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Starts from IDR 90,000IDR 82,500
  • Explore 3 famous islands in the Thousand Islands: learn historical knowledge on Onrust Island, play fun water rides on Cipir Island, and take pictures to your heart’s content on Kelor Island.
  • Complete facilities for your convenience: reliable tour guide, buffet lunch, well-organized schedule, and includes photo session.
  • Suitable for: The Adventurer, Family Vacationer, and Group Traveler.
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Departures are available every Saturday and Sunday only. No departures at all on 1-8 May 2022 and 1-2 January 2023.


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One Day Trip - kepulauan seribu (Kelor, Cipir, Onrust) include maksi

Valid on the selected date
Reserve at least 3 days in advance
Refund not allowed
One Day Trip - Kepulauan Seribu (Kelor, Cipir, Onrust) Include Lunch by Sabiladventure
Starts from IDR 90,000
IDR 82,500 

General Information One Day Trip Seribu Island by Sabiladventure

Seribu Islands One Day Trip Package by Sabiladventure 

The closest recommendation for a staycation or short getaway from the capital city of Jakarta is to join the Seribu Islands open trip. If you want something more complete, you can also order the Seribu Islands One Day Trip package by Sabiladventure which includes lunch. This tour package is suitable for t-mates who want to refresh their mind and mentality from the daily routine. You also don't need to bother carrying a lot of stuff because the duration of the trip is short. Here's the full explanation!

One Day Trip Seribu Islands by Sabiladventure 

The Seribu Islands are included in the administration of DKI Jakarta Province, but this area is in stark contrast to Jakarta, which is dominated by skyscrapers that look like a concrete jungle. In the Seribu Islands, you can find natural attractions that are still maintained and beautiful. The main attraction is the white sandy beaches and a collection of islands that surround the Bumi Daya Bersehati. 

For 1 day, you will be invited to explore the three most famous islands in the Seribu Islands, namely Kelor Island, Cipir Island, and Onrust Island. Don't forget to bring your camera so you can take pictures at a number of Instagram-worthy spots on Kelor Island. While on Cipir Island, you can play some fun and exciting water rides. Finally, you will learn history on Onrust Island. 

This Seribu Islands One Day Trip Package by Sabiladventure is suitable for all ages. To make your vacation more exciting, you should go with family or friends. Trust your short vacation with Sabiladventure and order the Seribu Islands One Day Trip by Sabiladventure package at to make it cheaper!

Seribu Islands One Day Trip Package Price by Sabiladventure 

The price of the Seribu Islands One Day Trip package by Sabiladventure is very affordable and does not make your pocket tight, really. With prices starting from IDR82,500 per person, you can already visit three of the best tourist destinations in the Seribu Islands. This ticket price does not include snorkeling equipment. So, you can rent at the location or bring your own from home. 

*Prices can change at any time, check the package catalog on this page for the most updated prices.  

Seribu Islands One Day Trip Facilities by Sabiladventure 

Although the price is affordable, you will get quite interesting facilities. What are the facilities offered? Here's the list:

  • Lunch;
  • Mineral water;
  • Entrance tickets to the tourist area; 
  • Boat transportation;
  • Tour guide;
  • Tour leader. 

Seribu Islands One Day Trip Location by Sabiladventure

The Seribu Islands can only be accessed by boat. Hence, guests who have purchased the Seribu Islands One Day Trip by Sabiladventure package will be asked to gather at Kali Adem Harbor. Well, from this meeting point, the trip to Seribu Islands in 1 day will begin. 

How to Get to the Seribu Islands One Day Trip Meeting Point by Sabiladventure 

There are various modes of transportation that you can use to get to Kali Adem Port, Muara Angke, North Jakarta, such as public transportation, online transportation, and private vehicles. Just choose whichever is most practical for you and the group that participates.

If you take public transportation, you can take the KRL with the destination to Jakarta Kota Station. After arriving at this station, you can exit and walk to cross via the underpass to the TransJakarta Kota bus stop which is located opposite the Bank Mandiri Museum. Next, you take the TransJakarta bus corridor 12A route Kota-Pelabuhan Kali Adem and you can immediately get off in front of Kali Adem Harbor.

Operating Hours of Seribu Islands One Day Trip by Sabiladventure 

Tourists can visit Seribu Islands at any time, but, because this is a tour package, you will follow a neatly arranged tour schedule. To find out more details about the tour rundown, you can directly contact this tour service provider!

Let's Vacation With One Day Trip to Seribu Islands by Sabiladventure! 

After ordering the Seribu Islands One Day Trip by Sabiladventure package, you must make a reservation within 3 days of departure by calling 081382339887. You will be asked to send a screenshot of the etiquette in the format of name, active cell phone number, and number of participants.

Other things you need to prepare include cash for personal expenses, personal medication, and additional tips for tour guides/drivers. Now, if everything is complete, it's time to check the price of the Seribu Islands One Day Trip by Sabiladventure package on so you don't miss the attractive promo!