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  • Museum Angkut is first transportation museum in Southeast Asia, exhibiting different vehicles from different eras.
  • Take photos at different photo spots, such as Buckingham Palace and Gangster Town.
  • Watch different shows throughout the day, such as Vehicle Live Action and Cars & Costume Parade.
  • Suitable for: Family Vacationer and Group Traveler.


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Museum Angkut
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USD 6.18 

General Information Museum Angkut

Information Summary Museum Angkut

Ticket Price

Starting from IDR 100,000


Modern and Traditional Transportation Collection, Indonesian Helicopter, Presidential Car, Flight Simulator, European Transport Zone, Buckingham Palace, Abbey Road, Gangster Town, Broadway Street, Jakarta Kota Station & Jakarta Chinatown, Man of Fire, Special Car and Costume Parade, Three Elemental Sho

Operating Hours

08:30-16:30 (ticket redemption limit at 16:30)


The address of Museum Angkut is Jl. Terusan Sultan Agung No.2, Ngaglik, Kec. Batu, Batu City, East Java 65314

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Things to Do in Malang

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Museum Angkut 

Museum Angkut is one of the most popular and interesting Malang attractions. Museum Angkut is located inside Jatim Park 1, which is perfect for a vacation with family or hangout with friends. Highlights of Museum Angkut are its photo spot for the Beatles at Abbey Road, miniature Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, flight simulator, and the floating market inside Museum Angkut Batu Malang! Before heading out, make sure you have booked your Museum Angkut ticket so you don't have to queue. Well, you can get the best Museum Angkut ticket prices if you order at! How much is the ticket price for Museum Angkut 2024? Check the full price below!


Museum Angkut Ticket Price

Now, you can book Museum Angkut tickets at There are several choices of Museum Angkut ticket packages that you can choose from. There are Museum Angkut ticket options that include Jatim Park 1 tickets and Museum Angkut entrance tickets only. 


For those of you who will order Museum Angkut entrance tickets, pay attention that there are differences in Museum Angkut prices during weekdays and weekends. Check the 2024 Museum Angkut ticket prices below:


  • Museum Angkut Weekday Ticket Price: IDR 100,000
  • Museum Angkut Weekend Ticket Price: IDR120,000
  • Jatim Park 1 Ticket + Museum Angkut Weekday Ticket: IDR 140,000
  • Jatim Park 1 Ticket + Museum Angkut Weekend Ticket: IDR 170,000


For children above 85 cm, you must buy 1 ticket to enter Museum Angkut Malang. If you bring a vehicle, the parking fee at Museum Angkut is only IDR 5,000 for motorcycles, IDR 10,000 for cars, IDR 20,000 for Elf mini bus, and IDR 30,000 for buses. 

*Prices are changeable at any time, check the package catalog on this page for more updated prices


Best Deals to Order Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut Batu Malang offers various interesting and exciting rides. If you travel to Malang, make sure you visit Museum Angkut. Find out the attractive promos that can make Museum Angkut ticket prices more budget-friendly. Enjoy Museum Angkut's cheap ticket prices with the Lowest Price Guarantee from! What are you waiting for? Let's buy Museum Angkut tickets now on

Facilities at Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut is so large with a variety of interesting rides. Of course, it's not enough to walk around in a few hours. Well, Museum Angkut Batu Malang has provided various facilities. so, visitors will feel comfortable while traveling at Museum Angkut. Here are some of the facilities included in the Museum Angkut ticket: 

  • Free Shuttle Car around Museum Angkut 
  • Food Court 
  • Baby Care
  • Large parking area
  • Prayer room
  • ATM
  • Luggage storage
  • Gift center, and
  • Charging station


Things to Do at Museum Angkut

Already secured your Museum Angkut ticket? It's time to find out what tours are available in Museum Angkut Malang! You can see more than 300 transportation collections starting from traditional transportation, modern transportation, Indonesian presidential cars, Indonesian presidential helicopters, rickshaws, onthel bicycles, even boats, and airplanes. Let's check out the full details of the Museum Angkut tour below. 


    • Helicopter and Presidential Car Collection 

Ir Soekarno has luxurious antique cars that will amaze you. There is also a Chrysler Windsor Deluxe car that was once used by General Sudirman. Interestingly, at the Museum Angkut Batu Malang there is also a Bell 47-J Helicopter or what is known as "Si Wallet". Indonesia's first helicopter was the result of Bung Karno's negotiations with the United States during the release of CIA agent Allen Pope. Interesting, isn't it? 


