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Starts from IDR 140,000IDR 120,000
  • Have your little ones ride a robot animal that will take them exploring the mall for 5 minutes.
  • 1 e-ticket is equivalent to 9 Play Coins! It can be used for 1 child to play 9 times, or 9 children to play 1 time each.
  • Accompany your kids during their ride at no additional cost because 1 Play Coin is already valid for 1 child and 1 adult companion.
  • Suitable for: Family Vacationer.
Important Info
  • Last ride is one hour before closing.
  • The e-ticket is only valid at this branch / location and cannot be used at other branches.
  • The e-ticket cannot be used before the selected visit date.


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Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera
Starts from IDR 140,000
IDR 120,000 

General Information Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera Tangerang

Ticket Prices for Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera Tangerang

The mall is one of the most choices to spend the weekend with loved ones. Sometimes, one of the worries when taking your little ones for a walk to the mall is boredom because they may not or don't have interests as t-mates. But, take it easy! If you order a ticket to enter Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera, you can take your child around freely, with fun, and safely! Intrigued by this attraction? Read on to the end, ok!

Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera

Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera offers an exciting experience of riding robots in a shopping center. Usually, in other rides centers,  children are confined to one area or need to follow directions from the staff on duty. However, at Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera Tangerang, t-mates can go anywhere around the mall as long as they are on the same floor while riding adorable animal robots.

The choice of cute robots at Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera isn't limited to just one type! So, your kiddos can choose to play the robots freely. The choices of robots form that can be chosen are rabbits, monkeys, cats, and so on according to the animals they like. They will also accompanied by fun music while riding the robot which will make the atmosphere even happier! So much fun, right?

Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera Entrance Ticket Prices

To try the sensation of going around the mall with adorable robots, you have to pay a ticket price for Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera Tangerang, IDR120,000. This price is valid for one child and one adult who will accompany them while playing. 

Maybe t-mates are curious about how long you can play at that price. Relax, the ticket is priced at nine Play Coins and each coin is valid for 5 minutes. So, you and your little one can go around the mall for 45 minutes. But, if you bring your little play date with their friends who are also accompanied by their respective parents, nine children can play simultaneously for 5 minutes with these tickets.

*Prices listed above are subject to change at any time. Make sure to always check the updated prices in the package catalog on this page.

Facilities at Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera

While playing at Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera Tangerang, t-mates don't need to worry about having trouble finding adequate public facilities. Because this playground is located in a mall area, you can find complete public facilities below:

  • Vehicle parking area;
  • toilet and nursing room;
  • Various cafes and restaurants;
  • prayer room

Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera Location

As the name suggests, Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera is located inside Mall @ Alam Sutera. If it's your first time stopping here, the mall is located at Jalan Jalan Sutera Barat Number 16, RT 2/RW 3, Panungnggang Timur, Pinang District, Tangerang City. Mall @ Alam Sutera has been registered in the majority of maps, so all you have to do is set the destination point there so that navigation is more practical.

How to Get to Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera

The location of Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera is very strategic from the Alam Sutera exit on the Jakarta-Tangerang toll road. Therefore, you can visit the place easily using private vehicles. Apart from that, you can also consider public transportation. First, you can get off at Rawa Buntu Station after boarding the KRL for the Tanah Abang-Serpong route. Continue your journey by angkot B04 in the direction of Cikokol around the train station to Warung Mangga 1 and order online transportation so you don't get tired of traveling the 2.1 km distance here. 

Operational Hours of Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera

The opening hours of Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera are more or less the same as the operational schedule of Mall @ Alam Sutera, so you can memorize it more easily. You can schedule your playing time with your children from Monday to Sunday, 11.00 to 21.00 WIB. However, the ticket exchange ends at 20.00 WIB, so you must arrive at the place before that time.

Come On, Ride a Cute Robot at Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera Tangerang!

Interested in trying animal robots at Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera Tangerang? Let's find the right time from now on and order tickets before leaving! While playing, don't forget to always obey the applicable rules and pay attention to the surrounding environment so that your family time always runs smoothly. Let’s order the Zoomoov Mall Alam Sutera entrance ticket with an easy process and affordable prices at to create the happiest weekend you have with your little one!