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Starts from IDR 130,000IDR 120,000
  • Saloka Theme Park is the biggest theme park in Central Java with local theme and offers different attractions and rides for all ages.
  • Play in five zones that have 25 interesting attractions.
  • Enjoy the beautiful views of the Saloka Theme Park game zones and mountain ranges in Central Java.
  • Enjoy a variety of Central Java culinary.
  • Suitable for: Group Traveler and Family Vacationer
Important Info
  • Please check the operational hours before visiting.
  • Ticket counter will close 1 (one) hour before the operational hours ended.
  • For purchases of more than 1 ticket, simply fill in the "Visitor Details" section with the data of 1 person only (one of the visitors).
  • There is a New Klinting Show on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, and National Holiday at 06.15 PM.
  • Visitors aged 55 years and over can get a 50% discount if they buy tickets directly at the Saloka Ticket Counter (on the spot) with the condition that they must show their ID card to the ticket counter clerk.
  • Children under 90 cm are free of charge.


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Saloka Theme Park Ticket
Starts from IDR 130,000
IDR 120,000 

General Information Saloka Theme Park

Information Summary of Saloka Theme Park

Ticket Price

Start from IDR 120,000


Cakrawala, Lumbung Ilmu Galileo, Jamur Apung, Angon Ingon, Kumbang Layang, Adu Nyali

Operational Hours

10.00-19.00 local time


Saloka Theme Park, Jalan Fatmawati Nomor 154, Gumuksari, Lopait, Kecamatan Tuntang, Kabupaten Semarang, Central Java 50773

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*Prices may change at any time, check the package catalog on this page for more updated prices at

Saloka Theme Park Ticket

What activities are you doing this weekend? How about visiting Saloka Theme Park in Semarang? Bring your children, brothers, sisters, parents, and other family members to have fun at Saloka! Book tickets now through and enjoy various promos to save even more!

Saloka Theme Park

For those of you who have a vacation plan in Semarang, don't forget to include Saloka Theme Park in your list of tourist attractions that you must visit. Saloka Theme Park is perfect for adults, teenagers, and children. There are various interesting and challenging rides, you know! Some of them are roller coasters, mega drops, swingers, and many more!

In addition, there is also a water shooting vehicle and a playground suitable for children. Not only fun rides, Saloka also has exciting shows, you know. You can enjoy the beauty of the fountain combined with colorful lights and pleasant music.

There is also the Baru Klinting Show which operates on weekends or national holidays and Fridays at 18.15 WIB. The new Klinting Show will feature performances of Indonesian folk legends packed with water screen technology, dancing fountains, and amazing lighting! Interesting right? Come on, order tickets now at!

Saloka Theme Park Ticket Prices

For those of you who are interested in playing at Saloka, you only need to spend at least Rp. 120,000.00. Of course, this price will vary according to the day of your arrival.

  • Sakola weekday entrance ticket, starting from Rp. 120,000.00;
  • Sakola weekend entrance tickets, starting from Rp. 150,000.00.

*Prices are subject to change at any time, check the package catalogue on this page for more updated prices.

In addition to the prices listed above, if you bring your family who are 55 years old and over, these visitors can get a 50 percent discount by purchasing tickets directly at the Sakola Ticket Counter location. Show your ID card to claim this discount, yes! Children who are under 90 cm in height are also allowed to enter without purchasing a ticket.

Facilities at Saloka Theme Park

With this price, you can play at least 25 rides in Saloka without paying an additional fee. Saloka Theme Park is divided into five game zones, namely the Ararya, Balalantar, Kamayayi, Pesisir, and Segara Prada zones. In addition to the rides mentioned above, you can also enter the Adu Nyali ride which is a haunted house ride, you know! Also try the Cakrawala ride, which is a 33-meter-tall giant pinwheel. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Semarang from there.

In addition to the various rides, Saloka provides a useful shuttle bus to take you to the entrance from the parking lot. Don't forget to taste the culinary specialties of Central Java at every culinary stall in Saloka Theme Park.

Saloka Theme Park Location

The playground, which stands on an area of ​​12 hectares, is located at Jalan Fatmawati No. 154, Gumuksari, Lopait, Tuntang District, Semarang Regency, Central Java. The location is quite strategic because it is on the main road connecting Semarang and Solo.

How to Get to Saloka Theme Park

The route to Saloka Theme Park is not difficult, especially since Sakola is located on the main road which is easily accessible. If you depart from the direction of Semarang City, you can take the Jogja-Solo-Bawen Toll Road. Exit at the Bawen toll gate and direct your vehicle to Jalan Solo-Semarang. Later, you will see Saloka Theme Park easily.

Saloka Theme Park Operating Hours

Saloka Theme Park is open every day even on national holidays. On weekends, Saloka Semarang is open until the evening, you know! Here's the full schedule.

  • Monday-Thursday: 10.00-18.00 WIB
  • Friday: 12.00-19.00 WIB
  • Saturday, Sunday, holidays: 10.00-19.00 WIB

Come on, come to Saloka Theme Park Now!

Come on, plan your vacation with your children, family, and loved ones by playing at Saloka Park! Don't forget to stick to health protocols, okay! For adult visitors, you must vaccinate Covid-19 at least the first dose. Meanwhile, children under 12 years old are allowed to enter provided that they are accompanied by an adult visitor. Don't forget to have the PeduliLindung application ready so you can enter the Saloka Theme Park.

So, how about it, t-mates? Are you ready to play with your loved ones at Sakola Theme Park? Book Sakola travel tickets now only at! Get various attractive offers and promos that you can use for your next vacation!

Saloka Theme Park Review from Visitors

Saloka Theme Park has a rating of 4.5 from 290 visitor reviews. Suitable for Semarang tourism exploration with family and friends. Saloka Theme Park is one of the largest recreational parks in Central Java with a local wisdom theme and offers a choice of rides for all ages.

Fun Experience at Saloka Theme Park

Reviewed by Yani Ningrum (Feb 21)

It's really fun to have an adventure at Saloka with my loved ones. Anyway I'm addicted to riding all the rides. I'll definitely go there again sometime because I'm never bored.

Saloka Theme Park Staff Service is Friendly to Visitors

Reviewed by Prima Widyastuti (Oct 17)

Saloka is very fun. The crew is friendly. Many interesting photo spots there. Anyway, it's cool to play there.

Saloka Theme Park Staff Service is Friendly to Visitors

Reviewed by Prima Widyastuti (Oct 17)

Saloka is very pleasant. The staff is friendly. Many interesting photo spots there. Anyway, it's cool to play there.

Facilities at Saloka Theme Park are Well Maintained

Reviewed by MZ (May 16)

The place is good, the view is amazing, the officers are friendly before playing on the rides, cleaned first with disinfectant. The most important thing is the toilet is clean. Next will come back here.

Saloka Theme Park Ticket Prices are Relatively Cheap at

Reviewed by Dyah Novitasari (Nov 12)

Finally able to go to Saloka, the place has nice clean spacious friendly service. Not only the children are happy, the parents are also happy. I got cheap tickets from and can ride all the rides without paying again. Ticket exchange is also easy.

No Waiting in Line Buy Saloka Theme Park Tickets at

Reviewed by VA (Nov 23)

Thank you, we don't need to queue for go show tickets because the queue is quite long. You really have to buy a pass. There's nothing to lose. You can ride again and again, as much as you want.