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30 Best Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian capital houses a myriad of fun sightseeing spots for the whole family. As a modern metropolitan city, there are many tourist attractions, from luxury and traditional shopping, playgrounds for the whole family, zoos, to refreshing open parks.

1. Petrona Twin Towers

This tower is perhaps the most famous icon and tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. These twin towers are the tallest in the world. Besides being able to admire the architecture and splendor from the outside, you can go to the sky bridge that combines the two towers and see the city view from a height.

2. KLCC Park

You can easily see these open parks and public spaces from the Petrona Twin Towers, so they are perfect for visiting together on the same day. With an area of ​​20 hectares, this park features a jogging track, children's play area, an artificial lake, and a fountain with water shows twice a day. It is suitable for you and your family who want to relax in an open green space.

3. Thean Hou Temple

The Buddhist temple is often referred to as one of the most decorative temples in all of Kuala Lumpur. With six floors and Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist architecture and decorations, it's no wonder all circles frequent this holy place.

4. Menara Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Tower, with a height of 335 meters, is one of the tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, which is included in the hits tourist destination. From the observation deck made of transparent glass, visitors can see the city view from a height.

5. Art Market

The Pasar Seni or Central Market was initially built as a wet market that sells various daily foods, such as fruit, vegetables, and meat. However, now this area has been renovated and refurbished. Several areas sell souvenirs, arts, and crafts. There is also a food court that sells various local culinary delights on the top floor.

6. Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC is one of the tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur that must be visited. This place is not just an ordinary aquarium, but it can be said as an oceanarium. There are various species of Malaysian aquatic animals here, ranging from those that live in freshwater, in swamps, and the sea. The interior is also designed so that you feel like you are enjoying a trip from land to water and studying the creatures that live there.

7. Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC is a six-story shopping center that you can visit to shop, watch the cinema, eat at restaurants, or play together in the small at the indoor playground. Various stores for fashion, electronics, books, handicrafts, and others are available here.

8. Batu Caves

Although it is not located in the center of Kuala Lumpur City, this tourist location is also one of the favorite tourist attractions. The attraction is the colorful stairs that rise to the cliff's top and the Murugan statue. In addition, this place, which has several caves, is also a sacred site for Malaysia's Tamil population and is still used for specific celebrations.

9. The National Museum

As the name suggests, this museum houses a number of collections, artifacts, and exhibits that depict and represent Malaysian culture and history. Some of what you will find are replications of Malaysian homes as well as wedding customs and celebrations. With a mixture of traditional and modern designs, this building features several permanent and temporary exhibits that change every few moments.

10. National Zoo of Malaysia

There are approximately 500 species of animals in this zoo, ranging from reptiles to carnivores to freshwater fish. Apart from being a zoo, this place also prioritizes its conservation and education programs, especially for children and adolescents.

11. Perdana Botanical Gardens

This garden houses and exhibits hundreds of beautiful and fantastic flora species. The exhibition is divided into several areas, depending on the type of plant. The most famous are the Orchid Gardens (orchids) and Hibiscus Garden (hibiscus). This place is also Instagramable, you know!

12. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

A bit far from the city center, you can find one of the famous theme parks, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. This complex is suitable for family tourism and children's tourism destinations. There is a playground area with fun rides, child-friendly to thrilling. There is a water park for the whole family. Some eateries are easily accessible to recharge. There is also a zoo for your little one to learn more about the world of animals.

13. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

This Bird Park is home to more than 3000 species of birds. Although the primary purpose is to introduce local bird species to visitors, some international species are also here. In addition, this park is also a scientific location that emphasizes the conservation and education of flora and fauna.

14. Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station is no longer operating after the more modern KL Sentral was established. This instagramable building has become a railway museum with a mixture of European (British) and Asian styles. You can take photos with the building as a background before entering and seeing an exhibition of various types of trains and their machines.

15. Jalan Alor

For local culinary tours, you can go directly to Jalan Alor. The street is filled with local street food vendors. All you have to do is pick your favorite snacks and food to buy - all of them at affordable prices and a delicacy that is second to none.

