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  • Experience up-close interaction with various wild animals such as elephants and lions at Solo Safari Zoo.
  • Check the affordable ticket prices for Solo Safari below and get to know the animals better through animal rides.
  • Suitable for: Family Vacationer.


Solo Safari
Starts from USD 2.77
USD 2.72 

More About Solo Safari Zoo

Solo Safari Ticket

Are you looking for references on where to spend your vacation? Try visiting Central Java tours, to be precise in the Solo. This city full of culture and history is often used as a tourist destination for tourists. One of the attractions of Solo is the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace. Apart from the palace, there is a tourist spot in Solo which is relatively new but interesting to visit. Yup, it's called Solo Safari. Are you wondering what's going on at Solo Safari? check the reviews below. Keep scrolling!

Solo Safari, Central Java

Solo Safari is the newest tourist spot in Solo which was formerly the Taru Jurug Animal Park. Being an educational as well as entertainment tour, Solo Safari exhibits a number of animals. Among them are otters, elephants, dragons, pelicans, lions, gibbons, sun bears, wallabies, Javanese gibbons, and many more.

At the Solo Zoo, t-mates can also get to know a number of these animals more closely. In fact, there are animal shows and a petting zoo area that allows visitors to interact more closely with the animals. The animals in Solo Safari are in their respective areas so they don't feel constrained and visitors can interact freely. Even though it is limited by a guardrail, it is guaranteed to be safe, because each animal post has its own handler.

On the other hand, the environment at Solo Safari is shady and calm. Don't worry about overheating during the day. Because the environment is designed to be environmentally friendly and filled with green trees and lakes. So, how is it? Interested in visiting Solo Safari? Come on, get to know Indonesian animals closer by exploring Solo Safari and ordering tickets only at!

Solo Safari Ticket Prices

For t-mates who can't wait to visit Solo Safari, you can buy Solo Safari tickets at Solo Safari ticket prices start from IDR29,400. Very cheap, right? With this Solo Safari entry ticket price, t-mates can already enjoy animal shows and safari journeys (exhibits).

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy a variety of existing rides, you can buy a Solo Safari Premium entry ticket which covers almost all of the rides. Here are the full price details.

  • [REGULAR] Weekday Ticket: IDR29,400
  • [REGULAR] Weekend Ticket: IDR44,100
  • [PREMIUM] Weekday Ticket: IDR49,000
  • [PREMIUM] Weekend Ticket: IDR58,800

*Prices are subject to change at any time, check the package catalog on this page for more updated prices.

Facilities at Solo Safari

At Solo Safari, Central Java, there is an animal show that includes a number of animals that can be watched. Apart from that, t-mates can also visit the petting zoo area to interact directly with some of the animals there. The following are the facilities available at Taman Safari.

  • Safari journeys (exhibit)
  • Animal attractions and shows
  • Buggy cars
  • Welcome drink
  • Restaurants and food stalls
  • First aid
  • Gift shop
  • Toilet
  • Lost and found

Location of Solo Safari

For t-mates who can't wait to visit Solo Safari, you can just come to the Solo Safari address on Jalan Ir. Sutami Number 109, District Jebres, Surakarta City, Central Java. Come on, explore and buy Solo Safari tickets at!

How to Go to Solo Safari

Solo Safari is on the outskirts of Solo, precisely on the east side of the city, close to the border of Karanganyar Regency. Even though the Solo Safari location is on the outskirts of the city, access to this Solo tourist attraction is fairly easy. If you are a fan of public transportation, you can take Batik Solo Trans (BST). This bus does serve a number of routes in the city of Solo and its surroundings.

Or, if you are from out of town and take the train then get off at Solobalapan/Purwosari Station, then you can take the BST bus with corridor 2 which will get off at the Jurug stop. Fyi, Corridor 2 BST buses do cross Solobalapan and Purwosari Stations, so access to Solo Safari is relatively easy. On the other hand, if you want to feel the thrill of a road trip using non-public facilities, you can rent a Solo car at

Operational Hours at Solo Safari 

Note the opening hours of Solo Safari, OK? This tourist spot in Solo is open every day. There is a slight difference for opening hours between weekdays and holidays. The details of Solo Safari operating hours as follows:

  • Monday - Friday: 08.30 AM - 04.30 PM
  • Saturday - Sunday: 08.00 - 04.30 PM

Come on, Create Memorable Holiday Moments by Exploring Solo Safari with Family!

If you plan to visit Solo Safari, don't forget to comply with existing officers and maintain health protocols. Can't wait to visit Solo Safari? Don't forget to buy Solo Safari tickets via By ordering Solo Safari entry tickets, you have the opportunity to get cheap Solo travel ticket promo 2024! What are you waiting for? Let's immediately plan a memorable vacation with your family by buying a Solo Safari ticket at!