    • Flight Simulator

Not only seeing a helicopter, you can also learn as if you were a pilot and copilot when traveling to Museum Angkut. Because this Malang tour also has a replica of the Boeing 737-200 and Flight Training rides that you can try. To try this simulator, you have to pay an additional fee because it is not included in the Museum Angkut ticket.


    • European Transportation Zone

Museum Angkut Malang not only has a collection of typical Indonesian transportation, there are also replicas of popular locations in Europe such as the Eiffel Tower, the Pisa Tower, and the Berlin Wall that can make you feel like you are in Europe. Not to forget, there are properties for photos in the form of Rolls Royce, Austin, Blackburn, Mini Cooper, Triumph, and other European antique cars. 


    • Buckingham Palace

Haven't had time to go to England yet? Relax, at Museum Angkut Malang there is a replica of the Buckingham Palace zone complete with a Landrover used by Queen Elizabeth! 


    • Abbey Road, Gangster Town, and Broadway Street 

You don't have to leave the country to be in the style of the Beatles' personnel at Abbey Road. You can take pictures at the Museum Angkut Batu Malang now. Not to be missed, there is a popular metropolitan street in New York, Broadway Street. If you want the feel of Old America, there is Gangster Town zone with a collection of American cars such as Mustang, Impala, Cadillac, and others. Capture your moment and go gangster-style in this zone of Museum Angkut.


    • Jakarta Kota Station & Pecinan Jakarta 

No less interesting, there is the old Jakarta Kota Station zone and Chinatown Jakarta which are typical of its nuances. Such as bajaj, onthel bicycle, bemo, lanterns, old-fashioned transportation, and others. Therefore, the rides at Museum Angkut Malang are suitable for photo spots.


    • Pasar Apung 6 Negara

If you're satisfied with seeing land transportation, it's time to try sea transportation rides. At Pasar Apung 6 Negara, you can travel to six countries in one time. You can feel the vibes of Japan, Korea, Middle East, China, Thailand, and of course Indonesia. Interesting, right?




Parade Show Time at Museum Angkut

For t-mates who going to visit Museum Angkut, do not miss the parade show time. Every day, Museum Angkut will hold various parades and attractions that you can watch on schedule. The parade that you can watch is included in the ticket price of Museum Angkut. Let's check the parade schedule at Museum Angkut Malang below. 


Man of Fire 

  • Every weekend at 15:15 WIB


Special Car and Costume Parade 

  • Every day at 4:30 pm


Three Elemental Show

  • Every weekend and holiday at 7:30 pm
  • Location at Pasar Apung Nusantara

*Schedule and attractions at Museum Angkut  are subject to change at any time.  


How to get to Museum Angkut

If you are planning to visit Museum Angkut Batu Malang, there are several modes of transportation that you can choose. Check the details below!

    • Nearest train station to Museum Angkut

To get to Museum Angkut, you can use the train and get off at Malang Station. From the station to Museum Angkut, the travel time is about 49 minutes drive. If you depart from Surabaya, there is a train from Surabaya Gubeng Station called Dhoho. You can get off at Blimbing Station with a train fare of IDR 12,000.


    • Private Vehicle

If t-mates prefer to use a private vehicle, you can take a benchmark route to Batu Square. From there, you can direct your maps towards Jatim Park 1.


    • Angkot to Museum Angkut

Another public transportation that you can use is angkot. You can take it from Arjosari Terminal Malang. Take an angkot with the code AL or ADL. Then get off at Landungsari Terminal. From there, you just need to take angkot code BJL to Batu city and get off in front of Jatim Park 1.

Museum Angkut Review from Visitors

Museum Angkut is rated 4,9 out of 320 reviews. Located in Batu, East Java, Museum Angkut has 300 transportation collections! Ranging from traditional to modern collections. Curious? Check out the latest Museum Angkut reviews from our guests below!

Museum Angkut is a Perfect Place for Holiday

Reviewed by ON (21 May)

Museum Angkut is a good place to visit with friends or family

Having a Vacation with Family at Museum Angkut 

Reviewed by Ardimas Rumanggar (2 May)

It was a happy experience to visit Museum Angkut with my family.

Take a Look the Vintage Cars at Museum Angkut

Reviewed by Husen Sibt (11 Marc)

Museum Angkut is very good for vintage cars.

The Complete Collection of Museum Angkut!

Reviewed by yani rina (24 Apr)

All types of transportation are here, from traditional to modern. Kids love it here.

Museum Angkut is a must-visit tourist attraction!

Reviewed by Cynthia Kartika Indriastari (21 May)

Good, if you go to Batu, you must come here.