to the camping ground available here.

28. The Waterplay Circus

Circus Waterplay is an indoor swimming pool for children with a circus theme. The decoration and properties attract the eye, the facilities are safe and complete for children. You can also accompany your little one while swimming, playing water slides, and so on.

29. Rainbow Garden

This recreational park with the eat and play concept is perfect for family tourism. There are various fun rides for children, funny photo spots, and places to eat delicious local culinary delights.

30. Upside Down World Bandung

Upside Down World Bandung, as the name suggests, is a selfie tourist spot with upside-down photo spots. But no worries, the location is not entirely upside down but is made as if it is upside down. The resulting photo will make you appear to be standing on the roof instead of on the floor. Each inverted room has its theme, such as the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. The staff on-site are ready to help organize your pose and take your pictures!