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30 Best Places to Visit in Langkawi

Langkawi is an island in Malaysia that has a myriad of attractive natural attractions for all family members. From mountains, waterfalls, beaches to exotic islands, you can find them here! The facilities and accommodation in this city are complete and adequate.

1. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

This waterfall is arguably one of the best natural tourist attractions in Langkawi. The name itself is taken from seven natural ponds or wells on the rock face fed by seven different cataracts that descend from Mount Mat Cincang. Even though you have to hike quite a challenging trail to reach the top, the scenery's freshness and beauty are worth it!

2. Langkawi Cable Car

One of the best ways to enjoy panoramic views of the city is on the Langkawi Cable Car. The point of departure is at the Oriental Village towards the top of Mount Mat Cincang. During the trip to the top and once you arrive at the top, you can enjoy the rainforest and lush waterfall views. You can even see Sumatra Island in Indonesia.

3. Kilim Geopark

Langkawi does have many mangrove forests that play an important role in protecting this island. At Kilim Geopark, you can explore this beauty while exploring steep caves, clear pools, and forest areas by boat.

4. Dataran Lang / Eagle Square

Dataran Lang is one of the city's most iconic locations. Once you arrive, you will find a giant eagle statue, which is the most memorable in this place. In addition, there are also many dining options around here, beautiful fountains, and instagramable bridges.

5. Durian Pernangin

Durian Pernangin is one of the best waterfalls in Langkawi. You have to go down a fairly challenging hiking trail to reach this waterfall. However, of course, accompanied by beautiful natural scenery. Under the waterfall, there is also a refreshing pool for swimming.

6. Tanjung Rhu Beach

If you want to travel to a beautiful and less crowded beach, you can go straight to Tanjung Rhu Beach! Because it is still one of the rarely known tourist attractions, you will find white sand and clear sea water here. Besides relaxing on the beach, you can also rent a boat to explore further.

7. Ayer Hangat Market

Ayer Hangat Market is one of the best culinary centers in Langkawi that you shouldn't miss. There is a wide variety of eateries serving delicious local food at affordable prices. Starting from meat satay to various rice and noodle dishes.

8. Pulau Payar Marine Park

To reach this location, you must take a speedboat for approximately 45 minutes. Once you arrive, there are plenty of activities for you to try and natural beauty that you can't miss! One of them is snorkeling to see the beauty of the different marine life here.

9. Upsidow Langkawi (Upside Down House)

As the name implies, this place is a selfie tourist spot with an inverted house concept. In every room, you will look like you are standing on the ceiling. Interesting right? Each room also has its own concept, such as a kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, etc.

10. Gallery Perdana

If you want to visit a cool and unique museum, you can go straight to Galeria Perdana! This museum was founded by one of the former prime ministers of Malaysia, namely Dr. Mahatir Mohamad. The collections on display are items he received as gifts during his tenure. Some of the best collections that you shouldn't miss include F1 racing cars and also a vase with Dr. Mahatir Mohamad himself.

11. MARDI Langkawi Agro Technology Park

MARDI Langkawi Agro Technology Park is the perfect tourist destination if you want to see the process of planting and harvesting fruit and vegetables. The fruits that you will find many are delicious local fruits, such as jackfruit, durian, mangosteen, rambutan, and dragon fruit.

12. Oriental Village

This place is a village and theme park with an Asian theme that contains various traditional buildings and art performances. You can see live performances of magic shows, music performances, and even learn to fly a kite or buy your face painting.

13. Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is one of the best spots to enjoy the shady views from a height while taking a leisurely walk. To reach this 25-meter long bridge, you have to take the Langkawi Cable Car, so you must have imagined this bridge's high position. Apart from taking a leisurely walk and taking pictures, you can also enjoy viewing the viewing platform provided.

14. Tengkorak Beach

Tengkorak Beach is one of the quiet and less crowded beaches in Langkawi. Because of this too, the beaches and seawater are still clean and clear. You can relax, sunbathe, swim on the beach, even take pictures here.

15. Al Hana Mosque

The largest mosque in Langkawi is one of the main places of worship for Muslims in the city and a major location for religious tourism. Its architectural design and its magnificent and charming interior are one of its main attractions. If you want to visit here but don't worship, make sure you still wear polite and closed clothes, obey the rules here, and disturb the worshipers.

