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  • Have a spectacular experience with a tour at Sababay Winery, the best wine producer in Bali
  • Visit the Sababay Winery vineyards and learn how grapes are processed into wine
  • Of course, you will enjoy three types of Sababay Winery wines
  • Suitable for: The Adventurer, The Foodie, and Group Traveler.


Sababay Winery
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Sababay Winery Experience
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USD 13.46 

General Information Sababay Winery Experience

Sababay Winery Experience Entrance Ticket

What comes to your mind when you hear the word wine? Apart from being luxurious, what you might imagine is that this product comes from Europe. In fact, Bali is also famous for its wine which is no less delicious and of good quality! You can try it and even learn the manufacturing process in depth by ordering the Sababay Winery Experience entrance ticket. Come on, let's learn about the tour activities offered by this vineyard.

Sababay Winery Experience

Ordering Sababay Winery Experience entrance tickets is the perfect choice for t-mates who are curious about how wine and the flavors it produces. First, you will be escorted around the vineyard owned by Sababay Winery Experience which occupies 2 hectares of land in the Gianyar area. In here, you will see how the local farmers who partner with Sababay Winery use the Indonesian way of planting, caring for, and harvesting grapes as the main ingredient for wine. 

Then, you will be invited to enter the room for the distillation and fermentation of grapes which play an important role in making wine. This second room is full of sophisticated and up-to-date equipment from Europe! During this tour, you will be guided by an experienced guide who knows a lot about the wine production process. This is a golden opportunity for you to ask everything you want to know about how wine and all the factors that influence its taste. 

Speaking of taste, you will also be taught the wine tasting used by sommeliers to find out the taste of wine. Yes, you have the opportunity to taste wine while eating a snack that matches the taste profile of the wine served. Hmm,it must be really delicious!

Sababay Winery Experience Gianyar Ticket Prices

Are you curious about the Sababay Winery Experience Gianyar ticket prices, which offer a luxurious experience? You only need to spend IDR 165,000 per person for a tour that lasts about 1 hour. The unique production method that combines local and international knowledge and new flavors from the Sababay Winery Experience is really worth the price!

*If the price above is different from the price in the package catalog on this page, please refer to the latest price in the package catalog.

Facilities at Sababay Winery Experience

In addition to new knowledge and experience, the Sababay Winery Experience entrance ticket also includes a number of facilities. You will feel at home on a tour that will open your mind with the following free facilities:

  • Free snacks;
  • Three types of wine;
  • Tour guide;
  • Lounges.

Sababay Winery Experience Location

If it's the first time you've heard about Sababay Winery Experience Gianyar, maybe you don't know where it is located. Don't worry, we'll give you a hint! You can visit this place on Jalan Professor Doctor Ida Bagus Mantra Number 333X, Keramas, Medahan, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. These maps coordinate will guide you to your destination.

How to Get to the Sababay Winery Experience

Driving a private or rented vehicle directly to the Sababay Winery Experience location is indeed more practical. However, if you want to use public transportation, of course you can! You can get here from the Ngurah Rai International Airport Bus Stop by taking the Trans Metro Dewata bus corridor 02 towards GOR Ngurah Rai. 

Next, get off at the Cineplex bus stop to change to the Trans Metro Dewata bus corridor 01 which goes to the Pesapan Terminal. Then, don't forget to transit at the Ubung Terminal and change to the Trans Metro Dewata bus corridor 04. From there, continue your journey until you arrive at Batubulan Terminal. Finally, you can order a motorcycle taxi to take you to Sababay Winery because this terminal is 12 km from your destination.

Sababay Winery Experience Operational Hours

So, if t-mates don't want to miss the uniqueness offered by the Sababay Winery Experience, make sure you adjust your departure to the operating hours. We recommend that you arrive at the location 30 minutes before the scheduled tour session of your choice. For a more solid plan, check the schedule details below:

  • Monday-Sunday with operating hours: 09.00-17.00 WITA;
  • First session tour: 13.00 WITA;
  • Second tour session: 15.00 WITA.

Let’s Taste Wine at Sababay Winery Experience Gianya!

How about it t-mates, do you want to take part in the Sababay Winery Experience? Don't forget to order tickets and reserve the schedule you want via WhatsApp or Sababay Winery's official email maximum D-1 arrival!

As a suggestion, you need to prepare not slippery shoes so you can walk more comfortably in the vineyard and production room. Also, make sure you have been vaccinated against Covid-19 at least two doses. Come on, enrich your experience by ordering entrance tickets at the Sababay Winery Experience at where the discount will make your pocket safe!