Starts from USD 3.45
  • Malang Night Paradise is the biggest night recreational park in Malang, East Java which presents beautiful LED installations and special shows.
  • Pose and take pictures at the stunning LED and lanterns installations.
  • Visit the Magic Journey 2, Roemah 147, Adventure Land, and Museum Ganesya (available on different packages).
  • Suitable for: The Instagrammer, Family Vacationer, and Group Traveler


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Malang Night Paradise - Exclusive
Starts from 
USD 3.45 

General Information Malang Night Paradise

Summary Information of Malang Night Paradise

Malang Night Paradise Ticket Price

Start from IDR 55.000


Magic Journey 2, Roemah 147, Adventure Land, Museum Ganesya, and many more.

Operating Hour

08.00-16.00 local time


Jl. Graha Kencana Raya Jl. Raya Karanglo No.66, Karanglo, Balearjosari, District. Blimbing, Malang City, East Java 65126

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Things to do in Malang

Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, Jatim Park 3, Batu Love Garden, Hawai Waterpark, Eco Green Park, Museum Angkut

*Prices may change at any time, check the package catalog on this page for more updated prices at

Entrance Ticket for Malang Night Paradise 

Malang City may be known as the City of Apples by travelers. But, natural beauty is not the only main attraction of this area, you know! There are many family tourist destinations that will definitely become favorites for your children. Need recommendations for cheap tourist attractions in Malang to complete your family trip? Just visit Malang Night Paradise! What does this playground offer? Come on, let's find out the answer together!

Malang Night Paradise

If t-mates order Malang Night Paradise entrance tickets, get ready to be amazed by the colorful LED light decorations that brighten up your night! After you are satisfied with taking pictures in front of the backdrop of twinkling lights and riding various exciting rides, try the Magical Journey attraction.

On Magical Journey, you will wade through a 500-meter artificial river while enjoying the sparkling lights on the Magical Journey ride. This chill attraction is perfect for spending romantic time with your beloved partner or beloved family with various themes that are carried.

Is your little one a dinosaur fan? You can invite them to see replicas of various species of dinosaurs that are as big as giants. Your vacation here will also be more educative because there is the Ganesya Museum which stores a lot of information related to the history of Indonesian culture. Technology enthusiasts will also really enjoy having exciting adventures with sophisticated VR tools.

Ticket Prices for Malang Night Paradise 

Do you already have an idea about which rides to try in Malang Night Paradise? If so, don't forget to prepare enough money, okay? The reason is, Malang Night Paradise ticket prices are heavily influenced by the number of rides you want to try. You can buy entrance tickets to the amusement park only, packages with access to Magical Journey attractions, Ganesya Museum, Adventure Land, or even all of them. Make your choice by looking at this list, come on:

  • Regular Weekday Tickets: IDR 55,000;
  • Regular Weekend Tickets: IDR 65,000;
  • Weekday 1 Pass Ticket: IDR 95,000;
  • Ticket for 1 Weekend: IDR 110,000;
  • Weekday 2 Pass Ticket: IDR 125,000;
  • Ticket for 2 Weekend: IDR 145,000.

*Ticket prices listed are subject to change at any time without prior notice, check the product catalog on this page for the latest prices.

Facilities at Malang Night Paradise

The Malang Night Paradise area is very wide. So, the number of public facilities that you can access is definitely too much. Because of that, you can get ready before and after playing more easily so that you will be more enthusiastic. On your way around the playground, you will find:

  • Parking lot;
  • food courts;
  • prayer room;
  • Public toilet;
  • first aid room;
  • Access for persons with disabilities.

Location of Malang Night Paradise

After knowing the uniqueness and price of the Malang Night Paradise entrance ticket, it is very likely that now t-mates are curious about the location of this popular amusement park. Malang Night Paradise is located in the Graha Kencana Housing complex. Meanwhile, you can find the residential area itself on Jalan Balearjosari, Karanglo, Balearjosari, Malang City, East Java. Don't be afraid to get lost because the specific location of Malang Night Paradise has been registered on a modern maps application.

How to Get to the Location of Malang Night Paradise 

To visit Malang Night Paradise and exchange your entry ticket, you can drive your own motorized vehicle or take public transportation. The second option is no less easy than the first, you know!

If you depart from Kota Baru Malang Station, you need to walk to the front of the Kramat Djati Malang-Bandung-Jakarta Office first. There you can find an angkot that goes to Arjosari and continue your journey to the Malang Branch of the Taspen Office. Upon arrival at the stop, all you have to do is take a motorcycle taxi as far as 1.7 km to get to the location of Malang Night Paradise.

Operational Hours at Malang Night Paradise 

Malang Night Paradise operates all week, including major holidays. You can play from 17.45 to 22.00 PM local time. That way, your visit plan will be more flexible. This amusement park does accept visitors during the holiday season. But, keep in mind that you can't stop by here during Eid al-Fitr because the park is closed.

Come on, Spend Your Time With Your Family in Malang Night Paradise!

T-mates, have you been waiting for the opportunity to take your little ones to an exciting playground in Malang? So that you can just focus on spending time having fun with your loved ones, don't forget to bring enough money to buy food and drinks in the park area.

Before leaving, make sure you have ordered Malang Night Paradise entrance tickets with attractive discounts and a very easy process at! Apart from saving costs, you will also save time standing in line before entering the playground.

Information Summary of Malang Night Paradise

Starting Price: Rp 55.000
Address: Jalan Graha Kencana Raya Jalan Raya Karanglo, Karanglo, Balearjosari, Malang City, East Java, Indonesia
Suitable for: Family Vacationer and Group Traveler.
Open: 17:45 - 22:00