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  • Explore the five zones of South Korea’s largest theme park
  • Ride the country’s first wooden roller coaster
  • Experience close encounters with a huge variety of wildlife


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Everland Theme Park
Starts from 
USD 28.58 

General Information Everland Theme Park

Entrance Ticket of Everland Theme Park 

Do you have plans for a vacation to South Korea? Surely you are confused because here there are lots of tourist attractions that you can visit. There is Jeju Island, Namsan Seoul Tower, to Gyeongbokgung Palace. However, it's not complete traveling to South Korea if you don't visit their biggest amusement park, the Everland Theme Park. Before going on vacation here, you can order tickets to enter the Everland Theme Park at now so you don't have to stand in line!

Everland Theme Park Yongin

When visiting the biggest amusement park in South Korea, you can explore five zones with different themes. There are European Adventure, Magic Land, Zootopia, American Adventure, and also Global Fair.

Each zone offers different rides and fun. For example, in the European Adventure zone, you can take pictures with views of French-style architecture and flower beds like in the Netherlands. Then, in the Magic Land zone, you can try various rides with the theme of fantasy worlds and childhood tales. 

The most unique zone in Everland Theme Park Yongin is the Zootopia zone. In this zone, t-mates can see and interact directly with the various animal collections they have. Yes, this South Korean tour besides having exciting rides, it turns out that it also has an educative zoo! 

Ticket Prices for Everland Theme Park Yongin 

With the various rides offered, you don't need to worry that Everland Theme Park Yongin ticket prices will be expensive. To be able to have a vacation here, you need to pay an entrance ticket of only IDR 343.878. In order to get the best Everland Theme Park Yongin ticket prices, don't forget to order tickets via the application. You can choose several package options such as:

  • Everland Theme Park - 1 Day Ticket C: IDR 343.878
  • Everland Theme Park - 1 Day Ticket B: IDR 400.754
  • Everland Theme Park - 1 Day Ticket A: IDR 426.907
  • Everland Theme Park - 1 Day Ticket D: IDR 419.040

*Prices are subject to change at any time, check the package catalog on this page for more updated prices.

Facilities at Everland Theme Park

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea with 7 million visits every year, you don't need to worry about the supporting facilities they provide. While on vacation here, you are guaranteed to be comfortable! Some of the facilities that you can find at Everland Theme Park are:

  • Gondola and elevator;
  • ATM;
  • Places to charge smartphones;
  • Disability-friendly parking areas;
  • Lockers;
  • Rent a pram;
  • Ambulance;
  • Hospital;
  • baby services;
  • Rent a wheelchair.

Location of Everland Theme Park

Located in the Everland Resort complex area in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, it won't be difficult to find the location of Everland Theme Park. In full, the location of this playground is addressed in South Korea, Gyeonggi-do, Yongin-si, Cheoin-gu, Pogog-eup, Everland-ro, 199 KR.

How to Get to the Everland Theme Park

Main to the Everland Theme Park doesn't need to be complicated about vehicles. Instead of renting a car, you can try taking public transportation here. To go to the Everland Theme Park, you have several public transportation options, starting from public buses, buses, and also the subway. If you decide to take a public bus, you can get on at Gangnam Station or Gangbyeon Station to then travel for 40 to 80 minutes.

If you want a hassle-free solution that goes straight to tourist attractions, you can use the shuttle bus which can be accessed from the Yeongdeungpo Station, Sindorim Station, Sinnonhyeon Station, or Gangnam Station bus stops. Then, if you want to try taking the subway in this area, you need to get on from Giheung Station on the Bundang Line to then stop at Everline.

Operational Hours at Everland Theme Park Yongin

Keep in mind that Everland Theme Park's operating hours may vary from day to day. To find out the operating hours of your visit, you can check on their official website. However, the usual operating hours of Everland Theme Park are from 10 AM to 10 PM local time.

Come on, Let's go to Everland Theme Park Yongin!

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