16. Mahsuri Tomb and Museum

Mahsuri, according to local legend, was a beautiful woman who was executed when many people were jealous of her beauty. Because of this, it is said that Langkawi was cursed for seven generations. In this place, you can learn all about its history and story by visiting Mahsuri's house and grave.

17. Cenang Beach

This beach is arguably the most famous in Langkawi, both among residents and foreign tourists. There are many exciting activities that you can try here. Starting from banana boats, jet skiing, paragliding to snorkeling. Besides that, of course, the scenery is also the main attraction.

18. Kok Beach

Kok Beach is 12 km from the famous Pantai Cenang. Even though they are both beautiful, this beach is less commonly known so that it is less crowded with visitors. You can relax on the white sand overlooking the blue sea under the clear sky.

19. Air Hangat Village

If you need a place to relax, you can go straight to Air Hangat Village! This tourist attraction in Langkawi features hot springs with natural saltwater, which is also beneficial for health, especially for aching bodies. You can choose a shared pool or a private open jacuzzi.

20. Yellow Beach Cafe

Want to enjoy seafood or a refreshing drink on the beach while chatting with friends? Just go to Yellow Beach Cafe! This semi-outdoor cafe offers gorgeous sea views with a complete food and beverage menu and a pleasant beach atmosphere.

21. Gunung Raya

With a height of 881 meters, you can enjoy natural views and clear blue skies from the top of Langkawi's highest mountain. The hiking trail is not too easy, so you can also hire a guide for this trip. You can also see beautiful rainforests and wild animals such as monkeys, hornbills, and eagles throughout the hike.

22. Mount Mat Cincang

The peak of Mount Mat Cincang is the second-highest in Langkawi, and of course, the view from the spot is second to none. You do have to go through a climbing route that is quite challenging; however, everything will be worth it once you reach the top. Not to mention the cool and fresh air!

23. Art in Paradise 3D Museum

If you are looking for an instagramable, interesting, and indoor tourist spot, you can go directly to the largest 3D museum in Malaysia, namely Art in Paradise 3D Museum. There are approximately 200 works of art in 9 separate zones with different themes. You can take a walk and take pictures until you're satisfied here!

24. Paradise 101 Langkawi

Paradise 101 Langkawi is an exotic private island that offers a variety of interesting activities and activities. There is a choice of fun watersports, beach parties at night, interesting photo spots, places to eat, and luxury resorts. Whether you're staying over or visiting for just a day, there's always something to do for you here!

25. Datai Bay

In Datai Bay, there really isn't any tourist attractions except for its calm and beautiful beaches. You can stay at a luxury resort near the beach to enjoy your time here. This beach is indeed famous among tourists who want to relax with beautiful views and a calm atmosphere.

26. Rebak Island

Pulau Rebak is one of the smaller islands you can visit from downtown Langkawi. Indeed, there are not many tourist attractions or other charms besides the beautiful beaches here. However, this is what makes this island a favorite destination for tourists who want to relax in a calm atmosphere.

27. Langkawi Wildlife Park & ​​Bird Paradise

If you are looking for a family tourist spot that is educational, fun, and beautiful, you can take your little ones to Langkawi Wildlife Park & ​​Bird Paradise. This place is home to approximately 150 species of birds. Some of these include flamingos, owls, and toucans. Apart from birds, there are also some other animals, such as raccoons, crocodiles, and pelicans.

28. Underwater World Langkawi

Want to see and learn more about Langkawi's famous underwater life? Just go to Underwater World Langkawi! This tourist spot in Langkawi is home to a wide variety of diverse aquatic species, ranging from sharks, rays, seals to turtles.

29. Laman Padi

On Laman Padi, you can see a stretch of green rice fields as far as the eye can see. In addition, there is also a museum in the area that explains rice processing, including how it is harvested. You can even try planting rice here, too, if you want.

30. Taman Legenda Langkawi

Langkawi is indeed famous for its folklore and legends. At Taman Legenda Langkawi, you can explore these stories uniquely and interestingly. There are exhibits as well as sculptures and works of art related to famous local stories here. The place is also outdoor and open, so it is suitable for sightseeing with family on sunny days.