16. National Mosque

This mosque has extraordinary architectural splendor. The mosque, which can accommodate 15,000 followers, follows Islamic architectural principles. It has a roof in the shape of a sixteen-point star. The carvings and interior design are superb. Tourists who are not going to worship can see firsthand the splendor of this place but must still wear polite and covered clothes.

17. Chinatown

In Chinatown, where ethnic Malaysian Chinese mostly inhabit the area, you will find many local food vendors, temples, and markets or Chinese style shopping centers. Each represents the culture of the people living in the area.

18. Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

As the name suggests, this park is home to 120 species of beautiful butterflies. The whole place is designed to resemble a lovely open forest with walking paths, gazebos, ponds, and lakes inside. You and your family can enjoy a refreshing, relaxing time here while looking at beautiful butterflies and learning about these lovely little creatures too.

19. Petrosains, The Discovery Center

Inside the Petronas Tower, you can find Petrosains, The Discovery Center. As the name suggests, this place can be a choice of educational tours for little ones interested in science. They can watch and learn in a fun way. There are 11 interactive exhibits, ranging from 3D theater to music and art zones.

20. Sri Mahamariamman Temple

This temple is known as the oldest Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur. However, apart from that, the architecture is also unique and beautiful. The façade is colorful or decorated with carvings depicting legends. This temple still functions as a worship place to this day, so make sure you obey all applicable regulations and wear modest and closed clothes when you come here. Non-worshipers can explore the beautiful exterior.

21. Pavilion KL

This modern area is a mall, office, and residential complex. For those of you who want to take a leisurely walk while shopping for branded goods, Pavilion KL can be your main destination!

22. Masjid Jamek

This mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Malaysia. Apart from being a place of worship for Muslims, this mosque is well known for its majestic Moorish architecture and its location, exactly where the Klang and Gombak rivers meet. Whether for worship or just visiting, if you visit here, make sure you wear modest and closed clothes!

23. Genting Highlands

To the north of Kuala Lumpur, you will find Genting Highlands. This area is often a tourist destination for local Kuala Lumpur residents for short excursions. Children can play in the large playground that is here. There is also a casino (with a minimum age limit) and a shopping mall here.

24. The State Palace

This building used to be the residence of Malaysia's ruling king (official title: Yang di-Pertuan Agong) until 2011 when the new palace was completed. Now, this building is a royal museum that can be visited by all tourists. Apart from seeing the royal collections inside, you can also see from the outside the beautiful architecture or watch the guard changing ceremony.

25. Petaling Street Market

This street market is popular with both locals and tourists. You can visit here to shop until you are satisfied. Starting from fashion items, souvenirs, handicrafts, to local food at affordable prices.

26. KidZania Kuala Lumpur

You can bring your little ones to study while playing at KidZania! Here, children can try to practice various jobs of their dreams, such as firefighters, pilots, police, doctors, and others. It is guaranteed that children will enjoy the best moments here with a complete and interactive atmosphere and location design.

27. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

As the name suggests, this museum has a collection of various essential and valuable items in Islam. In total, there are 12 galleries, each of which is divided by level. Apart from seeing the collections at the largest Islamic Art Museum in Southeast Asia, you can also admire the exterior architecture before entering.

28. Lost World of Tambun

Want to travel to an amusement park with beautiful natural scenery around it? Lost World of Tambun can be your destination of choice! There are seven theme parks here, each of which has cool and fun rides for the whole family. In addition, this place is also surrounded by dense forests, limestone hills, and hot springs that add to the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

29. Zeo Negara Malaysia

For those who want to travel to natural attractions, Zeo Negara Malaysia can be your choice. This place is a zoological park and an aquarium that is home to 476 species of animals. This place's main purpose is to become a place for the training, conservation, and research of flora and fauna. Apart from seeing wildlife in this forest, you can also try trekking, fishing, or take a boat.

30. Bukit Gambang Water Park

This water park is often a major tourist destination because it is the only water park with a wave pool in Malaysia with eight different types of waves. Besides swimming in this challenging and fun area, you can also relax on the Lazy River and other areas.