Starts from USD 27.92
  • Enjoy unlimited travel on Singapore’s buses and trains for three days
  • Explore Singapore with the island's extensive train system and public bus network.
  • Spend your time enjoying the variety of dining options, fabulous shopping, and the city's most popular attractions
  • Suitable for: The Adventurer, Family Vacationer, and Group Traveler.


Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS
Starts from 
USD 27.92 

General Information Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS

Ticket Prices for Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS 

Do you want to have an easy access to everywhere on a business trip in Singapore? No need to be confused because the Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS is your best solution. With one card, you can easily use all public transportation in Singapore without needing to top up again. So, you won't be late to the location of a business meeting and so on. Want to know more? Come on, check out the following explanation before ordering the Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS entry ticket!

Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS

Enjoy the convenience of using all public transportation in Singapore with one card. The Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS offers convenience in using buses, MRT and LRT in Indonesia's neighboring country. You don't need to top up over and over again, because the card can work for three consecutive days. So, your trip of less than three days can run smoothly and on schedule.

Apart from that, the Singapore Tourist Pass now also adds a PLUS service so that you will be guided by a professional guide on the Xplore tour in the Haji Lane area for half a day. How, comfortable, right? Immediately schedule your visit to Singapore and order a Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS entry ticket via Besides being practical, this application also gives you the opportunity to get various attractive promos, you know.

Ticket Prices for Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS 

Using the Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS doesn't really burden your wallet, you know. You only need to prepare funds of around IDR 433,988 to get this quality service. The purchase also doesn't require a reservation, so you can get it immediately after making a transaction. How about it, the price for a Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS Singapore ticket sounds comfortable and affordable, right?

*Prices are subject to change at any time, check the package catalog on this page for more updated prices.

Facilities in Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS

By ordering a Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS entry ticket, you can get access to all public transportation in Singapore. Traveling to various Singapore tours is even easier. If you want additional services, all you have to do is choose the PLUS package which gives you the benefit of a tour to the Haji Lane area with the best guide. You can also add available combo products if you want to visit attractions around Singapore.

Location to Purchase Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS

Can't wait to go to Singapore easily and conveniently? You can buy this card at Changi International Airport, to be precise at Terminal 2 or 3. There are machines to buy this card that are available 24 hours. If you don't want to be bothered, just order a Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS entry ticket via

How to Get to the Purchase Location of Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS 

To get the Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS, of course it's not difficult. After you land at Changi International Airport to buy tickets on the machines available in Terminals 1 to 4, to be precise in the arrivals area. You don't need to worry because you can buy tickets at any time. The machine continues to operate for 24 hours, you know, t-mates!

Operating Hours for Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS 

Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS operating hours are every day regardless of time. After landing at Changi International Airport, you can buy tickets at all available machines in the arrivals area. If you accidentally leave the airport, t-mates can still buy this card without returning. This is because purchase counters are also available at several MRT stations, namely Orchard, Raffles, and Bayfront. That's a lot, right?

Come on, Buy a Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS!

Using the Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS sounds practical and easy, right? Don't forget to choose the package that suits your needs. If you are only visiting for business needs, you may not need the PLUS service. If you want to see Singapore in a short time, the Xplore tour package from the PLUS service will be very useful, moreover there will be an additional free tour guide.

Make your business trip in Singapore more meaningful and easy with this Singapore Tourist Pass. Guaranteed, your schedule will not be hindered because you have to top up your card continuously. Don't forget to order a Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS entry ticket via Besides being practical, this application is also easy to use. What's more, you have the opportunity to get lots of attractive offers, so everything can be cheaper. Come on, tour Singapore with Singapore Tourist Pass PLUS Singapore!